Monthly New Deals January, 2022

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New Deals for January, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 VEL VEL is a premium utopian tech forward work cafe Wefunder $1,280,700
2 Josh Terry BitVault Invest in a successful Bitcoin mining operation Wefunder $799,475
3 QUI Tequila Taste the Unseen StartEngine $616,093
4 Buttonsmith Building the blueprint for the future of American manufacturing Wefunder $503,939
5 BlocPower Energy Services Climate technology startup Raise Green $472,600
6 Earth Rides Like Uber but with a fleet of Teslas. Wefunder $444,088
7 BabyQuip Baby gear rental service for families traveling with small children SeedInvest $435,610
8 Aladdin Africa's 1st ecosystem bank Wefunder $397,655
9 Konnected Smart Home Connectivity for Wired Alarm Systems StartEngine $378,998
10 Boseco Coffee "Uber" for Starbucks Lovers with Mobile E-bike Coffee Shops Wefunder $309,061
11 Moxey Proprietary FinTech that Helps Local Economies Grow and Small Businesses Thrive Share Wefunder $297,038
12 Parallel Flight Technologies Saving lives, property, and the environment StartEngine $275,965
13 Corvidane Developing a novel, safe drug to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and liver transplants from NASH Wefunder $254,122
14 Anonomatic Enabling Data Privacy at Scale StartEngine $217,685
15 SEANCE Film Back the female-led team of SÉANCE — a nuanced Gothic thriller about grief, adultery, and ghosts! Wefunder $199,362
16 OSM Shield High-performance fabric finishes that are safe for people and the planet. StartEngine $187,050
17 A Band of Anglers Fishing Lures StartEngine $168,578
18 Silica Nexus by C4D A cross-reality platform for gamers to buy, sell, and trade in-game items across game universes Wefunder $168,478
19 Appalachian FC Appalachian FC has brought NPSL Soccer to the High Country in a LEGENDARY way Wefunder $157,200
20 Retina Technologies An affordable, digital vision testing platform StartEngine $148,154
21 OpenGrants A grant search engine and marketplace of independent grant consultants Wefunder $127,351
22 Fit App by Macrofit Modern, Innovative Fitness Tech and Hardware StartEngine $117,928
23 A-Plan Coaching, LLC An optimized and scalable version of traditional one-on-one coaching SeedInvest $116,500
24 Africa Eats For-profit solutions to hunger and poverty in Africa Wefunder $115,313
25 Zing Drone Delivery Platform Wefunder $114,934
26 First Person Solutions We are using Ministry of AYUSH recommended herbs and a generic molecule to relieve Covid symptoms Wefunder $108,100
27 Riff Coffee’s contributing to the climate crisis. We have a win-win-win solution. Wefunder $106,271
28 Tastes Markets WeWork of Grocery Stores. Wefunder $105,464
29 Spinster Sisters Apothecary skincare for the modern age wrapped up in a badass, sustainable brand Wefunder $102,587
30 Rake Rake is a universal messaging platform for enterprises to small businesses. Wefunder $86,823
31 Tia Lupita Mexican food that's better for you and the planet Wefunder $84,500
32 Vehiko Disrupting and reinventing the business model for selling new cars! Wefunder $83,288
33 Renaissance Man Our discovery ages whiskey in weeks not years and still uses traditional oak Wefunder $77,900
34 Capay Mills Capay Mills brings back flour as it’s meant to be. SMBX $74,350
35 Mike & Patty’s - Jamaica Plain New American Restaurant MainVest $66,900
36 Apotheka Making Electronic Medical Records More Secure Wefunder $66,600
37 Aqueduct Entertainment Movie is READY TO FILM; Director Mary Lambert; Script Written; Development done! Wefunder $66,569
38 Shine Registry A gift registry for people bringing new ideas into the world. Wefunder $61,937
39 BaggetBot by Brigade Automation Corporation Natural Disaster Response Machines StartEngine $60,119
40 Arbol Connecting low-income students with financial + community support Wefunder $59,400
41 Valorabien The one-stop-app integrating the world’s main markets for a seamless shopping experience Wefunder $57,670
42 Bircus One for All WunderFund $53,250
