Monthly New Deals March, 2022

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New Deals for March, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Revero Reversing autoimmune and other chronic diseases by addressing the root causes Republic $2,451,862
2 Hawaiian Bros Bringing island-inspired cuisine to the mainland Republic $1,438,864
3 Ashley Black Experience Scientifically Proven Non-Invasive Tissue Regeneration for Health and Beauty Wefunder $795,008
4 COR We are putting spectrometers in homes for nutrition and fitness discovery Wefunder $660,065
5 Lost Spirits Distillery Meet the "Willy Wonka" of Booze. - Playboy Magazine. Wefunder $615,430
6 Fisher Wallace Laboratories Medical Devices for Mood and Sleep StartEngine $438,955
7 HEVO Wireless EV charging: certified hardware + software commercially available today Republic $421,040
8 Taylor Hoffman Access to human-led investment management to build generational wealth for all Wefunder $407,600
9 Light Art VR Virtual Reality CG content for an untapped market of over 1.8 billion Muslims Wefunder $303,350
10 Learnie Learning is broken and we're here to fix it! Wefunder $275,750
11 Green Ninja Climate solutions through education StartEngine $270,664
12 OYO Fitness Fitness That Fits Your Lifestyle StartEngine $247,404
13 PRIMER Electrolyte Charged Seltzers The industries first variety pack with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options Wefunder $237,450
14 Xairos A global timing service Spaced Ventures $225,460
15 H2 Energy Group The Future of Hydrogen Power Castle Placement $183,355
16 Cyber Pop-up Security experts on demand. $2M Priced Round on $8M Post-Money Valuation. Wefunder $183,150
17 Altwork Welcome the seismic shift to hybrid/remote work with the Tesla of workstations Republic $181,233
18 Area 13 EBikes Electric Bikes That Are Out Of This World StartEngine $173,818
19 Quesadilla Gorilla More than just a restaurant SMBX $165,390
20 PiggyBack Network PiggyBack Network reimagines youth transportation Seed At The Table $148,700
21 AnyFans AnyFans is a multi-platform social media experience on mobile App and YouTube Wefunder $129,950
22 Highclere Castle Gin The Perfect Gin Wefunder $128,130
23 The Cut Buddy Making Haircuts Easy Seed At The Table $125,500
24 Evren Technologies Advancing PTSD Treatment with an FDA Breakthrough Device StartEngine $122,447
25 Magnuss Maritime Shipping Technology StartEngine $116,008
26 Pepper’s Landing Restaurants Honeycomb $113,150
27 Puraclenz Welcome to the Future of Clean StartEngine $111,208
28 MySureFit The Smart Fitting Room. StartEngine $110,209
29 BlocPower Energy Services Climate technology startup Raise Green $108,600
30 Envel Building the World’s Smartest Bank Account Wefunder $95,207
31 Diggs Boys Bourbon Multi-brand spirits company Seed At The Table $93,700
32 Platform A company disrupting the delivery of building platforms. Small Change $93,000
33 Dharma Southern Kitchen Plant-based fine vittles StartEngine $92,802
35 Sonatafy Technology Our Mission Is To Dramatically Simplify Software Development Outsourcing Wefunder $89,350
36 Trella Technologies Grow tall plants in small spaces. Wefunder $89,245
37 Official App There are apps to help you find love—now there's an app to help you keep love Republic $81,225
38 Nimbus Powering The World With Light StartEngine $80,204
39 Brand3D All-In-One 3D Digital Production Toolkit StartEngine $76,767
40 NearStar Fusion Resilient Clean Energy StartEngine $75,420
41 Cadenzo Ready to bring live entertainment booking out of the dark ages? So are we. Wefunder $73,100
42 AccessVet Enhancing the lives of pets and pet parents, vets and their teams. Wefunder $66,900
