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Reduce Pain and Suffering Caused by Trigger Finger

Reduce Pain and Suffering Caused by Trigger Finger


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Lisle, Illinois

Needles. Nothing like a baby screaming at a doctor’s office to be reminded of how much you don’t like shots. Sometimes though, they’re unavoidable. That’s especially true for people with trigger finger. Trigger finger is when a tendon in finger becomes inflamed leading to stiffness, a popping or clicking sensation, or the finger becoming locked when bent. Relief often only comes through an (often painful) injection. Shudder, shudder.

That’s where (insert drumroll here please) J-needle comes into play. Using a patent-pending curved needle, the J-needle doesn’t directly pierce the tendon of the inflamed finger. Instead, it enters at an angle, saving both the patient and doctor time, improving accuracy of the medical procedure, and providing the patient with immediate relief. In fact, Jasperate claims that, with the J-needle, doctors can double the amount of trigger fingers treated in a given session. Bam!

Considering that there are 200,000 new cases of trigger finger reported each year, that’s a pretty big deal. Ten percent of diabetics get it, 2-3% of people with it get it randomly. With the population aging and becoming more obese, those numbers (unfortunately) are going to keep rising. In addition to trigger finger, the J-needle can also be used to treat for joint pain, in plastic surgery, neurology, anesthesiology, eye injections...the list goes on. It’s like the superhero of needles.

Founder and Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Stephen Soloway, has been a doctor for the past 30 years and has earned Top Doctor Awards every year since 2003. The J-needle came out of his experience working with traditional needles and seeing that a change needed to happen. CEO David Weksel and COO Charles Brunner both have extensive leadership experience at companies such as Accenture and SharkNinja, and none of the principal employees will take a salary until revenue is recognized.

J-needles seem to be the only needle of its kind, and with more waistlines expanding and more fingers locking, there is definitely a need for it. Jasperate just might be the pinprick you’ve been looking for to take a stab at a medical investment.
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