Monthly New Deals April, 2022

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New Deals for April, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Cultos The Web3 platform where fans earn rewards for brand loyalty Republic $5,000,000
2 April The 1st Content Creator Platform for Real Estate Wefunder $5,000,000
3 Replit Code, create, and learn together Wefunder $5,000,000
4 Hydro Wind Energy Game-changing innovations in offshore wind power and seawater desalination Republic $1,030,185
5 Neighborhood Sun Community-shared solar — Making clean energy accessible to everyone. Wefunder $588,639
6 Vironix Health AI-Enabled Early Detection and Remote Monitoring of Lung and Heart Disease Wefunder $499,997
7 The Black Bread Company A Black-Owned Gourmet Sliced Bread Company StartEngine $390,852
8 Cytonics Developing diagnostics and therapeutics for osteoarthritis SeedInvest $365,458
9 Building the world's largest platform for working on climate change Wefunder $346,385
10 SLO The slow fashion revolution giving function, fit, and quality back to the masses Wefunder $332,186
11 allocortech Hardware and Software Building Blocks for Next-Gen Vehicle Designs Wefunder $262,132
12 Beetexting Software that helps brands text with their prospects and customers Wefunder $242,600
13 Kidcaboo A Kids' Uber w/ safety-enhancing tech and amazing Driving Nannies is here! Wefunder $229,525
14 Coco Pago Send money back home in seconds via stablecoin just using your smartphone Wefunder $218,002
15 TBJ Gourmet We Craft Bacon Jam. Spreadable bacon... Finally! Wefunder $215,613
16 RINDEV Trailblazing the Electric Outdoor Experience Wefunder $202,499
17 La Borra Cafe California Coffee chain with 70 branches in Mexico, now expanding to California Republic $184,854
18 OptioLend Where Data Meets Dealflow StartEngine $176,088
19 Kari Gran Women-owned, clean, sustainable skincare. StartEngine $159,665
20 Anchor & Hope Winery MainVest $127,800
21 Propeller A digital marketing platform creating social impact at scale Wefunder $109,648
22 HyperSciences Harnessing the power of extreme velocity StartEngine $109,590
23 Ohiya Networks Telecommunications SMBX $105,130
24 Greenwater Marine Sciences Offshore We supply affordable oceanographic research vessels to the science community Wefunder $101,276
25 Yornest Yornest is a chat application that allows its users to scale their group chats Wefunder $100,850
26 Swell Watercraft the Future of Roto Molding and Small Boats Wefunder $98,900
27 Bae Bae’s Kitchen Restaurants Honeycomb $90,150
28 Big Wheelbarrow Supply chain software for grocers to buy from local farms Wefunder $87,199
29 Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters (previously Greenberry’s Hard Coffee) Craft-Roasted Alcohol-Infused Nitro Cold Brew StartEngine $85,774
30 Go LoCo Restaurant-owned delivery cooperatives powered by ordering & delivery platform Wefunder $83,533
31 Waldscraft Bakery MainVest $78,700
32 Diesel Beverages The first and only strain-specific cannabis terpene beverages without CBD or THC Wefunder $78,400
33 Scaeva Technologies Incredible Spatial Audio Experiences StartEngine $76,520
34 Fan Owned Club Giving all soccer fans the opportunity to own part of a European club Wefunder $74,401
35 Maven Curation Maven is the first platform built for curators and their audiences Wefunder $74,000
36 Lightning Clean Making laundry hassle free. StartEngine $71,907
37 Ossa The Podcaster and Listener-Owned Podcast Network StartEngine $69,339
38 Horror Hub Marketplace Horror Hub is a dual sided marketplace for horror fans, vendors, and creators Wefunder $68,850
39 Heart & Solar Brew Farm Opening a planet-friendly Lager & Ale brewery in Parkton, Maryland Wefunder $68,250