43 Uptip Uptip is reinventing tipping, driving value for service workers and customers Wefunder $63,750
44 Echo Mind AI AI for Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Wefunder $63,440
45 Quantbase Automated high risk investments in stocks, crypto, NFTs, and alternative assets Wefunder $58,644
46 Ebony & Ivory Brewing Brewery Honeycomb $56,900
47 InvisaCook What You Don't See Won't Burn You StartEngine $54,771
48 HitCheck Technology to Protect Your Brain StartEngine $54,335
49 Punch Fast, meme-able comedy creation tools for the creator economy Republic $54,087
50 Granite Coast Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $53,000
51 Just Wings We want to bring a new delivery-online model to the growing ghost kitchen market Wefunder $52,980
52 NPCx Using AI and neural networks to make video game and film NPCs more lifelike Republic $52,955
53 Wave Soda Company Redefining soda for the next generation. StartEngine $52,017
54 R3 Printing Manufacturing is about to get personal. StartEngine $51,742
55 CopperSmith Building the world's leading custom metalwork platform Republic $50,860
56 Soil Connect SaaS platform providing dirt solutions and logistics for the construction industry SeedInvest $47,900
57 Loop by California Labs (previously Loop) A WiFi connected display and private social network that helps families stay connected around the world StartEngine $47,811
58 Flying Ship Technologies Flying Ships: aero-marine hybrid technology StartEngine $47,339
59 Bison Venture Partners HBCU Innovators Sourcing Capital to Black-Owned Businesses Wefunder $43,961
60 Farm Fresh Open Air Market & Music Park Infrashares $42,200
61 Novuson Surgical Soundly Simplifying Surgery StartEngine $40,687
62 Gobekli Map and connect your talent data. Netcapital $40,000
63 Karma Baker Eat.Good.Karma. StartEngine $39,490
64 FaveKitchens Restaurant 2.0 StartEngine $39,447
65 EPR-Technologies A Cool Way To Save Lives StartEngine $39,218
66 Virtual Athletics League Dedicated to bringing a competitive scene to your favorite VR games StartEngine $38,672
67 Stride Tech Medical Smart Walkers Prevent Falls StartEngine $37,414
68 Tubby’s Taste Prepared Foods Honeycomb $37,100
69 SciTech Development Advancing Cancer Treatment Through Safer Drug Delivery StartEngine $36,773
70 Epoch Financial Group Rethinking the way consumers prepare and apply for a mortgage Republic $36,650
71 Sun50 The Authentic Voice in Sun Protection Apparel StartEngine $36,096
72 Dirt Burger Food & Drink Shop MainVest $35,500
73 Steiner’s Coffee Cake of New York Easy to Eat, Fun to Share StartEngine $35,347
74 Cabinet Health Sustainable healthcare company with $10M+ annual revenue and 113% CAGR Republic $27,650
75 xCraft American Drone Company StartEngine $27,502
76 ToneStone An interactive musical creativity platform for everyone Republic $27,450
77 Givsum Software helping nonprofits raise more money and operate more productively Wefunder $27,250
78 Cocktail Squad Pinkies Up, Investors. It's Classy O'Clock. StartEngine $25,930
79 American Gothic Pizza Catering Honeycomb $25,000
80 Block Forms Software geared to remove the friction created by repetitive forms; first customers are in insurance & finance Microventures $24,480
81 CIRQ+ Smart + Clean Automation StartEngine $23,336
82 Calyxeum Cannabis Business MainVest $20,500
83 Kiddie Kredit Mobile app teaching financial literacy to children Wefunder $20,100
84 Legacy Concierge Empower your Digital After Life StartEngine $19,906
85 FilmHedge Fintech marketplace includes financial institutions that represent cumulative financing facilities of $100 million Microventures $19,700
86 Franklin Brewing Brewery Honeycomb $18,950
87 Harper Macaw Chocolate Shop MainVest $16,700
