Monthly New Deals July, 2022

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New Deals for July, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 StyleRow SaaS + Marketplace to streamline purchasing in the interior design industry Republic $5,000,000
2 Tribevest The future of group investing is here Wefunder $744,100
3 Resilience-Building Leader Program Learn More. Lead Better. StartEngine $620,595
4 YellowPay Revolutionary payment solution for the construction industry Wefunder $517,468
5 Slated A leading online film packaging, financing, and distribution marketplace Republic $350,200
6 Athyna The Global Employment Platform to Hire Manage & Retain World-Class Global Talent Wefunder $318,290
7 Doroni Aerospace The Future of Personal Mobility StartEngine $291,589
8 Safe-Esteem Your Personal Safety Barometer Wefunder $272,800
9 Urvin.Finance The only finance-focused social platform w/ professional quality data and tools Wefunder $260,076
10 Pencilish Animation Studios A Crowd-Owned Animation Studio Created by Top Disney Alumni StartEngine $251,644
11 IceGiant Embrace a cooler future! StartEngine $239,062
12 PherDal Fertility Science Building families through science. StartEngine $238,200
13 Fluent Forever Neuroscience-based language learning app. Republic $232,883
14 Cuentacuentos Mezcal Brings People Together, Stories Make Us Friends StartEngine $216,911
15 Securlinx Security Begins With Identity StartEngine $185,377
16 Crownhunt Modernizing the textured hair industry Wefunder $164,355
17 Asserta Health Powering Cash-Driven Health Plans StartEngine $155,240
18 Imperia Caviar Changing the way we think about caviar StartEngine $153,755
19 The Weight Film Art film with Built-in Audience of millions on social media with ties to Netflix Wefunder $152,175
20 Lightsense Technology Patented technology that uses light to detect illicit drugs for law enforcement, pathogens for food safety and medical applications, and disease StartEngine $151,223
21 Sieve Health Automate & Accelerate Clinical Research Operations through AI based Platform Wefunder $150,774
22 Rhinogram With Rhinogram–you can. StartEngine $146,065
23 Really Good Boxed Wine High-end boxed wine brand SeedInvest $142,142
24 Flight Penguin The browser extension that takes the pain out of flight search Wefunder $134,241
25 Clear Water Distilling Defiantly Different StartEngine $128,423
26 GenesisAI The Global AI Network. Buy and sell AI technologies at scale. Netcapital $123,212
27 Eat The Frog Fitness World's 1st 24/7 boutique fitness studio developed by World's Greatest Athlete Wefunder $121,800
28 CGB Green Liberty Notes Confronting climate change and providing all of society with a healthier and more prosperous future Raise Green $119,700
29 GACW Greentech Rolling Forward StartEngine $118,915
30 Juked The one-stop destination for esports entertainment Wefunder $116,100
31 WingTips (previously Personal Airline) Air charter meets AI for custom travel. Wefunder $112,100
32 HotelierCo We founded HotelierCo to open hotel ownership to anyone in the crowd Wefunder $105,001
33 Fourth & Pride Vodka that gives back to the LGBTQ+ community Wefunder $98,300
34 Kartorium Drag-and-drop web platform for 3D digital twins Wefunder $97,900
35 LPPFusion Green Fusion Energy Generator: the power of the sun recreated on Earth Wefunder $89,235
36 Vengreso FlyMSG - Giving You Back 1 Hour Every Day in Productivity! Wefunder $88,108
37 Felix Gray Best-in-class Blue Light glasses. Improving Your Relationship with Technology. Wefunder $85,399
38 Baby Vend Changing the way families travel by providing the supplies they need on the go Wefunder $81,999
39 Normal Finance Neobanking for crypto investors with free and instant fiat to crypto trading Wefunder $81,570
40 Seven Acre Dairy Company Restore a historic Wisconsin cheese factory, with dining, dairy, lodging & more! Wefunder $80,800
41 ActivArmor Waterproof, Custom 3D Printed Casts and Splints StartEngine $80,250
42 Second Act Theatrical Capital Innovating Broadway by Opening New Pathways for You to Invest and Produce Wefunder $80,200
43 Fast Penny Spirits American-Made Amaro StartEngine $77,474
44 mEinstein Community Driven AI: Decentralizing AI and Data Ownership Wefunder $77,200
45 AsomBroso Tequila Ultra-Premium Tequila StartEngine $76,546
46 Megara We are looking to build a theme park for immersive experiences outside of NYC Wefunder $71,317
47 MicroSilicon Sensor Technology for Energy Transformation StartEngine $71,022
48 Modwalla B2B marketplace for made-on-demand product connecting providers and merchants Wefunder $69,300
49 GigEngyn GigEngyn is an event management & sales CRM for cannabis and alcohol industry Wefunder $67,950
50 Wellness Sushi Restaurants and Bars SMBX $66,820
51 Fat Leaf Water Cactus Tapped Hydration Wefunder $66,100
52 Zipinmail Your Mailbox in the Cloud StartEngine $65,425
53 Thriving Design Patented C-BITE clips helping gardeners build custom plant supports Wefunder $65,100
54 DoorBox Helping people secure, millions of deliveries daily Wefunder $63,851
