When many people think about end-of-life planning, they focus on their will and how to pass on wealth or material goods. But what about the intangible things? Special memories, pictures from holidays, family recipes – legal documents can’t cover these important family possessions.

That unanswered need is part of what inspired Emily Cisek to found The Postage.

Emily lost three family members in just six short weeks. And seeing how much planning – or lack of it – affected the process after these losses showed her the need for a better, centralized solution.

In this episode of the KingsCrowd Startup Investing Podcast, Chris Lustrino talks to Emily Cisek about how The Postage is a modern solution to end-of-life planning. Emily knows that having a will in place isn’t enough – and that not everyone has the same access to will creation. That’s why The Postage handles everything from will creation to photo storage to after death messaging. 

Emily and her team are currently raising capital on MicroVentures. Interested investors can read more here.