43 Ramshackle What are those crazy local car salesmen doing when the cameras are off? Wefunder $51,771
44 Weapon X Changing the Way the World Recycles Plastic StartEngine $47,920
45 Loyal Foundry Holdings Essential Apps for an Essential Life. StartEngine $46,575
46 King G Bar and Delicatessen MainVest $43,600
47 Proof in Recovery Digital therapeutics and remote patient monitoring for substance use disorders Wefunder $42,500
48 The SMART Tire Company World's first high performance airless tire made from space-age materials @ NASA StartEngine $42,072
49 Drink Monday Drink delicious cocktails, socialize without stress, and wakeup hangover free. SeedInvest $39,878
50 Sports Engineering SEI’s innovative, patented footwear technology aims to enhance athletic and workplace safety by mitigating potential causes of injury. Netcapital $34,950
51 River Ridge Farm and Market Organic Grocery MainVest $32,300
52 Modestman Brewing NANO-BREWERY MainVest $32,200
53 SAM of USA Sustainable Automotive Mobility for the people. StartEngine $31,028
54 Greenjeans Farms Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $29,900
55 Art of Pour Premium ingredients, no compromises. StartEngine $29,260
56 TruSo Inclusive and Empowering For All StartEngine $26,751
57 My Mamas Vegan Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant MainVest $25,900
58 Parkway Autonomous 21st Century Solutions for Automated Public & Commercial Transportation StartEngine $24,250
59 Old Main Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $20,400
60 2LC Bakery Bakery Honeycomb $18,650
61 Layers & Legends Safety and security of people and places Silicon Prairie Online $18,600
62 Lifted Genetics Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $18,400
63 Kava Garden Cafe MainVest $17,300
64 Klevr Tea Tea manufacturer Honeycomb $15,700
65 Williamson Mead and Brewing Brewery MainVest $15,300
66 Curenta Reimagining the Long-Term Pharmacy StartEngine $15,268
67 Lindora Effectively Tackling America's Obesity Problem StartEngine $13,672
68 Zelgor Zelgor is building a Galaxy of Games! StartEngine $13,620
69 Navarrete Hospitality Group Food Business Silicon Prairie Online $12,850
70 Blazing Star Cafe Bagel Shop MainVest $12,000
71 Snowbelt Cannabis Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $11,700
72 Retreat @ Lake Noire Twenty tiny cabins all tricked out. On a lake. Unplugged. Small Change $11,500
73 Bhapi The trusted social media platform built for families Wefunder $7,650
74 Village Hand Pies Prepared Foods Honeycomb $7,363
75 Glow Worm Play Cafe Play Cafe MainVest $5,300
76 BeatBox We develop innovative beverage brands for the next generation of drinkers Wefunder $5,200
77 Artillery Brewing Brewery Honeycomb $3,500
78 Moxi on the Rocks Tasting Room/Meadery/Blending House MainVest $3,400
79 EvStructure Energy Fundify $2,500
80 Herb & Olive Specialty organic extra virgin olive oil that was featured in GQ in December 2021 Microventures $2,250
81 Asian Hustle Network Global online community empowering Asian entrepreneurs and allies SeedInvest $2,000
82 BioEclipse Therapeutics Clinical-stage immunotherapy Netcapital $1,765
83 Undesert Agriculture Fundify $1,325
84 66 Greenpoint Bar MainVest $1,300
85 FreMon Scientific Plasma thawing products Netcapital $1,093
86 7 Grain Army Wellness Bakery and Food Manufacturer MainVest $500
87 AgWiki Solving World Food Problems Socially. Fundify $100
88 Viking Strength Nutrition All organic, all natural nutrition and supplement company Silicon Prairie Online $0
89 RAD AI Platform providing advertiser content for users to share Wefunder $0
90 SkyGoal Shaping the Future of Education, Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Personalized Learning Wefunder $0
91 Seattle Gummy Company Delivering functional healthcare with gummies instead of pills Wefunder $0
92 Cohere The value of owning a home, the freedom of renting and community wherever you go Wefunder $0
93 GreenChoice Climate-positive grocery marketplace for conscious consumers with dietary needs Wefunder $0
94 Doodeo The LinkedIn for entertainers Wefunder $0