Peter Sweeney and Matt McGeagh worked together at Goldman Sachs. And they noticed something while there. Companies were seeking out celebrities as investors and board members – and then many of them were reaching successful exits. 

They also saw the rise of online startup investing firsthand. And they realized there was a synergy that no one had tapped into yet. By joining social media influencers together with online startup investing, ALAO was born.

On this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino talks to Peter and Matt about ALAO, one of the newest equity crowdfunding platforms to join the ecosystem. ALAO focuses on attracting younger investors by leveraging influencers and social media celebrities as part of the startup raises it hosts. Peter and Matt explain why they’re taking a mobile-first approach, how they source both deals and influencers to work with, the importance of impact investing in ALAO’s deals, and more.