In this podcast episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino catches up with Jesse Randall, CEO of Sweater. Sweater is a platform that enables the launch of venture funds that are accessible to the general public without accreditation requirements. Jesse explains how the platform democratizes investment in private markets, traditionally reserved for the affluent, through professionally managed funds. The conversation goes into these funds’ structure and regulatory landscape, providing insights into the future of accessible venture capital.

Highlights include…

Opening private markets to the general public through professionally managed funds. (0:04)
Interval funds, their structure, and how they differ from traditional venture funds. (4:40)
How interval funds value private assets and handle exit events. (9:40)
Scaling a venture capital platform for the general public. (14:41)
Enabling venture funds to raise capital from retail investors through a platform. (19:06)
Investing in alternatives, including sweater’s role in enabling access. (24:11)