Monthly New Deals May, 2022

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New Deals for May, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Ember Fund Invest like a cryptocurrency hedge fund with only $300 Republic $5,000,000
2 Klinic Powering a Shopify-like experience for Providers to build medical practices Wefunder $5,000,000
3 NanoVMs Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux Through Unikernels Dealmaker Securities $3,000,000
4 Dteckt Enterprise level cyber security protection for the modern consumer Wefunder $967,280
5 Calculated Sequels Own part of three global YA movie franchise sequels produced for major studio release Wefunder $842,109
6 Lumina Lumina is building the smart home office Wefunder $655,331
7 Pasmosa Experience the Astonishing! StartEngine $528,503
8 EV Semi-Fleet Diversify Your Portfolio Wefunder $484,580
9 UNITY Wellness The Functional Beverage That Helps You Calm The F* Down Wefunder $481,950
10 TradeAlgo Powering the personal wealth movement StartEngine $425,505
11 Einstok Beer Company Drink. Conquer. Repeat. StartEngine $361,722
12 ROCK’N Vodka ROCK’N the world, one spirit at a time! StartEngine $349,451
13 Lambs Apparel that boosts your immune health, cognition, recovery, and sleep Republic $273,438
14 happypillar Mental health support for everyone using the power of AI Wefunder $268,518
15 Runner Connecting outstanding operations talent with the most inclusive companies Republic $244,665
16 Gamestacy Award-winning & Google-backed gaming metaverse! Wefunder $227,575
17 World Tree Fast growing eco-timber that's reversing climate change Wefunder $223,716
18 Ghost Town Oats Made by baristas for everybody: redefining the culture of plant-based milk Wefunder $219,960
19 Intentionalist Easily find diverse, small businesses near you Wefunder $206,000
20 Iconic Motorbikes Your trusted source for ANYTHING motorbike related StartEngine $200,969
21 Ludus Web-based tools for the performing arts trusted by 1,000+ organizations Republic $191,610
22 The Baconer Taking Bacon Beyond The Strip StartEngine $189,547
23 Univenture Diverse Innovation with 3 growth brands and a new technology for upside! Wefunder $189,400
24 Mileberry The first global last mile delivery solution with full automation Wefunder $179,730
25 Hedge Make a hedge fund with your friends Republic $172,636
26 Speedy Eats Automated Quick-Service Kitchens StartEngine $167,010
27 PANGEA Movement The Next Patagonia For Our Oceans Wefunder $164,281
28 The Conscious Pet Healthy dog food upcycled from restaurant kitchen food-scraps in Austin TX Wefunder $161,225
29 Peachy Future of Supplements Wefunder $147,291
30 AllIDoIsCook Exposing the world to Africa's delicious flavors through quality food products Wefunder $142,167
31 PhorMed Utilizing gene therapy to target cancer and mutated cells StartEngine $137,653
32 Venganza Foods Plant-based, authentic Mexican food Wefunder $132,453
33 Beeotto 1st subscription-based digital ad agency exclusively for Main Street Merchants. Wefunder $121,200
34 Tradefluence Make Your Stock Picks Pay! StartEngine $119,070
35 Gothic Gin An exclusive, ultra-premium gin distilled from sustainably sourced botanicals. Wefunder $115,450
36 Objective Reality VR arcade of the cloud Wefunder $112,670
37 New Majority Capital Creating the next generation of BIPOC/Women Business Owners Wefunder $111,200
38 Emission Free Generators Continuous, zero emission electricity in a portable, easy-to-use generator Wefunder $111,000
39 Laminar Scientific Change Comes in Waves. Breakthrough Wave-Energy Tech for Coastal Communities. Wefunder $105,042
40 The 420 Hotels A new chain of boutique hotels and on-site cannabis consumption lounge Republic $102,072
41 Capsule Social A web3 platform where writers can create, share, and monetize great content Republic $99,261
42 Halen Technologies Rideshare, Food, Grocery and Retail Delivery; as well as Flight Booking & Vacation Rental in One App Wefunder $89,905
43 Rainshine Global The content studio + blockchain marketplace for global creators Wefunder $84,800
44 Eskuad Digitizing the world's field operations with data power! Wefunder $79,950
45 HydroArtPod AI-driven indoor garden to grow & eat fresh every day - forever! Wefunder $77,750
46 Gryphon Online Safety (previously Gryphon) Cloud managed network protection with machine learning to keep families and businesses safe Republic $68,208
47 Vegpal A vegan community-building platform Wefunder $64,500
48 PieBooking Promote yourself, not your booking app Dalmore Group $64,125
49 IZOLA Croissants | Wild Sourdough MainVest $61,300
50 Verde Finance Where Instagram meets Bloomberg: The future of Social Investing Wefunder $60,000
51 Unmanned Systems Operations Group Safe, secure and cost-effective delivery by drone StartEngine $59,557
52 Uruk Project Management (previously Uruk Platform) Uruk Platform enables organizations to complete projects faster and cheaper Wefunder $58,750
53 Smile Dating App Humor-Based Dating App: We Find Your Perfect Humor Compatibility Match Wefunder $57,408
54 MINWO The community-as-a-service platform for the Black business economy Wefunder $54,225
55 Aristotle Spirits Gold Medal winning distillery building whiskey operations Wefunder $53,892
