Monthly New Deals April, 2024

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New Deals for April, 2024

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Sight True story of Dr. Ming Wang Angel Funding $1,235,000
2 Frost Giant Real-Time Strategy Returns to PC Gaming StartEngine $816,549
3 Skybound Video game developed by global entertainment co. of The Walking Dead, Invincible Republic $527,921
4 Corvion Powering Possibilities for Heart Failure Patients StartEngine $522,259
5 Goodegg Growth Fund III 250-unit class B+ multifamily asset Silicon Prairie Online $452,000
6 Ampere Delivering the biggest innovation to eyewear in 50 years Republic $316,446
7 Koios Medical AI-powered software diagnosing cancer Wefunder $283,500
8 SubTo Fund The Creative Way to Invest in Real Estate Mundial Financial Group $172,000
9 Yacht Water Stay Hungry, Not Thirsty Wefunder $150,759
10 Syllaby All-in-one AI based full automation for social media marketing Wefunder $148,250
11 CGB Green Liberty Notes Confronting climate change and providing all of society with a healthier and more prosperous future Raise Green $146,235
12 THE ARMORY Health and Wellness Honeycomb $124,000
13 MeWe One of the world’s largest privacy-first, decentralized social networks Wefunder $116,778
14 PeduL Stop looking for jobs. Let jobs find YOU. Wefunder $110,600
15 Pharma the Movie A true story about courageous women Wefunder $91,575
16 Posh Outdoors Iconic Stays in Nature Wefunder $89,500
17 PuffCuff Alternative to elastic bands: headache-free, damage-free, and drama-free clips for curly hair Wefunder $85,585
18 C.O.R.E. Tax Deeds Your Gateway to Financial Freedom through Real Estate Tax Deed Investments Silicon Prairie Online $73,000
19 Road To L'etape Du Tour A feature film exploring strength through loss Wefunder $71,670
20 Samreens Vanity Reliable Luxury Cosmetics For Brown Skin Wefunder $65,351
21 Goddess Mousse Indulgent vegan desserts that satisfy sweet cravings and nourish wellbeing Wefunder $62,882
22 Moonstone Nutrition Say goodbye to painful kidney stones. Forever. StartEngine $59,567
23 Lucia Bringing the gig economy to hospitality Wefunder $57,625
24 TIBU Health Technology Powered Healthcare for Africa Republic $55,382
25 CheckN Holdings Redefining how venues, brands, & celebrities engage with their fans Wefunder $50,000
26 Pro Football Soccer Enterprise Multi Club Network Wefunder $50,000
27 DR HOPS Hard Seltzer Honeycomb $48,225
28 40 Dreams Catering Specialized culinary service Honeycomb $37,600
29 Farm To Flame Energy Clean Electricity at Half the Cost of Diesel Wefunder $32,200
30 Sting Ray Robb The Man Behind the Wheel Dealmaker Securities $31,150
31 Power Hero An innovative clean-energy company Netcapital $28,900
32 New Sapience Synthetic Intelligence: An Alternative Approach to AI Dealmaker Securities $23,700
33 Freedom Laser The Nation’s Only Home Use Quit Smoking Laser Device* – The Nicotine Free Method to Quit Netcapital $12,100
34 Bump 'n Grind Coffee Shop Honeycomb $10,400
35 All American Gunslingers Firearms recreational facility Folla Capital $10,000
36 Get on Board Humanizing IT Hiring, enhanced by AI Republic $9,784
37 Cold Friends Kitchen Food Truck Honeycomb $8,950
38 Nature's Oasis Food Market Honeycomb $8,000
39 BoomBoom Daily-use Nasal Sticks that help you breathe better and feel refreshed Wefunder $6,284
40 Empowering Intelligence Elevating Trust Wefunder $5,500
41 Vika Living Sheltering the Future StartEngine $5,168
42 Looking Glass Coffee Coffee Shop Honeycomb $3,550
43 The Block Distilling Co. A craft distillery making #everydamndrop in house. Wefunder $3,542
44 Rainbow Unicorn Games Building exciting games for women Wefunder $3,500
45 Savoure Kitchen Healthy Snacks Honeycomb $3,375
46 The Pod Play Cafe Neurodiversity-affirming play cafe Honeycomb $3,296
47 Green Alchemy Cannabis Business MainVest $3,000
48 Richr A seamless solution for turning a home sale into generational wealth StartEngine $1,036
49 Ouckah Content Oversubscribe Portal $725
50 NineOneSix Systems Business Made Simple Silicon Prairie Online $400
51 Four Doors Join the new feature film by the creator of Final Destination Wefunder $350
52 Spitfire Cheese & Sundry Cheese Shop MainVest $200
53 MyRacehorse Discover The Thrill Dalmore Group $0
54 SUMAC Restaurant Honeycomb $0
55 The Urban Wine Co. Winemaking MainVest $0
56 Delilah’s Cocktail Bar MainVest $0
57 The Den Family Social Lounge and Club Indoor Play Area MainVest $0
58 Bircus Brewing Co. Brewery MainVest $0
59 State House Distilling by Drink Mechanics A 200-seat micro-distillery Netcapital $0
60 Koi Ebay for bank loans Wefunder $0
61 Arrangr Scheduling Meetings Made Super Simple with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Wefunder $0
62 VSYN+ Your Home For Sign Language Entertainment EquityVest $0
63 FireBot Labs Effective solutions for firefighting and emergency response Issuance Express $0
64 Rejuvine Life Sciences Rejuvenating Life Naturally Silicon Prairie Online $0
65 La Finca’s Solar Energy Project Solar Energy Project Climatize $100,000
April: $23,224,238
March: $41,851,368
February: $23,355,611
April: 68
March: 142
February: 113
Most raised this week - Apr 23, 2024