In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, host Chris Lustrino engages with Annette Azan, the founder and CEO of Nuudii System, a company pioneering the “boobwear” category that offers an alternative to traditional bras and bralettes. Annette discusses her journey from the fashion industry to entrepreneurship, driven by her need for a comfortable yet supportive option under a wedding dress. She gets into how Nuudii System is designed to embrace the natural shape without reshaping, promoting body positivity and versatility in wear.

Highlights include…

Nuudii’s innovative bra-less design, adoption, and growth. (3:38)
Azan talks about the brand’s focus on selling shapewear for women, with insights on their business model, marketing strategies, (8:17)
Brick and mortar vs vending machine, on-the-go D2C strategy (10:24)
Manufacturing for a lingerie brand. (12:29)
Growth strategies for a lingerie brand with a focus on sustainability and profitability. (17:31)