55 Natural Way Food Group The ONLY nut butter made with olive oil that's healthier for you and the planet! Wefunder $63,734
56 OpenSeed Tech-powered meditation pods for the workplace and other commercial spaces Wefunder $59,629
57 Dynamic Jack Premium Southwest Cannabis Cultivator MainVest $58,500
58 Gabar First POC-centered fragrance brand for a new, inclusive generation of fragrance buyers Wefunder $56,600
59 PureWild Co PureWild makes the cleanest marine collagen products on the planet StartEngine $55,347
60 Proof Bread Bakery MainVest $54,800
61 BeAKid The OpenTable of kids activities. We give access to the best programs for kids. Wefunder $54,500
62 American Recovery Partners Anytime/anywhere behavioral health services Wefunder $54,169
63 Plans An intelligent audience network for business event marketing and engagement Wefunder $54,150
64 Foodi Menus Foodi Menus is disrupting hospitality by rethinking the way the world uses menus Wefunder $54,150
65 Kicky A marketplace to support fine artists with royalties powered by the blockchain Wefunder $53,450
66 Bauns The app for remote work: book workspaces, find work & discover networking events Wefunder $53,100
67 ModVans Multipurpose camping vehicles for family, work and play Wefunder $46,595
68 GoBe The ultimate snack container that's literally brain-changing for kids Republic $45,799
69 CLIPr Video analysis and management platform SeedInvest $44,800
70 Color+Light Make your home the destination StartEngine $40,877
71 Loza Tam Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days With Frizz-Fighting Hair Wraps Wefunder $38,400
72 Voice Lessons Vocal training that works, anywhere, anytime. StartEngine $37,468
73 Lucky Buns Burger Joint MainVest $33,300
74 BuzzCast, Inc. Powering the world’s largest, most buzzworthy virtual and hybrid events Republic $32,134
75 Revel Energy Turn-Key Commercial Solar Projects StartEngine $31,791
76 Poppytots Play Cafe MainVest $30,100
77 VenuePilot Our core mission is to empower and grow the independent live music ecosystem StartEngine $29,337
78 Shore Buddies Ocean-Friendly Educational Toys Wefunder $27,150
79 Mica Energies Smart Wireless Charging StartEngine $23,697
80 SwitchBin Switch Your Tech... Fast! StartEngine $20,498
81 CliqRex Trusted CLIQ. Powerful REX. Netcapital $20,199
82 BEM | books & more Bookstore MainVest $19,500
83 Forest & Flour (previously Soturi Kitchen) Cafe MainVest $18,700
84 PUPS Pet Club Pet Service MainVest $18,100
85 Rose Sisters Chips Gourmet seasoned tortilla chips from a fourth-generation family recipe Republic $17,850
86 Wicked BOLD Vegan Foods Brand MainVest $14,800
87 American 7s Football League Professional No Helmets No Pads Tackle Football StartEngine $13,669
88 The Distillery at South Shore A historic landmark is being reborn in Pittsburgh's South Shore! Honeycomb $13,600
89 Ana’s Norwegian Bakeri Bakery MainVest $13,600
90 Pansy Plants Shop & Service MainVest $12,600
91 StyleBar Luxury hair at affordable prices for all SMBX $12,370
92 Cool Beans Plant-based goodness from whole food ingredients—great for people & the planet Republic $11,541
93 West Coast Pretzels East Coast inspired soft pretzels with a West Coast twist! SMBX $9,250
94 CounterspaceBR Bakery Honeycomb $8,200
95 Aqua Equity Water drink good… do good. StartEngine $6,246
96 PlatesHub Fueled by Plateshub StartEngine $5,787
97 Community Co-Pack NW Specialty Foods SMBX $5,730
98 Aurora Market Food Market SMBX $5,720
99 Uncooked The un-restaurant: an omnichannel plant-based food company Republic $5,501
100 Loba Pastry + Coffee Bakery Honeycomb $5,400
101 Party on Butler Events Honeycomb $3,000
102 Playwatch Children's Streaming Platform, Where Every Child Is The Hero! Wefunder $2,900
103 Creative Homies A Black-owned creative hub built for BIPOC creatives Small Change $2,000
104 LifestyleCX Giving Everyone Personalized Aging Choices StartEngine $1,811
105 Flora Grubb Gardens Garden Nursery SMBX $1,680
106 Pisko Peruvian Gourmet Restaurants Honeycomb $1,650
107 Paway The Future of Pet Care StartEngine $1,380
108 Plenty Goods Cafe Prepared Foods Honeycomb $700
109 Beaver Gold Beaver Gold aims to explore world-class gold deposits in secure domestic regions. Title3Funds $250
110 Brybe Digital Marketplace Netcapital $150
111 IT Security Solutions Cybersecurity solutions to protect, detect and respond to attackers already inside the network. Netcapital $130
112 Hospy One-stop-shop for all restaurant and hospitality job opportunities Netcapital $125
113 Tai Chi Yoga Wellness Mr. Crowd $100
114 Lumenco Microstructures For An Advanced Future Silicon Prairie Online $0
115 Pray For Me Psychological faith-based thriller Title3Funds $0
116 Airthium 100x cheaper battery to stop Climate Change Wefunder $0
117 Relevnt The People’s App Netcapital $0
118 OTACA Tequila Once Tried, Always Craved Agave Title3Funds $0
119 North Cove Leisure Club Entertainment backed by real estate and land conservation Vicinity $0
120 The Comeback Trail Movie Untold $0
121 LUUM Stunning Lashes, Surprisingly Fast Dealmaker Securities $0
122 Fist Assist Devices FDA-Cleared Wearable Device for Increased Circulation Rialto Markets $0