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Where Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence meet pipelines.

Where Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence meet pipelines.


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Port Matilda, Pennsylvania

In our current world, oil and gas are essential...but the pipeline leaks they cause are deadly and devastating. With all of today’s technology, shouldn’t there be a better solution?

Well, now there is -- with mIQroTech! mIQroTech can predict pipeline leaks before they happen through their three-part solution utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless technology, and artificial intelligence (AI). First, their hardware device with IoT technology collects data using the most important variables to pipeline longevity. Then, the data is transmitted wirelessly to their cloud-computing systems. Finally, that data is analyzed by AI modules to help see risks that humans cannot. This solution not only can send alerts in the case of sudden natural disasters, but it can also analyze the longevity of the pipeline and its wear to predict future failures.

After all, thousands of miles of pipelines are added each year to the already 2.5 million mile network that exists. An average company hosts 93 leaks a year, and each leak costs approximately $201,075, leading to an annual $30 billion lost in revenues -- along with all the environmental problems, water contamination, explosions, injuries, and fuel shortages. With mIQroTech’s technology, a medium-sized company can save over $18 million and avert 93 leaks a year. Right now, mIQroTech has six patents pending and a projected 96% AI-assisted accuracy in determining pipeline risks.

In 2012, the pipeline market was a $26 billion industry, and pipeline monitoring is expected to hit $8.72 billion in 2027. mIQroTech aims to capture 5% of the pipeline monitoring market in the next five years, earning revenue through customers buying their devices as well as paying subscription fees. With their “Experimental Partner” program, they’re targeting mid-sized pipeline and production companies in PA, WV, OH, and TX, to perfect their technology, and they potentially have over over 4,000 devices already sold.

mIQroTech is disrupting the industry with their state of art technology in a way that will make pipeline leaks a thing of the past. They’re the crossroads where the IoT and AI meet pipelines… and the future of pipeline leak prevention.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
If you’re in the oil and gas business and want to prevent pipeline leaks and losing revenue, then mIQroTech could be the investment you’ve been waiting for. Their solution uses the and AI technology to predict pipeline leaks before they happen, from everything from natural disasters to wear and tear. They could save you money, help the environment, and protect your pipelines.
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