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It is our goal to make emojis easier to create, add information to, and smartly deliver to your phone for use in personal conversations.

It is our goal to make emojis easier to create, add information to, and smartly deliver to your phone for use in personal conversations.


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Denver, Colorado

Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words….or, should I say, emojis?

Karmies certainly would say emojis. Emojis and stickers are taking over our communication world, revolutionizing the way we text -- and Karmies is here take that revolution to the next level. Karmies technology enables anyone to upload their own custom emoji or sticker, attach actionable information to it, and share it in personal message or social media. Actionable items include geolocation, preferences, and keywords, making it perfect for the end-user, for brands, and for messaging platforms. With Karmies, the sky is the emoji limit.

The typical end-user can use Karmies to easily arrange coffee dates by attaching the location to the coffee cup emoji. For brands, they can insert their icon into the Karmies keyboard and help it pop up more based on location. For messaging platforms, Karmies can help add new functionality, fresh content, and user insights, all while increasing incremental revenue with each branded shared emoji.

With more than six billion emojis sent daily, $270 million a year generated through sticker sales, and 20% month over month increased use in 2016, it’s clear that there’s an emoji market to capitalize on -- and Karmies is tapping into it. So far, they have 33.5 million emoji impressions each month; they’re available across four platforms (iMessage, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter), and they have five publishers, including Loopy, Karmiegram, and Facebook. They’re also a 2016 Techstars Accelerated Company, have 300,000 active users, receive 200,000 clicks per month, and are available on both iOS and Android devices. Plus, with each Karmies emoji sent, they donate to a cause. Karmies is creating smarter messaging -- and creating karma.

The bottom line is that Karmies is the future of emoji expression. Imagine an emoji world without limits -- and one where good karma rolls your way with each little icon sent, customized, and created. With Karmies, you can build a community between engaged users, brands you love, and brands you have yet to discover….all with one Karmies emoji at a time.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offer:”
If you’re an avid texter, a brand looking for more ways to reach your target audience, or a messaging platform working to connect with users in a more engaged way, then Karmies might be the investment you’ve been waiting for. With its customizable options and actionable limits, Karmies can fit everyone’s needs and lifestyle -- all while donating to a good cause at the same time. Karmies can help you grow your emoji game, all while growing your karma points….and your bank account.
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