Monthly New Deals May, 2023

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New Deals for May, 2023

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 FG Communities Helping Solve America's Home Affordability Crisis Equifund CFP $2,103,290
2 Homestead faith based, post-apocalyptic, family survival drama Angel Funding $868,105
3 LIFT Aircraft We develop drones capable of human flight StartEngine $665,360
4 Soon Stress-free, fully-automated crypto investing Republic $605,589
5 Rentberry The first global home rental platform with full automation! Republic $575,072
6 Truffle Shuffle Cooking Classes + Top Chefs + Ingredients Delivered StartEngine $359,967
7 Vita Imaging A medical device company developing cutting-edge cancer detection and diagnostic technology. StartEngine $349,511
8 RTH Solar Bright Sun Low-Income Community Solar Climatize $325,420
9 Sound of Freedom Angel Studios: Sound of Freedom Theatrical Angel Funding $233,661
10 Lanikai Brewing Company Island-Inspired StartEngine $217,835
11 BuildClub On-Demand Building & Home Improvement Supplies StartEngine $215,587
12 PANGEA Movement Turning Trash into High Quality Sustainable Products Wefunder $205,635
13 Yaupon Brothers American Tea America's ONLY native tea leaf Wefunder $169,725
14 W Motorhome Sales North America Bringing Europe’s Most Innovative Motorhomes to America StartEngine $164,579
15 5 Generation Bakers Small-Batch Gourmet Swirls Breads StartEngine $138,917
16 DoneGood Build A Better World With Every Purchase StartEngine $130,127
17 Civilized Cycles E-bikes for people who drive Wefunder $121,845
18 Hydro Hash Liquid-cooled crypto mining powered by renewable energy Republic $120,071
19 Volcanic Retail Revolutionizing retail by streamlining two-way communication for brands & stores Wefunder $120,050
20 FC Tucson Score Big With FC Tucson StartEngine $109,703
21 LPPFusion Decentralized Clean Fusion Energy Generators Wefunder $101,805
22 Kunduz Instant help from expert tutors - Faster & more interactive than Chegg; More reliable than ChatGPT! Wefunder $90,608
23 Akwaaba Tea Room Tea Room Honeycomb $82,763
24 Thrive and Grow Farms Enhancing local food systems with regenerative agriculture Wefunder $80,600
25 Well Traveled Group The private network for a new generation of modern travelers. Wefunder $76,250
26 CityFreighter Ultra Low-Floor, modular EV platform, purposefully built for urban logistics Wefunder $75,060
27 Ravel Health Virtual consultations for Lyme patients. Wefunder $73,650
28 Azure Printed Homes 3D printed homes made from recycled materials—fast, affordable, and sustainable Republic $66,126
29 OnePerfect Shift Your Mind with Shift Therapy StartEngine $65,752
30 Logoi Learning Systems Logoi is building the knowledge extraction & validation engine Wefunder $63,500
31 Norbert Health A groundbreaking device that measures all essential vital signs without contact. Wefunder $61,000
32 Monte Sereno Health AI-Powered Healthcare Throughout Africa Wefunder $60,450
33 OLLO Footwear Shoes for Superhumans! Wefunder $58,800
34 Tiny Organics Organic and nutritious pre-made meals for babies and kids Republic $53,787
35 Areto Labs Track, moderate and counteract comments in your social media communities Wefunder $53,520
36 PÜL Track, integrate, and train hydration using cognitive science and AI Republic $53,450
37 In Good Company Now Serving Chef Crafted, Frozen Meals MainVest $51,900
38 Herbal Botanical Products Topical pain management products Wefunder $51,700
40 WorthPoint Go-to online resource for identifying and valuing fine art, antiques, and collectibles. StartEngine $51,295
41 Christopher's Bakery Retail Bakery SMBX $42,060
42 Origin Beer Project Brewery MainVest $41,650
43 ReDisco Corporation, Inc. Your wish at Your command TruCrowd $40,332
44 Tall Pines Distillery Distillery Honeycomb $39,850
45 Hillary's Chicago Pizza Authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Honeycomb $35,300
46 Phew’s Pies Restaurants Honeycomb $33,775
47 Call Emmy On-demand marketplace connecting parents with trusted family-care providers Wefunder $33,700
48 I-tal Garden Restaurants Honeycomb $31,325
49 Kaptain Adventure Made Simple Netcapital $26,801
50 Pure Brands Company 100% Agave Tequila RTDs Made in Good Faith StartEngine $25,869
51 Electric Playhouse Las Vegas Find Your Play Wefunder $24,400
52 Proof Bread Bakery bringing a Roman Pizza Concept to Mesa MainVest $24,100
53 Bioverge Fusing sci-fi with fintech through a health + tech investment platform Republic $20,724
54 Bohemian Club A quirky upscale takeout sandwich & salad shop inspired by the occult and dark arts in Salem, MA. MainVest $20,000
