Even with online startup investing enabling the connection between thousands of investors and startups across the country, raising capital is still hard. Nathan Beckord knows that better than most.

Nathan’s entire career has been focused on helping founders raise money. And those years of experience are what inspired him to found his software company, Foundersuite.

Foundersuite is tailored to solving the numerous pain points involved in capital raises. From identifying the best investors for a specific company to organizing the dozens of conversations that have to happen in quick succession, Foundersuite helps make the process more efficient.

On this episode of the KingsCrowd Startup Investor Podcast, Chris Lustrino and Nathan talk about the importance of relationship building. Nathan has seen firsthand how starting early with outreach to potential investors and how creating connections with other founders can make a huge difference down the road. And he’s built Foundersuite so that founders can spend more time on those crucial conversations.