Monthly New Deals February, 2023

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New Deals for February, 2023

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Snowball Industries Helping you tap in the housing plumbing, heating & air market Equifund CFP $3,017,849
2 Republic Note Republic's own digital security: a profit-sharing instrument with finite supply Republic $3,000,000
3 Legion M The World's First FAN-OWNED Entertainment Company Wefunder $750,000
4 The SMART Tire Company World's first high performance airless tire made from space-age materials @ NASA Wefunder $720,501
5 Loosid The Sober Social Network. Wefunder $697,950
6 Ceres Chill Moms leading incredible lives while achieving their breastfeeding goals Wefunder $685,684
7 Flash Scientific Technology Lightning Prediction Technology StartEngine $427,338
8 Swell Financial Let’s Make Bank Together! Wefunder $418,750
9 Virtuix Creator of Omni, an omni-directional treadmill allowing users to walk and run inside popular games and virtual worlds StartEngine $395,219
10 Isle Child- The Movie Back the AAPI-led feature film about Asian identity, adoption, and self-love! Wefunder $366,293
11 abillion Social commerce platform that helps people shop sustainably Wefunder $317,759
12 Parallel Flight Technologies Saving lives, property, and the environment StartEngine $299,405
13 MeatSoHorny Rub Your Meat And Squirt StartEngine $260,973
14 Volektra Electrifying Vehicles with Magnet Free, Smart & Connected Drivetrain Platforms Wefunder $257,530
15 Clone Designing synthetic humans capable of performing any task assigned Republic $205,714
16 Otherweb AI for a junk-free internet Wefunder $196,701
17 GoodDoctorBadDoctor. com Every life deserves quality care Wefunder $184,400
18 Ovenly Beloved for our sweet-salty treats, we are expanding our successful bakery chain Wefunder $148,380
19 Avadain Unleashing the Graphene Revolution Netcapital $142,995
20 Cornbread Hemp USDA-Certified Organic CBD Wefunder $141,219
21 Beyond Imagination One of The World's Most Advanced Humanoid Robots Wefunder $135,858
22 Daniel House Club We make it simple for interior designers to source from hundreds of vendors Wefunder $131,371
23 Xairos A global timing service StartEngine $124,892
24 Staax Enabling peer-to-peer payments via fractional shares of stock Wefunder $117,625
25 Thrivelab Healthtech platform in the hormone health space Wefunder $117,600
26 Ron Artesano Handmade rum made in the mountains of Puerto Rico Wefunder $117,243
27 MCARTech Preventing costly industrial machinery failure with Asset Reliability solutions Wefunder $114,552
28 Jack Henry We make clean + functional body care that supports a healthy microbiome Wefunder $114,550
29 Uncle Waithley’s Beverage Company Innovative Ginger Beer with Authentic Caribbean Roots StartEngine $113,752
30 Three Years Gone Back the new feature film from the award-winning team at Amiga Pictures Wefunder $107,523
31 Zero Carbon Gov't Funded Breakthrough Fuel-Cell Technology Converting Waste-Streams into Clean Energy Wefunder $101,480
32 Share Scoops The world's new money activism platform Republic $96,525
33 Easy Expense FinTech using AI to turn your phone into an automated expense tracker Republic $86,925
34 Momentor Seamlessly Connect with Verified Experts Wefunder $83,828
35 Hashku A brand marketers’ hub to plan, launch and manage digital goods and experiences Wefunder $76,300
36 Neureka for Epilepsy Epilepsy care reimagined Republic $72,871
37 Kitchenery Smart Kitchen Counters and Cordless Appliances Wefunder $72,005
38 2 Row Brewing A highly respected and loved brewery in need of a new facility and tap room Wefunder $69,207
