Keep Healthy

Keep Healthy

Truly healthy snack bars made from whole ingredients – plant-based & gluten-free.

Truly healthy snack bars made from whole ingredients – plant-based & gluten-free.


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Food, Beverage, & Restaurants

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Northport, New York

Who Should Be Interested:
Do you like being able to pronounce all the ingredients in your food? Are you a vegan, diabetic, or fitness and health conscious? If yes, then be sure to check out Keep Healthy, Inc. Their clean snack bars only contain 100% plant-based ingredients and come in tasty flavors like Banana Nut and Chocolate Covered Mango. Keep Healthy wants to keep you healthy, one bar at a time.

The Company:
Keep Healthy is a snack bar company that manufactures and distributes a snack bar that is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and Kosher. All of their ingredients are plant-based, and each bar only contains between 2 and 11 ingredients with no artificial substances or sugars. So far, they’ve earned $1.338M in sales since their January 2015 launch, and they’re being sold in everywhere from drug stores and pharmacies to grocery stores and specialty markets. They’ve also shipped about 50,000 bars to American Airlines, sold about 350,000 to SnackNation, and had Cardinal Health recently add their bars to their planogram. Plus, Keep Healthy runs their own manufacturing facility with a capacity of 100 bars per minute, so they capture the profit that would normally go instead to a third party “co-packer.” Mix in the fact that they have 50 bar varieties that come in many tasty flavors, and you realize that Keep Healthy might soon become a snack staple to keep in your pantries.

The Bottom Line:
In a world that is growing more and more health conscious and ingredient aware each day, Keep Healthy Keep Healthy fits a real demand...and lets you have your snack bar, too.
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