Malibu Compost

Malibu Compost

Early Stage

The first national producers of true organic and biodynamic bagged compost

The first national producers of true organic and biodynamic bagged compost


Raised this Round: Raised: $105,270

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Equity - Preferred

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RegCF    Open SEC Filing

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Berkeley, California

“High-end” and “compost” are not two terms most people usually pair together. Malibu Compost, however, is not most people. And their compost is not most compost.

Malibu Compost makes high-end biodynamic compost, potting soil, and compost teas on their farms in California and Oregon. Their product not only provides plants, flowers, trees, and veggies what they need to grow healthy and strong, but it also gives the soil the microbes it needs to thrive. They’re all about the organic, too - they use organic manure from organic dairy cows who live on organic farms and eat organic pasture. Compare that with other composts, who use steer or chicken manures that can be combined with food waste, or contaminated with stuff like wiffle ball bats (for real) or spray paint cans (no thanks). Malibu Compost is also GMO-free, herbicide-free, pesticide-free, and fungicide-free. And they do all their own testing to prove it. Bam. They’re like the high-end, organic superhero of compost.

As if that’s not enough to drop the compost mic, this is -- they’re pretty much the only ones out there creating high quality bagged compost. And they’re having a compost-ful amount of success. In their first seven years of operation, they raised over $6.5 million, were profitable after 36 months, and have contracts with national distributors in 30 states. They also help build up communities through education outreach for nurseries, schools, and garden clubs, as well as animal rescue and rights activism. That compost mic - consider it dropped.

Now, they’re looking for investors to help keep up with the growing demand. In spring of 2017, they had to turn away more than $500,000 worth of sales because of limited availability. With your investment, they hope to create new regional facilities to double their margins on bagged soil, lower prices, and minimize their carbon footprint. Malibu Compost is redefining the premium potting soil market. And, with them, your garden will look good, your veggies will taste great, and you can feel high-quality and high-end about the whole thing.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offering”
Do you hate pesticides in your soil? Are you a gardener? Do you buy produce from local farms? If you said yes, or if you just want to make sure that your fresh veggies are being composted in the best dirt there is, Malibu Compost could be the investment for you. Let your green thumb bring in the greenbacks -- all in high-end, organic fashion.
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