56 DvyUp Group investing app empowering investors to share resources Wefunder $52,775
57 Ortek Therapeutics Setting a new standard for optimal oral health StartEngine $51,362
58 Doofus Corporation Our Roguehog APP introduces a new level of risk assessment for auto insurers Wefunder $51,151
59 Aperio Beauty Personalized Anti-Aging Skincare Solutions StartEngine $51,073
60 Phenomena Phenomena is an app store for the future of education! Wefunder $50,900
61 Localvore Connecting conscious consumers with local restaurants to end hunger. StartEngine $50,195
62 Upswing Fitness The ultimate trainer-led online fitness community and marketplace Wefunder $50,000
63 Kravegan Restaurants Honeycomb $40,550
64 MINNA An ethically-made homewares brand collaborating with traditional artisans Republic $39,801
65 utobo The simplest platform for creating, teaching, and selling online courses Republic $38,390
66 Green Goddess Supply The Dispensary for the Home has Arrived! StartEngine $37,400
67 TipSnaps Enabling overlooked Creators + underserved Fans in the Creator Economy Republic $36,720
68 Tropical Weather Analytics Custom weather analytics Spaced Ventures $34,458
69 Karla & Co Celebrate tu Cultura! StartEngine $34,121
70 Ivee Personalizing the passenger experience Republic $33,250
71 Pitch Aeronautics Beyond video: A drone for robotic tasks. StartEngine $32,764
72 Bee My Blessing Apiary Honeycomb $29,950
73 TargaZyme The Next Frontier of Cancer Medicine StartEngine $29,084
74 Smoove Xperience An AI-powered all-in-one travel app Netcapital $26,801
75 Loons Landing Brewery Brewery Honeycomb $26,250
76 Referrizer End-to-end marketing automation for local businesses Republic $26,100
77 Chingu Korean Restaurant MainVest $26,000
78 Arable Brewing Company A specialized microbrewery and event space in Lane County, Oregon Republic $25,515
79 BioLight Recharging the human battery with the power of red light therapy Republic $24,550
80 CAVU A gym membership for your career Republic $20,522
81 Loverly Wedding planning platform Netcapital $18,110
82 Wage Digital job network simplifying connections between gig economy workers and hirers SeedInvest $17,736
83 Vennly End-to-end platform for enterprises to create and share secure audio both internally and externally SeedInvest $16,451
84 The Bearded Baking Company Bakery Honeycomb $16,450
85 Mobeauty Supply Vending Beauty Products Honeycomb $16,200
86 Givsly B2B purpose-driven marketing platform driving better business results through giving back SeedInvest $15,000
87 American Stories Entertainment Unique stories of real people TruCrowd $13,002
88 B-Side the Tracks Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $11,500
89 Legal Graffiti The next level of social media. StartEngine $11,302
90 QUAS Brewpub A Creole Brewpub Development MainVest $11,000
91 Henna Sooq Beauty Products Honeycomb $10,400
92 Scrimmage Sports Betting PicMii $10,000
93 iatrixAir Automates indoor air quality Netcapital $9,361
94 RimTech by Project Overlord Advanced Wheel Theft Protection and Recovery StartEngine $7,501
95 MentalHappy Creating a better world of mental health StartEngine $7,333
96 Poseidon AmphibWorks Corporation Electric Amphibious Vehicles StartEngine $6,164
97 Trini Vybez Food and Catering Services SMBX $6,110
98 Tipsy Cupcakes Tipsy Cupcakes is seeking investment to expand our new location, hire new employees, implement a new marketing strategy, and grow our business. MainVest $6,100
99 Gurucan Helping creators and business owners create, promote, and sell online courses Republic $5,750
100 Bar at 66 Greenpoint Bar MainVest $5,000
101 My Mamas Vegan Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant MainVest $4,500
102 Rule G Brewing Microbrewery and Tap Room Honeycomb $3,550
103 Needfire Candle Co Retail Shop Honeycomb $3,500
104 Red Flags Brewing Company Brewery Honeycomb $3,450
105 Manhattan Brewing Company Brewery SMBX $2,880
106 PurposeEnergy Digest this. StartEngine $2,804
107 Kornr Store Small scale development Small Change $2,000
108 Straw Hut Media Podcast creation and distribution platform for 30+ podcasts that have been downloaded 12+ million times Microventures $1,950
109 Bold Pickins Prepared Foods Honeycomb $1,850
110 CMN Turnkey digital marketing and data collection platforms Netcapital $1,529
111 CAO Pharmaceuticals An Oral and Non-toxic Cancer Treatment Option Silicon Prairie Online $1,000
112 Coin and Card Auctions BID, BUY & SELL Dalmore Group $1,000
113 NVIS CyberSecurity Fundify $1,000
114 Moxi on the Rocks Tasting Room/Meadery/Blending House MainVest $300
115 ProMusicLeague Records Record label & business marketing company PicMii $185
116 Reper Delivering premium reputation analysis Netcapital $101
117 Kountable The B2B marketplace for Sustainable Trade Wefunder $0
118 Bee (previously Bee Mortgage App) By Mortgage Pros for Generation Mobile | $3.4 Trillion Market Wefunder $0
119 The Blending Lab Wineries SMBX $0
120 Sensate Patented infrasonic resonance for immediate calm and long term stress resilience Wefunder $0
121 Campus Protein Nutritional supplements made simple, for college students nationwide. StartEngine $0
122 Krisspi Personal grooming app PicMii $0