Monthly New Deals March, 2023

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New Deals for March, 2023

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Camp Gladiator The Only Turn-key Fitness & Nutrition Platform For Trainers & Consumers Wefunder $1,993,430
2 Blackout Coffee Coffee for America’s Warriors StartEngine $1,233,555
3 Sirocco Energy Sirocco Wind Turbine is a linear wind generator for urban energy production Wefunder $1,115,076
4 Heavenly Hawaiian Hawaii's Best Coffee is Heavenly StartEngine $969,445
5 Recompose Carbon-sequestering green funeral solution that returns us to the earth Wefunder $803,128
6 Future Cardia Tiny implantable cardiac device using telemedicine and AI StartEngine $645,407
7 BuyAlerts AI technology for the markets Republic $576,979
8 Musiversal Empowering the world to make music Wefunder $529,700
9 AccuShoot The smartest path to marksmanship mastery Netcapital $378,876
10 FLY Wilmington Indoor Skydiving Folla Capital $371,500
11 Doorvest Democratizing financial security through rental homeownership Wefunder $357,730
12 Pangea Brands 100% sustainable and regenerative luxury beauty brand, from soil to skin Wefunder $351,050
13 Pacha 2-ingredient organic, gluten-free bread with explosive e-commerce sales Wefunder $324,847
14 BOSS.Tech Business Operating Smart Solution of evolving, integrated, best-in-class SaaS. Wefunder $256,700
15 AI TV @ MyStreme World’s First Fan-Owned TV Service Wefunder $236,851
16 Manta Biofuel Reinventing crude oil, renewably this time StartEngine $171,911
17 Pashion Footwear Where Comfort Meets Style StartEngine $170,009
18 Le Grand Bleu Resort in Madagascar Silicon Prairie Online $158,500
19 AvaWatz A Decision Intelligence Robotics Network Wefunder $154,700
20 Copperworks Distilling Company Award-Winning Craft Distillery Expanding in the Seattle Area StartEngine $149,716
21 Baby’s Cusina and Market Filipino Restaurant MainVest $124,000
22 Eskala Alleviating poverty in Latin America through community-owned banks Wefunder $122,641
23 Catailyst Comprehensive and categorized actionable data Netcapital $119,580
24 Solvpath Modernizing customer support with AI-driven visual automation Republic $115,961
25 Guac Financial technology providing solutions for members and business partners Republic $115,863
26 MISE Culinary footwear SMBX $114,970
27 Bloomi The first intimate-care marketplace that empowers womxn Wefunder $112,236
28 Kencko Foods Real fruits and vegetables, faster. Sustainable, convenient, and delicious Republic $112,098
29 ROCK’N Vodka ROCK’N the world, one spirit at a time! StartEngine $104,197
30 Het Say Southern Vietnamese food & hospitality SMBX $103,960
31 Rayton Evolving the Semiconductor Industry Wefunder $96,635
32 The Cru Helping women meet their life goals — and helping companies retain them Republic $94,767
33 Contractor+ Contractor+ is a game changing mobile app for Field Service Contractors Wefunder $93,860
34 Cafe X Fully-automated café systems Republic $90,070
35 Hexact No-code workflow automation made easy StartEngine $87,001
36 BlocPower Energy Services Climate technology startup Wefunder $86,300
37 Chow420 The go-to place for all CBD brands StartEngine $85,247
38 Parlor Beverages Creating the finest craft sodas with originality and authenticity for everyone Republic $83,450
39 Revival The tech-enabled rug retailer modernizing the home decor industry Republic $80,115
40 Ingenii Accelerating data engineering and widespread quantum adoption Republic $73,712
41 MBZ Parts Transforming the Classic Mercedes Parts Industry Wefunder $72,544
42 Stickybones Intuitive Flexibility at your Fingertips StartEngine $70,893
43 We're So Dead A Slasher Comedy for the Service Industry Wefunder $65,150
44 Phoebe Work-Life coaching and mentorship for working parents—when they need it most Republic $64,250
45 Aftrparty The future-facing events platform Republic $63,785
46 1985 Games A Better Way to Game in Real-Time StartEngine $63,669
47 VirZOOM The future of fitness, in partnership with Facebook! StartEngine $60,465
48 OhmniLabs Modular robotic platform for healthcare operations with UV disinfection and more Republic $59,100
49 Midnight Harvest Morel mushroom farming - indoors under controlled environment Wefunder $58,401
50 Land Lord Film Social Thriller by Tenured & Distributed Filmmaker about a Vampire Landlord Wefunder $56,900
51 Eventnoire The Global Gateway to Cultural Experiences StartEngine $54,251
52 Zest The most fun and easy way to learn how to cook Republic $53,412
53 Antelope Recovery Essential mental healthcare for teens Wefunder $52,411
54 PittMoss PitttMoss is a top performing upcycled soil made from organic, recycled paper StartEngine $49,281
55 True Blue Bakery Bakery SMBX $45,900
56 Sanara Beauty rituals powered by indigenous Latin American botanicals Wefunder $45,250
57 Bright Trip The video platform that helps you travel smarter Republic $44,638
58 Fierce Fund, invest, spend & earn Republic $43,141
59 HotelierCo We founded HotelierCo to open hotel ownership to anyone in the crowd Wefunder $40,550
60 Boostly The SMS marketing platform for restaurants Wefunder $39,514
61 Orbital Assembly (previously Orbital Assembly Corporation) A large scale space construction company that is launching the next phase of human exploration of space, artificial gravity, and rapid on-orbit assembly of large structures. Silicon Prairie Online $39,375
