Soccer is rapidly capturing the attention and hearts of American viewers. Major League Soccer (MLS) saw viewership grow by 38% from 2019 for its 2021 championship cup game. And the United States women’s national soccer team won the 2019 Women’s World Cup for the fourth time. 

In Minnesota, Wes Burdine was very familiar with the popularity of soccer. He owned a bar across from a major soccer arena, gathering fans together for drinks and camaraderie. But Wes also recognized that there was an unanswered need in Minnesota’s soccer community. 

There was no women’s team. 

In this episode of KingsCrowd Startup Investing Podcast, Chris Lustrino welcomes Wes Burdine in to tell us about how he and his fellow co-founders decided to bring women’s soccer to Minnesota. Wes believes there’s more work to be done in ensuring that women’s soccer teams receive the recognition they deserve. And he tells Chris how the Minnesota Women’s Soccer Team stayed focused on grassroots growth and community investment as part of that effort. Wes believes that soccer can be sustainable – a mission that more than 3,000 investors agreed with.





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