Monthly New Deals January, 2023

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New Deals for January, 2023

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 WeatherFlow-Tempest Controlling the Cost of Weather StartEngine $884,908
2 Alpha Motor Corporation Move Humanity StartEngine $645,064
3 FibroBiologics The Future of Cell Therapy StartEngine $602,485
4 Zero Cheating A patent-pending solution to stop all cheating in online exams Wefunder $343,249
5 ONE ROQ Spirits Escape The Ordinary. Own Your Spirit. Andes Capital $304,634
6 CGB Green Liberty Notes Confronting climate change and providing all of society with a healthier and more prosperous future Raise Green $250,000
7 NYCE Own a piece of the skyline—and join a community of future millionaires Wefunder $193,429
8 Circle Optics World’s only stitch-free panoramic multi-camera system. One click. Wefunder $184,075
9 Oxford Hounds 100% Italian Handcrafted Men's Luxury Apparel and Accessories Direct to Your Doorstep Wefunder $164,299
10 TransSiP Breaking Digital Limits With 2 Million Chips Sold StartEngine $139,795
11 Fast Bags Corp Biodegradable* Trash Bags, inside America's First Trash Bag Dispensing System Wefunder $126,657
12 Lunar Hard Seltzer Award-winning craft hard seltzer spotlighting traditional & modern Asian flavors Republic $122,080
13 GetHedge Convert any portion of your pay to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum with GetHedge! Wefunder $111,400
14 Vroom Solar Simplified Solar For You StartEngine $108,762
15 Geoship Regenerative Architecture Republic $105,175
16 RAIDATech Superior blockchain alternative using patented technology Silicon Prairie Online $92,000
17 Riders Share Motorcycle sharing done right: the marketplace for owners and riders Republic $74,633
18 EduMatch Educational Support Services SMBX $72,800
19 Unbanked (formerly Ternio BlockCard) Connecting DeFi and cryptocurrencies to banks, cards, and other legacy finance StartEngine $72,481
20 Vaqat Outsource task-based projects in the form of micro-internships to vetted interns Wefunder $71,500
21 AEV Charging Reliable and Efficient EV Charging Solutions StartEngine $70,953
22 Niftify No-code NFT Website Builder Wefunder $70,201
23 Blendid Automated robotic, contactless, and AI-enabled food preparation for fresh healthy smoothies made on-demand StartEngine $70,197
24 Nipyata The Future of Beverage Alcohol E-Commerce StartEngine $69,922
25 TLOREN Salon Honeycomb $65,750
26 Swopblock Powering secure decentralized trading between all cryptos Wefunder $59,616
27 Coils to Locs Ethnically inspired wigs for medical & non-medical hair loss Wefunder $57,350
28 Ourobio Circular Biomanufacturing Tec Round Here $54,250
29 Level Up Basketball Super App for Basketball Training: Powered by Community and Gamification Wefunder $51,740
30 Calibre Biometrics Unlock the data in your breath StartEngine $47,183
31 Transcend Network We empower founders building the future of learning and work around the world. Wefunder $44,900
32 Barbacoa Mexican Barbecue Restaurant MainVest $44,800
33 Dolce Brooklyn Gelato MainVest $44,200
34 Hooray Foods Delicious, plant-based meats that sizzle, like bacon! Wefunder $38,300
35 Avivid Water Technology Bringing sustainable water treatment to heavy industry Republic $37,976
36 Lotus Automating custom usage-based pricing for businesses Wefunder $36,502
37 PursuitAlert SIMPLY SAVING LIVES Silicon Prairie Online $33,500
38 Full Circle Brewing Craft brewery StartEngine $32,962
39 Tomorrow Bookstore Bookstore MainVest $30,000
40 Hacking Solutions Staffing Services SMBX $26,600
41 Aquagga Ending toxic PFAS 'forever chemicals' in water Wefunder $24,750
42 Bombarda Rum A revolutionary rum disrupting one of the oldest spirit categories, crafted the way rum should be! StartEngine $24,618
43 Foresyte Where Finance Meets Fun StartEngine $24,133
44 Blockchain Institute of Technology Changing the World, One Blockchain at a Time StartEngine $23,015
45 Veebot Systems Hands-Free, Accurate Needle Insertion StartEngine $22,970