39 Impakt Virtual Sports: Fitness is fun, social and free with motion control technology Wefunder $69,000
40 Edmondson Village Building Black wealth through community-owned shopping centers. Small Change $68,500
41 Iron Lilly Bringing the incredible story of Lilly Farrow to the big screen! Wefunder $65,110
42 WithCo Functional mixes using fresh juices & real botanicals Wefunder $65,100
43 KD New York The First Fiber Innovation and On Demand Knit Manufacturing Hub in The Bronx Wefunder $63,480
44 NpCloud Solutions Comprehensive electronic health record system Wefunder $63,250
45 Carosh Compliance Solutions The most efficient and cost-effective HIPAA compliance programs. Wefunder $63,100
46 Tomu Building Hospitality Better StartEngine $61,887
47 Coming Together Film A romantic comedy about political polarization Wefunder $61,650
48 Hardball Cider Grown, Pressed, Hardened. StartEngine $60,548
49 Thomsen’s A proven, efficient system for public health & safety Republic $60,250
50 Knowtify Knowtify is a unique death notification app, reaching those who matter Wefunder $59,700
51 VanLab Ready-to-Assemble Campervan Kitsets for a Rapidly Growing Market StartEngine $56,519
52 The Empowered Cookie HAVE COOKIES FOR BREAKFAST Wefunder $55,650
53 ReCapturit Online marketplace exclusively for reclaimed and salvaged building materials. Wefunder $54,101
54 Raise Green Climate Investing for Everyone Wefunder $51,999
55 SpongeBath Sponge holder with patented cleaning technology that sanitizes kitchen sponges Republic $50,950
56 Meta-Brain Labs Neurotech-enabled hyper-learning builds mental fitness, improving performance Wefunder $50,750
57 Zeehaus We cut real-estate into bite-sized chunks everyone can afford StartEngine $45,858
58 Dotwav Creates The world's first exclusive freelance talent marketplace Wefunder $44,851
59 Atsign The future of data privacy and device security is here. And it's open-source! Republic $44,471
60 Bywater & The Bakeshop Bakery MainVest $42,300
61 Hook & Irons Golf and Social Lounge Bar and Lounge MainVest $38,100
62 LootMogul The athlete-led, AI-driven sports metaverse | Games, meta shops, and IRL rewards Republic $37,596
63 Boodskap No-code, low-code IoT platform Title3Funds $36,010
64 Sool A Global Provider of Korean Alcoholic Beverages: Makku and Soku Wefunder $35,600
65 Arcay Chocolates Experience award-winning chocolates SMBX $34,090
66 Dalton Distillery Dalton Distillery’s famous moonshine is best straight! SMBX $32,920
67 Phantom Phood The event planning marketplace for food and drink experiences Republic $31,575
68 HiveTracks Bees as Biosensors to Track Biodiversity Wefunder $30,650
69 Charis Winery & Distillery Mountain Made Wine and Distilled Spirits StartEngine $30,500
70 People Finance (previously Stonks Trading) The future of neo-banking starts with People! Wefunder $30,470
71 Uncanny AI-Powered Live-Stream Production StartEngine $28,292
72 Moksha An app + deep breathing tool for mindfulness, anxiety relief, and meditation Republic $23,501
73 Sazmining Clean Bitcoin Mining StartEngine $22,711
74 Power Hero An innovative clean-energy company Netcapital $22,600
75 Otherwise Brewing Gluten-free beer Microventures $22,450
76 HipChefs The Go-To Solution For Food Entrepreneurs StartEngine $20,124
77 Brobe Surgery Sucks. We Make it Suck Less. StartEngine $18,702
78 Amazing Pizza Amazing Pizza is seeking investment to complete buildout and launch our second Amazing Pizza location in Beverly, MA. MainVest $17,500
79 Prime Lightworks Renewable Electric Propulsion StartEngine $17,317
80 Orange By: Devoured Pizza Place MainVest $15,800
81 Ponix The Food Utility Company StartEngine $15,180
