There’s a major problem in gaming — but it might not seem obvious at first glance. As video games have moved from a physical asset (game consoles with specific game cartridges or discs) to a predominantly digital experience, gamers have gained the ability to purchase in game assets. These are digital goods that can take many forms. Some are purely aesthetic — like changing the appearance of a character’s clothes or weapons — while others can actually affect gameplay. But once these assets are purchased, they’re tied to a singular account. There’s no way to trade or sell them, even if you don’t plan on using them ever again.

As gamers themselves, the team at Gameflip recognized this problem. And they realized there was a major opportunity to evolve the gaming ecosystem by giving gamers real ownership over in-game assets. They created Gameflip to be a commerce platform where users can sell, buy, and trade digital gaming goods. 

On today’s episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino welcomes Gameflip founder and CEO J. T. Nguyen and Marketing Manager Steve Caracappa. Together, they discuss why Gameflip uses blockchain technology, how game publishers can benefit from the marketplace, and what the company’s next steps are. 

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