62 Montiel Farms Farm Honeycomb $38,700
63 Refactor Games Independent Emergent Video Games StartEngine $37,585
64 iHealthScreen AI-Driven Disease Screening Software StartEngine $36,914
65 The 420 Hotels A new chain of boutique hotels and on-site cannabis consumption lounge StartEngine $34,109
66 Wild Honey Bistro Restaurant / Creperie / Bakery MainVest $31,700
67 Yeyo Tequila Sip. Discover. Celebrate. StartEngine $31,167
68 Wind Harvest New Wind for Climate Restoration PicMii $29,969
69 Landng We turn travel content into trip plans you can customize with friends Wefunder $29,900
70 Atlas Brew Works - Alexandria Expansion Brewery MainVest $28,400
71 TIBU Health Technology Powered Healthcare for Africa Republic $27,760
72 Team Hold Content Management Oversubscribe Portal $27,442
73 Figg’s Ordinary Bakery Honeycomb $27,305
74 Lightning Motorcycle Electric vehicles for the real world Netcapital $27,171
75 GELF Energy Powering the Next Generation StartEngine $26,724
76 Happi Meet Happi, now selling cannabis beverages in 32 states and scaling rapidly Wefunder $25,800
77 IZOLA Croissants | Wild Sourdough MainVest $23,500
78 Young Kobras Bakery SMBX $22,650
79 Alma Financial High yield neo-bank for underbanked users in the US Wefunder $22,588
80 Pollie The hub for women affected by complex chronic conditions — starting with PCOS Republic $21,530
81 Tampon Tribe Organic, 100% cotton tampon, pad, and pantyliner subscription service. SMBX $21,290
82 Shantell’s Just Until Restaurant Restaurants Honeycomb $19,850
83 Sandinista Tequila The Spirit of Liberation StartEngine $18,575
84 Kazu by Wellness Insight Technologies Health In Tune With You StartEngine $18,164
85 Destiny Robotics Socially Intelligent Humanoid Robot. The First Humanoid Home Assistant. TruCrowd $18,000
86 Voltaic Marine Electrifying Watercraft StartEngine $17,273
87 Bless Thy Skin Beauty Products Honeycomb $17,100
88 Preserve Everyday Products for a Better World StartEngine $15,332
89 Conn3ct Digital Freight Brokerage Platform StartEngine $15,173
90 Rumble Motors Zero Emission Electric Bikes—Who Said "Fun to Ride" Can't Be Eco-Friendly... StartEngine $13,766
91 Hattie's Coffee House Coffee Shop MainVest $12,800
92 Cake Hoopla DIY cake decorating SMBX $12,600
93 Maxfield Bakery Bakery SMBX $12,380
94 Keva Health Virtual care for respiratory illnesses StartEngine $11,900
95 Boulderthon World-class marathon SMBX $10,700
96 Earth Merchant Farm. Process. Manufacture. Build. StartEngine $10,072
97 Churn Ice cream parlor & coffee shop Honeycomb $8,800
98 SineWatts Driving Energy Forward StartEngine $6,614
99 Feathered Serpent Brewery Brewpub MainVest $5,500
100 The Honeybee Collective Cannabis Business MainVest $5,300
101 Calyxeum Cannabis Business MainVest $4,500
102 Spitz MN Mediterranean street food SMBX $4,160
103 FRONTMAN The Gen Z skincare brand creating faster men's acne solutions Republic $4,050
104 Uncommon Path Brewing (previously Dazed Brewing) Brewery MainVest $3,900
105 Dive AI-powered meeting assistant Republic $3,701
106 Blokable Revolutionizing Housing Development StartEngine $3,623
107 MESMERIZE Interactive art experiences SMBX $2,980
108 VOLTEQ Equipment Battery-powered construction equipment Netcapital $2,893
109 Rockfish Oyster Bar Restaurants Honeycomb $2,750
110 Debellation Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $2,600
111 Athyna The Global Employment Platform to Hire Manage & Retain World-Class Global Talent Republic $2,400
112 metaKnyts (previously metaMedia and Metaiye Knights) Changing Storytelling Through Blockchain Netcapital $2,329
113 Mirame Restaurants Honeycomb $2,200
114 AF Social from AnyFans (previously AnyFans) AnyFans is a multi-platform social media experience on mobile App and YouTube Wefunder $1,750
115 Averroes Software An agile all-in-one construction project management cloud-based platform. Netcapital $1,020
116 Athelytix Precision sports analytics available and affordable for athletes of all ages StartEngine $599
117 Sea N’ Soul Marketplace StartEngine $529
118 Kassumay Prepared Foods Honeycomb $450
119 Von Perry Affordable Home Construction PicMii $398
120 ComeWith Living Life Better With Friends StartEngine $342
121 Heart-Centered Strategies ShareTech for a Heart-Centered World StartEngine $202
122 PvP DISCOVER. CONNECT. GAME. Wefunder $0
123 Lola Snacks We take the B.S. out of IBS. MainVest $0
124 Next Dynamics Tomorrow’s Defense Technology for Today’s Military Castle Placement $0
125 Cardinal Spirits Beloved, award-winning craft spirits & canned cocktails Wefunder $0
126 GravyStack The bank account for kids that plays like a game. Wefunder $0
127 LucyDx Early detection of diabetic retinopathy Netcapital $0
128 Sekr All-in-one app to find your next campsite Wefunder $0
129 Grai Open source version control for metadata Wefunder $0
130 Little Mutants Brewery MainVest $0
131 Cactus Bloom Cantina Southwestern Gastropub MainVest $0
132 MedFire Innovations We've Done The Work, And It Shows. CrowdFund Mainstreet $0
133 Kansas City Wellness Club Health & Beauty Service MainVest $0
July: $13,188,167
June: $28,138,474
May: $27,262,315
July: 53
June: 113
May: 128
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