88 Artisanal & Hemstroughts Bakery & Cheese Aging MainVest $16,500
89 VGFIT The Future of Subscription Apps StartEngine $16,301
90 Rangoon Burmese Restaurant SMBX $16,230
91 The Queen’s Head Gay Bar MainVest $15,800
92 M.C. Squares Tech is hijacking your brain - set your ideas free with M.C. Squares Wefunder $14,240
93 KnaQ The Social Marketplace StartEngine $14,034
94 NEXTEL Mobile Push-to-Talk Devices StartEngine $13,662
95 Noble Pies A family-owned, locally grown pie bakery & farm Honeycomb $12,750
97 MindWise Fraud prevention engine, engineered to detect sensitive information for sale on the deep web Microventures $11,610
98 Mediloq Sustainable Child-Safe Packaging Ignite Social Impact $11,600
99 Avadain Unleashing the Graphene Revolution Netcapital $11,500
100 Housing Us Real Estate Fundify $11,000
101 Speranza Therapeutics Bridging the gap between hope and healing StartEngine $7,950
102 Petpal Pet care supplies e-commerce platform Microventures $7,060
103 Pure Rose Beauty & Art Studio Salon Honeycomb $6,850
104 nVIAsoft Patented, Multimodal Contactless Hand Biometric technology. PicMii $6,116
105 The Cactus Bar Bar Honeycomb $5,300
106 WeHa Brewing & Roasting Company Brewery, Coffee Roasting, Cafe MainVest $5,300
107 Poetica Coffee Coffee Cafe SMBX $5,130
108 Rule G Brewing Microbrewery and Tap Room MainVest $5,100
109 KneeVoice Noninvasive diagnostic and monitoring platform for cartilage degradation in the knee Microventures $4,318
110 Hibear Durable Goods SMBX $4,080
111 TradeAlgo Powering the personal wealth movement StartEngine $3,105
112 Wealth Stack Your Path to Financial Freedom StartEngine $2,974
113 DelNova Solving Botulinum Toxin Treatment Complications StartEngine $2,759
114 Rixon Technology Computer Services SMBX $2,690
115 OOTify The Next Evolution of Mental Healthcare StartEngine $2,375
116 Create Every Opportunity Financial Education StartEngine $2,365
117 Alpine Pacific Providing for you Infrashares $2,000
118 Sazi Foods Satisfy your craving for food Netcapital $1,650
119 Hieber’s Pharmacy Pharmacy Honeycomb $1,600
120 PlusMedia Solutions A multi-sided software platform that connects audiences to positive social impact opportunities Ignite Social Impact $1,400
121 Tazga Women's Clothing SMBX $1,300
122 Savory Celebration Cook, Create, and Entertain with Savory Celebration! SMBX $1,140
123 Corrective Skin Care Salon Honeycomb $1,100
124 ReNewSnow Virtually no carbon, low cost snowmaking Infrashares $1,000
125 Knead Local Food Truck Honeycomb $600
126 Yahyn Yahyn endeavors to build the easiest place on the internet to purchase wine. StartEngine $523
127 Saveurs du Monde Gourmet Fast Service StartEngine $388
128 Akttyva Therapeutics HealthCare Fundify $300
129 Inclusion Score The World's First Auditing, Workflow, and Insurance Platform for Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Seed At The Table $300
130 Cust Corp. Safely Store Your Digital Assets Netcapital $300
131 Innovative Recordings Music and Video Production SMBX $230
132 TrueGen Health Behavioral Health Platform Fundify $0
133 Content Launch Content marketing platform to reach, engage and convert audiences Wefunder $0
134 Swift Rails 5x faster and 40x cheaper than regular transit Wefunder $0
136 Pit Liquor Natural, toxin-free whiskey deodorant. Quench Your Stench. Liquid Courage. Wefunder $0
137 WhiteClouds On-Demand 3D Fabrication: the world's largest color 3D printing facility. Wefunder $0
138 The HBCU HUB App The world's first app that connect students to admissions recruiters and coaches at HBCUs Seed At The Table $0
139 Roog Discover diverse products and services from underrepresented businesses Ignite Social Impact $0
140 Petzey Technology Pet health Netcapital $0