Monthly New Deals July, 2021

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New Deals for July, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Halcium Energy Safe, effective small wind turbines for homes and businesses Wefunder $1,879,693
2 UpCounsel Leading legal services marketplace cutting the fat out of the old law firm model Wefunder $1,675,444
3 NYCE Own a piece of the skyline—and join a community of future millionaires Wefunder $1,459,039
4 SelfDecode AI platform that provides personalized health recommendations based on DNA, labs and environment. Wefunder $841,957
5 Cityzenith 3D Digital Twin Solutions for the Global Building Industry Wefunder $822,011
6 The Drivers Cooperative A ridehailing platform owned by workers, not billionaire founders and venture capital Wefunder $772,581
7 Shark Wheel Shark Wheel reinvented the wheel. Literally. Scientifically proven advantages. Wefunder $765,827
8 Beanstox Seriously Simple Investing StartEngine $664,659
9 Brazen Bio Helping biotech founders advance human health Wefunder $396,728
10 ASTRALABS The Global Portfolio of Startups Wefunder $383,856
11 AEXLAB A virtual reality technology studio. StartEngine $323,227
12 Gerostate Alpha A pharmaceutical company dedicated to treating aging and age-related disease Wefunder $300,935
13 Sparrow Sparrow uses A.I. to Help Athletes Improve Starting with Golf! Wefunder $297,600
14 LearnDay We’re working to disrupt Higher education with HIRE education and certification products Wefunder $269,625
15 Mycroft AI The Open Voice Assistant. StartEngine $253,562
16 Venture on Country Club A flip. From hotel to much needed housing in Arizona Small Change $253,000
17 Crowns & Hops Brewing Co. Black-Owned Craft Brewery StartEngine $230,231
18 C-Combinator We take the planet's largest seaweed bloom and turn it into high-value products Wefunder $207,960
19 glassFROGG Reduce medical costs by 90% using technology and data, not health insurance. Wefunder $194,984
20 Helix Fitness The most effective cardio products ever built StartEngine $189,638
21 Zero Carbon Gov't Funded Breakthrough Fuel-Cell Technology Converting Waste-Streams into Clean Energy Wefunder $180,599
22 ITBiometrics Using biometrics to secure financial transactions Wefunder $179,750
23 Accelerate3D Revolutionizing American Manufacturing through Affordable 3D Printing Wefunder $160,719
24 FuelGems A revolutionary fuel additive which makes fuel much cleaner and more efficient StartEngine $152,024
25 Invincible Entertainment Partners Diverse media & entertainment company that owns & licenses Movies, TV & streaming channels Wefunder $122,820
26 Skycart Cost-effective delivery drones Wefunder $122,150
27 prep2grow Utilizing AI to Take the Work & Stress Out of Investing Wefunder $110,562
28 Swopblock Powering secure decentralized trading between all cryptos Wefunder $110,206
29 HearMe A mobile health solution to provide peer support at scale and improve mental wellness. Wefunder $109,820
30 Altair A mental wellness-focused live streaming service for all types of creators Wefunder $101,237
31 Fintech.TV The global media platform focus on Blockchain, Fintech and SDGs Wefunder $100,850
32 Eastcoasterdam Gardens Legal Cannabis MainVest $100,500
33 PeerBie Your Workplace in Your Pocket! Wefunder $91,799
34 SmallStart Ventures We are a small business creation company. Start, grow, and divest! Wefunder $83,362
35 Innovative Eyewear Prescription Smartglasses with Voice-controlled Social Media App StartEngine $81,558
36 Union Electric Premium & affordable cannabis from California’s top cultivators. Republic $78,320
37 Transcrypts Redesigning Digital Documents Through the Blockchain Wefunder $76,026
38 Troop Beverage Canned cocktails inspiring a new social scene—one sip at a time. Republic $71,617
39 Exist Tribe The World's Smartest Sleep Companion Wefunder $67,303
40 Arum Health Bringing hospital attributes to managed care facilities Wefunder $65,100
41 Tocca B2B company virtual spaces. Created by us, customized by you. Wefunder $62,174
42 Prepps "ZipRecruiter® for schools and colleges" - Yahoo Finance Wefunder $60,450
43 Actipulse Neuroscience Bringing neuromodulation treatment for depression, from the hospital to the home Republic $52,951
44 PsiloThera Psychedelic Healthcare Innovation StartEngine $52,635
45 AI tools that teach your team how to get ready to perform at their best Republic $51,396
46 Super Belly Ferments SAUCE MANUFACTURING SMBX $51,230
47 Ubihere Track What Matters StartEngine $50,107
48 Love Sun Body Innovator of the First 100% Cosmos Natural Sunscreens & Application Technology StartEngine $48,843
49 MetroNOME Brewery Brewery MainVest $47,600
50 Ghost Flower World's only activewear with the body's energy network woven in. Wefunder $46,042
51 HA!- The Healthier Alternative Balance is better Republic $45,396