46 StrandSmart Next generation, cell-based liquid biopsy StartEngine $21,587
47 Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers Bringing Deep Learning to the Deep Sea StartEngine $18,382
48 OmniPad Circular moving-tread omnidirectional treadmills Netcapital $16,638
49 Cannecht Powerful Service Matching Technology for Licensed Cannabis Businesses StartEngine $14,723
50 Wicked BOLD Vegan Foods Brand MainVest $13,500
51 Alchemy Wine & Beer Restaurants And Bars SMBX $13,400
52 Vlogmi A Social Media App based ENTIRELY around Genuine and Authentic Content StartEngine $12,534
53 Commongrounds Cooperative Real Estate MainVest $12,150
54 LoopGolf Building a digital wallet to capture a golfer's entire spend Republic $11,000
55 SeeMe Global platform for artists using matching and data science to connect them with art buyers Republic $10,550
56 Sansar A Fully-Functioning, High-Fidelity Metaverse StartEngine $8,174
57 Red Eye Louie’s #LIFEBLENDED StartEngine $7,931
58 Brueprint Tap Rooms Brewery MainVest $7,800
59 IQ Billiards StartEngine $7,791
60 Vikktoria The Legal Marketplace Empowering Universal Access to Justice Wefunder $7,500
61 SampleServe A user-friendly app and platform that simplifies environmental sample collection, project management, communication between technicians, managers, and labs, and then quickly generates the wide variety of regulatorily required reports. StartEngine $7,083
62 Protein Quick Protein Quick provides up to 20 grams of protein in 2 ounces of liquid with zero fat, zero sugar, zero caffeine, and zero carbs. Ready to drink requiring no refrigeration or mixing - it's just the protein - and usable “Anywhere for Everyone”. Netcapital $6,578
63 Mighty Heights The Ultimate Life Coaching Platform for Teenagers StartEngine $5,814
64 Wallabing Spend Less, Wander More StartEngine $5,230
65 Booking Ninjas Software Publisher SMBX $4,490
66 A Taylored Experience Restaurants Honeycomb $3,861
67 The Pickled Chef The Pickled Chef is a local canning, preserving, and pickling company. Honeycomb $3,550
68 Yasheng Group Multiple myeloma and other cancer treatment PicMii $3,250
69 Kidskin Gentle, Effective Skincare Made For Pre-Teens & Teens StartEngine $2,877
70 Beanchain Coffee Coffee Shop MainVest $2,800
71 Greener Process Systems Reducing Port Air Pollution Raise Green $2,700
72 Wine Shop Wine Bar MainVest $2,200
73 Boomerang Digital health solution Title3Funds $2,000
74 Hommage Bakehouse Bakery MainVest $1,400
75 Bowr A furnishing platform revolutionizing how furniture is made and sold globally Republic $1,150
76 Exlites Holdings International Let your electric vehicle take you farther TruCrowd $1,050
77 Sugarfina Candy made for grown-ups Republic $500
78 Black Heath Meadery Meadery Round Here $500
79 HLD Film A Masterpiece Owned by YOU!!! Here comes HERO.LOSS.DIRT. Netcapital $380
80 Twisted Eggroll Prepared Foods Honeycomb $250
81 Innovative Recordings Music and Video Production SMBX $140
82 Kopitiam Restaurants Honeycomb $100
83 Bow Wow Labs Award-winning pet products Wefunder $0
84 Slated A leading online film packaging, financing, and distribution marketplace Wefunder $0
85 Med-X Making a Difference, Naturally. PicMii $0
86 Lustro (previously CrowdLustro) An Equity Crowdfunding Aggregator and Research Platform Wefunder $0
87 Tablewine Sommelier at your fingertips Honeycomb $0
88 Sully’s Golf and Gather Golf MainVest $0
89 Dokkaebier Bringing Asian-influenced brews and diversity to the craft beer scene Wefunder $0
90 Ranch Rider Spirits One of the top tequila cocktails in the US & the original Ranch Water Wefunder $0
91 Harvie Farm Honeycomb $0
92 CLIP World's 1st Plug & Play e-bike upgrade device Wefunder $0
93 Serve Meet Serve, the future of delivery Dealmaker Securities $0
94 Sweater Invest Alongside Seasoned VCs Dalmore Group $0
95 Durable Car dealerships need to upgrade to meet EV demands; we expedite that change Netshares $0
96 Novatek Pharmaceuticals Development of immunomodulatory drugs Dealmaker Securities $0