55 AKUA Incredible meat + seafood alternatives made from ocean-farmed seagreens Republic $19,600
56 Rock N Roll Donut Bar Donut Shop MainVest $18,700
57 Bloom In Glory Florist Honeycomb $18,550
58 LuftCar A True Flying Car StartEngine $18,413
59 NextPower360 Creating one of the world’s most advanced wind generators and electric motors. Netcapital $18,321
60 5th Element Brewing Brewery MainVest $18,000
61 Tau Lotus Electric Motorcycles for a More Human Future StartEngine $17,610
62 Hope's Caramels Nonchocolate Confectionary Manufacturing SMBX $14,610
63 PlayG360 Empowering Players, Changing the NIL Game StartEngine $14,429
64 Wandering Spirits Retail Shop Honeycomb $13,350
65 Lolaark Vision Developing software for live video stream visibility restoration Netcapital $12,250
66 Camino & Company Flower Shop MainVest $11,800
67 Damn Right Cocktails Agave Tequila Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Cocktails Netcapital $11,561
68 Glow Worm Play Cafe Beechmont Kids play. Parents relax. Everyone's happy MainVest $11,000
69 EmailACheck Online payment platform where digital checks can be written, sent, and received instantly. StartEngine $10,847
70 Protochol Beverage Spiked Protein Honeycomb $10,840
71 Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery Art Gallery Honeycomb $10,450
72 Montecito Spirits Company Award-Winning Spirits produced in the American Riviera StartEngine $9,735
73 Chew On This Jerky Dedicated to the love of good old-fashioned jerky. Honeycomb $9,300
74 Mate Fertility democratizing access to fertility care throughout the U.S. Wefunder $8,990
75 ZakiBox A Smart, Modular Storage & Organization Solution StartEngine $8,400
76 The Paper Canopy Vibrant stationery, curated paper goods, and art supplies Honeycomb $7,700
77 Resilient Homes Off grid, disaster resilient, affordable homes. Small Change $7,500
78 Planet Theta Using Virtual Reality to Find Love in a Safe and Secure Environment Wefunder $6,550
79 Sapphire Sky Boutique Clothing And Clothing Accessories Retailers SMBX $6,370
80 Lei'd Cookies Cookies Honeycomb $5,950
81 Cool Cat THE COOL IS YOU! StartEngine $4,211
82 Monday Coffee Company Passionate small batch coffee brewers in Chicago Honeycomb $4,200
83 Li’l Boite Patisserie Patisserie Honeycomb $3,500
84 Saluz Earth's Original Superfood Honeycomb $3,000
85 AVEC Drinks Re-thinking the soda & mixer category for the modern drinker Republic $2,950
86 Thrive Tribe Cafe Vegan Cafe Honeycomb $2,750
87 River Glen Unique and Distinguishable Spirit Brands StartEngine $1,926
88 Octonia Stone Brew Works Brewery Honeycomb $1,250
89 Pure Culture Beauty Tech-enabled personalized skincare Republic $1,200
90 TV Channels Network Online television platform TruCrowd $1,000
91 Biggerstaff Brewing Brewery Honeycomb $1,000
92 Pon de Joy Donuts MainVest $1,000
93 XSurgical Surgical robotics Netcapital $700
94 Salons & Studios Commercial Space MainVest $300
95 Nine Winters Companies Bakery MainVest $200
96 Imagin8 Play Cafe Indoor Play Area MainVest $100
97 El Rincon Oaxaqueno Food Truck Honeycomb $100
98 Iki Marketplace Toy / Game Store MainVest $100
99 ZenniHome Transforming the $380B US housing market with robotic smart homes Wefunder $0
100 Solaxa Restoring people's lives suffering from nerve dysfunction with FDA approved drug Wefunder $0
101 Smyle Nation Affordable clear dental aligners Wefunder $0
102 Promithian Global Ventures Mine to Market: gold TruCrowd $0
103 CurbCutOS Digital Accessibility Re-Imagined Wefunder $0
104 Booji A Live Interactive Trivia App where fans can win products from major Brands Wefunder $0
105 Bowery Spokane New American Restaurant MainVest $0
106 The Blind Dragon Hong Kong style speakeasy with an analogue twist MainVest $0
107 i2Chain Encrypted, Permissioned, & Traceable Information Artifacts. Republic $0
108 Tally Kids Nutritious plant-based milk and toddler formula for kids! Wefunder $0
109 Venice Duck Brewery Craft beer company Netcapital $0
110 BetterWorld AI optimization for product, marketing, and lending for all CPGs that are good for people and planet Wefunder $0
111 Sunday Golf Invest In Sunday Golf: Own A Golf Brand Today! Wefunder $0
112 Zeehaus Patented platform to invest in owner-occupied homes & help achieve homeownership! Wefunder $0
113 Tanbrown Coffee Coffee Roasters Honeycomb $0
114 DDM Systems The Future Of Precision Metal Casting Dealmaker Securities $5,900
115 e-States The next generation of commercial real estate investing - powered by blockchain & AI. ChainRaise. $0
116 Wholesale Payroll A modern, smart, user-centric, payroll platform ChainRaise. $0
June: $10,097,588
May: $26,886,209
April: $42,163,903
June: 22
May: 122
April: 102
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