This episode into a fascinating discussion with Dutch Mendenhall, CEO of RAD Diversified, Co-Founder of RADD Companies and RADD America, and author of “Money Shackles.” Dutch shares his journey from a baseball coach to a real estate mogul, emphasizing the strategic acquisition of diverse real estate properties from homes to golf courses and farmlands. He elaborates on RAD Diversified’s mission to democratize real estate investment, allowing everyday investors to participate in diversified real estate portfolios through innovative financial platforms.

Highlights include…

Real estate investing and the importance of understanding the market and operations. (4:27)
Distribution of assets, and potential for growth. (9:03)
Tax benefits and market trends. (13:18)
Non-traded REITs vs. publicly listed REITs. (18:10)
Real estate investing with a focus on RAD REITs. (23:13)