52 Short Creek Farm Farm MainVest $44,100
53 GameIQ 100% Real Cash Back StartEngine $42,359
54 Yae! Organics Easy to use, plant-based juice and beauty products StartEngine $32,176
55 Dome Audio Producing proprietary, disruptive technology headphones for music lovers around the world. PicMii $29,667
56 Maine Craft Distilling Farm to flask small-batch spirits made in Portland, ME Republic $29,295
57 Inahsi Naturals Quality products for naturally curly hair textures that work Republic $26,250
58 dexFreight Open Freight Network StartEngine $25,815
59 Oscilla Power Wave energy converter that has 16 granted patents and grant funding from the U.S. Department of Energy. StartEngine $25,458
60 FantasyBoss FantasyBoss is a new season long fantasy sports platform Wefunder $25,125
61 BioSmart Research BioSmart Research: nutraceutical CBD isolates for professional distribution Wefunder $25,000
62 Metallum3D The Fastest and Most Affordable Sinter Based Multi-material Additive StartEngine $24,479
63 Recombinant Technologies Revolutionary Alzheimer's Treatment StartEngine $23,336
64 DAO Labs Modern Approach to Ancient Wellness StartEngine $20,295
65 Lil Mama's Sandwich Place MainVest $17,600
66 Zoe Immersive Immersive 3D Creation Platform StartEngine $17,016
67 Kiddie Pediatric telemedicine Fundme $15,500
68 SanMelix Laboratories Helping You Heal with Honey StartEngine $14,977
69 Philly’s on the Hill American Restaurant MainVest $13,300
70 Simply Sonoma Organic, clean ingredients Title3Funds $13,000
71 Stomp Technique Total awareness through body alignment. Netcapital $11,601
72 Game Over Bar and Arcade Arcade MainVest $11,600
73 Scooterson Intelligent scooters from the future StartEngine $11,126
74 Deep Sea Vegan Vegan Restaurant MainVest $10,200
75 YEP YEP, Inc., a global entrepreneurial Health and Wellness company featuring Micelle Nano technology, is launching a portfolio of exclusive CBD human and pet products into the highly coveted, multi-billion dollar Health and Wellness markets in North America and Asia. Netcapital $10,018
76 Shoot My Travel Marketplace connecting travelers and professional photographers across the world SeedInvest $8,100
77 Enosi Life Sciences Drug research and development company Title3Funds $7,500
78 Harmonee Harmonee digitizes life insurance, providing a more flexible and affordable plan for every stage of life. Netcapital $7,295
79 Vitiman Kandie Innovative line of natural herbs and juices Honeycomb $6,625
80 Decarolis Cycling BICYCLE SHOP MainVest $6,300
81 Blue Pizza Pizzeria MainVest $6,300
82 Work4Workers Work4Workers connects contractors & skilled laborers efficiently and safely. Fundify $6,150
83 Ana’s Norwegian Bakeri Bakery MainVest $6,100
84 Safo Hair CBD-infused haircare line promoting healthy hair and scalp. Wefunder $5,900
85 Centric Wear High Quality Athletic Apparel Made to Perform StartEngine $5,745
86 Reverend Motors Crafting performance lubricants Honeycomb $5,600
87 Project 1411 Commercial Kitchen MainVest $4,400
88 The Blue Marlin Bistro Caribbean Restaurant MainVest $3,800
89 The Hudson House & Distillery Distillery MainVest $3,600
90 Casa W Distillery Distillery MainVest $3,400
91 Shaman Productions Patent Pending CBD/CBG Infused Proprietary Formulations Targeting Symptoms Including, But Not Limited To; Aging, Herpes Simplex, Zoster, And Diabetes Fundanna $3,000
92 PerformLive An omni-channel platform for livestream commerce Republic $2,300
93 Carter's BBQ Smoked BBQ Honeycomb $2,215
94 Kazoo The premier SOS app to live stream video, alert loved ones, connect with 911 and more – with one tap Netcapital $1,897
95 The Select Goods Grocery store MainVest $1,700
96 SoFusion Cafe American food with Caribbean influences MainVest $1,700
97 Ruby’s West End New American Restaurant MainVest $1,500
98 Upwardly Mobile Coffee Food Truck MainVest $1,500
99 Bocadillo Market Restaurants MainVest $1,400
100 Brothers Taphouse Craft Beer, Wine and Cider Bar MainVest $1,200
101 Joanna’s Premium Tonic Syrups Tonic syrups MainVest $1,000
102 Troubardour Coffee Coffee Subscriptions MainVest $1,000
103 Health Cost IQ Predict. Interpret. Act. Republic $950
104 Filthy Filly’s BBQ Watering Hole & Steak House BBQ Joint MainVest $700
105 Consumer Cooperative Group A cooperative corporation TruCrowd $610
106 Pupster Bakery Bakery MainVest $500
107 Tradesman Brewing Brewery MainVest $400
108 Northeast Capital Fund II Venture capital fund with a core mission to invest capital in urban communities PicMii $0
109 Mangled Mascots Let your pet teammate enjoy sports rivalry as much as you. Netcapital $0
110 BMORE ICE Icee shop MainVest $0
111 Fair Winds Capital Investments Quality, affordable housing across the Southeast Silicon Prairie Online $0
112 Salem Cycle and Marblehead Cycle Bike Shop MainVest $7,900