Podcasts - October 26, 2022

Ep. 54 – Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital

Today’s episode is a special edition. We’re very excited to announce that KingsCrowd and Backstage Capital are adding a new dimension to our strategic partnership. 

Chris Lustrino is joined by Backstage Capital founder Arlan Hamilton. And a major topic of discussion is the need for more diversity and inclusion in venture capital. Backstage is a venture capital firm that focuses on underrepresented founders. And KingsCrowd tracks founder demographics across the hundreds of deals available through online startup investing. 

But here’s the really exciting part — for Backstage’s new Flex Fund II, KingsCrowd will provide data and ratings on promising online deals that have underrepresented founders. This synergy between our data and analytics and Backstage’s prioritization of diversity is a perfect collaboration. But don’t take our word for it. Let Arlan tell you why this is such an exciting moment in startup investing. 




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