KingsCrowd’s Regulation Crowdfunding 2018-2020 Intelligence Report

A comprehensive deep-dive analysis of the Regulation Crowdfunding market for the years 2018 – 2020.


KingsCrowd’s inaugural edition of this all-encompassing research report details the fast-growing Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) market. With the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent maximum raise amount increase from $1.07 million to $5 million, this all-new capital market sits on the precipice of becoming the new source of venture capital for thousands of startups.

The KingsCrowd Regulation Crowdfunding 2018-2020 Intelligence Report Table of Contents:

Everything Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Stakeholders Need to Understand the Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) Market

The KingsCrowd Regulation Crowdfunding 2018-2020 Intelligence Report begins with an introduction to the regulation crowdfunding market with notes from the KingsCrowd team, leaders from raise platforms including Wefunder and Republic, and even company founders.

It then proceeds to give the reader a birds-eye view of the Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) market across dozens of metrics including amounts raised, valuation trends, amounts raised by individual industries, as well as female and minority participation statistics.


Throughout the entire report, KingsCrowd’s full suite of data and analytics is on full display with individual company data taken from a holistic view across metrics like the number of deals by industry, amounts raised by industry, capital raised by security types, business types, and representation of the founding team.

Entrepreneurs in the marketplace for growth capital will want to take full advantage of KingsCrowd’s proprietary research. Platforms and other third parties will also value knowing “where they stand” in the marketplace through metrics like market share of total raise amounts.


It then goes on to detail the top-performing raise campaigns across all three years covered, the number of new funding rounds, and the average company valuation.

The report then covered the subject of individual investors with data points like the average number of investors per round average dollar amount invested per deal, and the total amount invested by deal size, etc… The regulation crowdfunding market is further broken down by geographic distribution, dollars raised, as well as top-performing platforms and companies.

Readers are then given a “peek behind the curtains” of KingsCrowd’s Ratings & Analytics, where they’ll see average Merlin ratings ranked by platform, valuation of startups by rating, revenues by rating, and much more. Finally, investors are given a glimpse of what KingsCrowd’s data-fueled rating algorithm predicts for 2021. This, coupled with our team of analysts’ regulatory and “soft data” insights will leave you fully informed with what to expect in the year ahead.

Finally, Early-Stage Investments Accessible to All Through the Online Markets

Until recently, early-stage investments in companies like Facebook, Google, and SpaceX were available only to venture capitalists, industry insiders, and accredited investors.

Thanks to technological advancements and regulatory improvements these investment opportunities are becoming increasingly available online. KingsCrowd is on a mission to provide you one trusted source to find all the deal flow available.

This report represents a compilation of all the information necessary to immediately get up to speed on this dynamic, exciting alternative investment market.

“At KingsCrowd, we work tirelessly to bring data and transparency to the emerging online private markets. We feel fortunate to have a birds’ eye view of the industry and to be able to provide in-depth market insights to help investors maneuver these markets more effectively.” – Chris Lustrino, KingsCrowd Founder and CEO

“My conservative prediction… is that Reg CF investment volume will more than triple in 2021, exceeding $600 million.”  Jonny Price, Director of Fundraising at Wefunder

“We have been tracking the equity crowdfunding space since the beginning of the JOBS Act. It is an exciting time for equity crowdfunding right now — and KingsCrowd is in the right place at the right time…[and we] we continue to push the envelope everyday.” – Howie Schneider, KingsCrowd CTO

“As a venture investor, it’s clear that up until the societal shift that Regulation CF brought to the startup community, venture was a preserved asset class that was nearly aristocratic in nature — accessed only by the elite. The first iteration of the crowdfunding rule acted as a strong springboard for building momentum towards opening investing for all. Now the rule changes coupled with the evolution of the accredited investor thresholds make it clear that the archaic ways of raising capital are behind us. A new generation of solo capitalists supporting companies raising under Reg CF will see venture change for the better and provide founders with the ability to align with their community at the deepest levels.” – Andrea Walne, General Partner at Manhattan Venture Partners & KingsCrowd Advisor

KingsCrowd’s Mission

KingsCrowd was founded in 2018 to enable everyone to make informed decisions in startup investing.

We aggregate, research, analyze, and rate 100% of the companies raising capital on every registered online private market.

With our numerical ratings, we are objective. Collecting data on the company’s team, market, financials, traction, and competitors. These inputs are then compared with all companies that are actively raising to each other.

The end result is not only a powerful investment research tool but, when combined with industry-wide data, a platform that grants a bird’s eye view of the entire market: That’s what you get with KingsCrowd’s Regulation Crowdfunding 2018-2020 Intelligence Report.

Regulation Crowdfunding is the New Venture Capital

The stock market has services like Bloomberg, Morningstar, and Standard & Poors. The online private markets have KingsCrowd.

With KingsCrowd’s Ratings & Analytics Platform, everyone has access to the crucial information needed to start investing in the growth leaders of tomorrow.

The KingsCrowd Regulation Crowdfunding 2018-2020 Intelligence Report compiles all of our high-level market data from the past 3+ years in an easy-to-read and accessible format.

Q & A

How big was the Regulation Crowdfunding market in 2020? 

Last year was a record year with a total of $211 million, up 109% from 2019. This report comprehensively dives into this statistic further across a host of metrics including industry, security type, platform, valuation, and more.

What was the most popular sector for Regulation Crowdfunding last year?

KingsCrowd tracks crowdfunding campaigns across 24 different industries, from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to logistics, delivery, and supply chain. Readers will be given deep insights into not only the total amounts invested in each of these industries but also the breakdown of which platforms saw the most money invested in each industry and which industry saw the highest percentage of female founders and co-founders.

Which investment platform raised the most capital?

Last year Wefunder took the top spot with $65M raised through regulation crowdfunding. platform

The other investment platforms combined to raise $146M in 2020.

How long did it take KingsCrowd to collect the data on the private online markets and why?

This annual report’s data is the product of over three years worth of data collecting, aggregation, and analysis data to deliver you powerful insights.

KingsCrowd stands at the intersection between early-stage startups seeking growth capital and “the crowd.” By providing institutional-grade data and analysis that can be trusted by all stakeholders, KingsCrowd allows anyone to ‘“invest like a venture capitalist” in regulation crowdfunding deals.

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