40 Digital Frontier Marketing Be part of the cryptocurrency revolution with Digital Frontier Marketing--We could promote the next Bitcoin TruCrowd $68,034
41 Hold The Magic Re-Imagining the Tooth Fairy tradition with tiny gifts that deliver magic Republic $67,850
42 Deepr #1 Music Discovery Platform For Artists, Creators And Brands. Shazam Meets IMDB! Wefunder $67,675
43 Tapping into human intelligence company-wide, saving time and millions Wefunder $67,001
44 Boone’s Bourbon Real Homegrown American Bourbon Whiskey StartEngine $66,041
45 HealthPoint Plus Healthcare Reinvented StartEngine $61,741
46 Lectrium Making every home EV ready Wefunder $61,700
47 Accrew The member-owned mobile bank, empowering users as shareholders Wefunder $60,830
48 TMJ Relax A TMJ therapist in your medicine cabinet StartEngine $60,791
49 Bloomcatch Bloomcatch puts your own personal plant expert right in your pocket. Wefunder $59,575
51 Frisco’s Chicken Peruvian Restaurant Honeycomb $58,904
52 Elo Audio elo transforms company documents into collaborative audio feeds Wefunder $56,750
53 CGB Green Liberty Notes Confronting climate change and providing all of society with a healthier and more prosperous future Raise Green $56,650
54 2nd Skull Game Changing Head Protection StartEngine $54,979
55 Arcum Partners Losing clients sucks. Eliminating a $10B annual problem for payments companies. Wefunder $54,700
56 Voyager Global Lighter-than-Air technology can outperform today's transportation modes, in time and fuel economy Wefunder $52,975
57 Outta Sight Pizza Restaurants and Bars SMBX $50,600
58 Angle Tree Brewery Brewery MainVest $50,000
59 Bemo Band The Clean You Can See! StartEngine $49,099
60 RKS Off-Road Travel Trailers for Limitless Family Freedom StartEngine $45,386
61 Renewable Energy Products Manufacturing Next Generation Solar Technologies StartEngine $44,877
62 Duo Marketplace Wholesale Agent SMBX $36,720
63 Eden Fresh Network Food Hub Honeycomb $29,850
64 Noodlepig Restaurants Honeycomb $29,600
65 EquityCoin Build Long-Term Wealth Seed At The Table $28,000
66 Big C Waffles Food MainVest $25,400
67 Freshly Baked Company Cannabis Business MainVest $24,900
68 Nan’s Market Restaurants and Bars SMBX $20,520
69 Blossom Flower Licensed Cannabis Delivery Operator MainVest $16,100
70 Demand Derivatives A Revolutionary Futures Exchange and Clearing House — Trading the World's Major Assets in a Creative New Way. Netcapital $14,880
71 Redcrest Kitchen Restaurants Honeycomb $14,550
72 Injaga Cannabis Business MainVest $13,900
73 Pops Self-care AI med-tech platform and glucometer that enables people to manage their own diabetes. StartEngine $13,495
74 Master Foods Lab Taste of Homemade Functional Foods StartEngine $13,020
75 Champion Lender Removing barriers to home ownership for minority communities Republic $4,300
76 Overspray Art Supply Art Gallery Honeycomb $2,950
77 BeoFior Vegan, plant-powered and CLEAN skincare enhanced with CBD/CBG/CBDA Republic $2,750
78 Cape Cod Cellars Wine Store SMBX $2,070
79 Triune Solutions Cyber security on demand SMBX $1,800
80 Pantera Tools Bid - Win - Manage StartEngine $1,774
81 Sea N’ Soul Marketplace Fundify $1,700
82 SORxSOAP SORx makes products that allow you to recover faster and on your own time. Netcapital $250
83 KarbonPay Automating global payroll in the cloud Wefunder $0
84 Zomo Powering fitness creators online in the explosive $59B market Wefunder $0
85 Koia Making delicious, plant-based nutrition accessible to all Wefunder $0
86 Digifox An all-in-one finance app — better interest rates and lower fees Wefunder $100
87 Jossi’s Kitchen & Shop Bakery Honeycomb $0
88 CalTier Making hard to reach alternative investments available to everyone Rialto Markets $0
89 Iron Mountain Challenge Developing the World’s First Vertical Fitness Center Rialto Markets $0