iJuze Corporation

iJuze Corporation

Early Stage

The First Network of Reservable ePorts For All Your Life's Needs

The First Network of Reservable ePorts For All Your Life's Needs


Raised this Round: Raised: $18,337

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Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace

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La Verne, California

The blinking battery. The low charge warning. The 7% left nightmare. In today’s digital day and age, the fear of running out of charge is real, and we’ve all been there.

But now, there’s a solution.

Have no charging fear - iJuze is here! iJuze plans to be the first network of reservable ePorts for all your charging needs. You no longer need to stress about where your next charge is coming from. Just download their app, look up where the closet iJuze is, and reserve it. Voila! You’ll be able to charge whatever you need, whenever you need, for however long you need. You pay per time, per use.

iJuze’s ePorts work with just about anything that charges with a USB or that uses a regular North American 110V AC socket with a limit of 15A -- think wheelchairs, portable oxygen devices, electric scooters, smartphones, etc. iJuze successfully created a patent-pending prototype in May 2017 and is looking for investors to fund their commercial launch. They believe there’s 1.6M potential places that could join the iJuze network, including everything from concert venues to coffee shops. iJuze plans to offer revenue sharing options to venues that join their network.

Since January 2017, iJuze has received seed funding, gained support from IBM Singapore, and set up a third party development facility for the ePort and mobile app in Singapore. With over 208 million smartphone users in America, 2.4 million portable oxygen users, and 2.7 million wheelchair users, there’s definitely a market out there. Founder, CEO, and director Esmund Goei is a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience, including three already issued patents. He gets it.

iJuze is a potentially life-changing network for people that rely on electricity to get around and to breathe comfortably. Investing in iJuze is helping to create a product that would improve everyone’s day to day life - from being able to get around anywhere, to, yes, being able to update your Insta story in a snap. It helps everyone, and it might just be time to put your dollar where the Juze is.
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Raise History

Offering Name Close Date Platform Valuation/Cap Total Raised Security Type Status Reg Type
Power Hero 10/28/2018 StartEngine $5,121,476 $183,275 Equity - Common Funded RegCF
iJuze Corporation 01/30/2018 StartEngine $8,944,443 $18,337 Equity - Common Funded RegCF
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Platform: StartEngine
Security Type: Equity - Common
Valuation: $8,944,443
Price per Share: $3.50

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