It can seem daunting to begin startup investing. The risk, the long wait times for returns, the need to do extra due diligence — it’s a lot for a new investor to navigate. 

That’s the problem that Gerry Hays is solving with his company, Doriot.

Doriot is named after the father of venture capital, George Doriot. And the flagship of Doriot is the Fantasy Startups app. Fantasy Startups is a gamified simulation that walks users through the process of choosing to invest – or not – in a collection of 50 mock companies. Through this experience, players learn the importance of diversification, making consistent investments, and key terminology.

On this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino and Gerry talk about the need for education in startup investing. They also touch on the ability for everyday investors to overcome prejudice and a new way for investors to become accredited.