82 Earth Robotics Automating Deliveries in Residential Buildings with Fully Automated Indoor Robots and MicroHubs StartEngine $14,594
83 Aqua Research Improving health and safety Netcapital $14,409
84 Blue Sky Kitchen Restaurants Honeycomb $13,750
85 Bone Apetreat A Food Truck Experience for Four-Legged Friends StartEngine $13,020
86 Revolution Brands Vertically Integrating Sustainable Personal Mobility StartEngine $12,279
87 TipSnaps Enabling overlooked Creators + underserved Fans in the Creator Economy StartEngine $10,268
88 De3 Outsmarting the Smartest Pathogens StartEngine $9,747
89 OneFul Health Making Medicines Work Better For You StartEngine $9,605
90 Self Inspection The Future of Vehicle Inspection StartEngine $9,365
91 CB Therapeutics Advanced synthetic biology for planet and human health Republic $9,100
92 Pitsa Restaurants And Bars SMBX $8,170
93 Ecotone Renewables Sustainability Honeycomb $7,750
94 Loba Pastry + Coffee Bakery Honeycomb $6,600
95 MVP Kids Media Children's Entertainment Multi-Media Platform StartEngine $6,262
96 Read It & Eat Box Retail Shop Honeycomb $5,500
97 Mama Bevs Bakery Bakery MainVest $4,800
98 Greens Gone Wild Food MainVest $4,500
99 Nicole Comis Coaching Professional Coach Honeycomb $4,250
100 Quantum Photonics Lighting the Way to Self-Sustaining Energy StartEngine $4,144
101 CanEx The cannabis delivery app for Southern California and beyond Republic $4,000
102 Pipe N Hot Grill Restaurants Honeycomb $3,050
103 Distributed Media Lab Media Distribution for the Modern Web Netcapital $2,701
104 Agria Ag-Tech, indoor growing technology company Netcapital $2,700
105 Sunbaked Goods Cannabis Brand MainVest $2,400
106 Indian River Pioneer Farms Farm Honeycomb $2,100
107 Recovering Bro An integrative health & fitness company Netcapital $1,202
108 Japa Health Data driven personalized wellness Netcapital $1,103
109 Cuchillo Greens Cannabis Business MainVest $1,000
110 Dark Go dark with Dark Netcapital $1,000
111 Volley Tequila Seltzer The clean tequila seltzer Republic $1,000
112 SoulFully Vegan Food Truck MainVest $800
113 NDB Nuclear energy systems PicMii $625
114 Pour Taproom Knoxville Bar Honeycomb $500
115 Scooby Dogs Food Truck Honeycomb $250
116 Mortgages for Good Mortgage brokerage services for first-time homebuyers Microventures $200
117 Rock N Roll Donut Bar Donut Shop MainVest $100
118 Pro Cloud SaaS Disrupting and Reinventing the Technology Market on a Global Scale! Wefunder $100
119 Mama Noy’s Kitchen Catering Honeycomb $100
120 MentalHappy Creating a better world of mental health Wefunder $0
121 Osena Spiked Coconut Water Spiked coconut water brand advancing the better-for-you alcohol movement Wefunder $0
122 TruKno Predictive Threat Analytics to help enterprises prevent a cyberattack Wefunder $0
123 Brick Work We provide low-cost urban zoning analysis reports for due diligence on a GIS map Wefunder $0
124 Loop (previously Loop by California Labs) A WiFi connected display and private social network that helps families stay connected around the world Wefunder $0
125 Notiphy Corporation SaaS-based work execution and intelligence software Netcapital $0
126 Besse Custom Creations Print Shop Honeycomb $0
127 Barrett & Benitez Development Real-estate development company Common Owner $0
128 Betterhalf Betterhalf is India’s first and only matrimony app without parents Wefunder $0
129 SEANCE Film Back the female-led team of SÉANCE — a nuanced Gothic thriller about grief, adultery, and ghosts! Wefunder $0
130 Aura Health (previously Aura) The world's ecosystem for mental wellness content, community, and services Dealmaker Securities $0
131 Bluesphere The World's Most Inclusive Global Trading Platform for Carbon Credits Dalmore Group $0