Monthly New Deals August, 2021

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New Deals for August, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Powur Accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy Wefunder $3,557,528
2 JOGO Health Stroke, chronic pain & incontinence treatment via telehealth with wearables & AI Wefunder $3,267,491
3 CurlMix Clean Beauty Made Simple Wefunder $2,966,507
4 Cybolt End-to-end digital risk management and cybersecurity solutions. Republic $1,499,577
5 Expert DOJO Giving you, the public, ownership in thousands of companies with one investment Wefunder $1,319,484
6 Emrod Power anywhere: long range wireless power transfer technology Republic $916,547
7 Enginuity Power Systems Simply Efficient StartEngine $807,604
8 WaterBlocks Rapidly-Deployable Flood Barrier System TruCrowd $576,482
9 World Tree Fast growing eco-timber that's reversing climate change Wefunder $552,003
10 Jetoptera Propulsion systems and Vertical and Short Takeoff and Landing Aircraft Wefunder $551,872
11 PersonaFi Your friends' trades and portfolios at the tip of your fingers Wefunder $423,362
12 Orion Haus Turning everyday renters into real estate investors. StartEngine $342,408
13 Austin Cityfund Own a piece of land through a targeted portfolio of residential real estate Republic $312,275
14 MicroVision Optical Changing Premium Eyewear Pricing with a Direct to Consumer Business Model Wefunder $284,975
15 Curastory The first marketplace connecting video content to media buyers Republic $284,321
16 AquiPor Revolutionizing Stormwater Systems StartEngine $260,514
17 Jelli Neobank with real-time budgeting, a fun social platform, and cash back rewards Republic $227,703
18 CabinetM Must-have Marketing Tech SaaS To Reduce Spend, Save Time & Increase Revenue Wefunder $220,635
19 BioMedican Producing pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids at 70-90% lower cost via biosynthesis Wefunder $217,974
20 Matcherino Software platform for sponsors, game publishers, and tournament organizers to run scalable esports events SeedInvest $193,362
22 NettBar Shady Acres Family-friendly neighborhood haunt NextSeed $189,500
23 Rx Delivered Now Automating pharmacy logistics and communications Republic $181,213
24 Industrial Sustainability Group We provide environmentally responsible products for the industrial world Wefunder $171,122
25 GACW Greentech Rolling Forward StartEngine $158,394
26 Smardii A New Standard of Care for Elderlies StartEngine $158,326
27 TIKI Your Data. Your Decisions. StartEngine $156,231
28 Dynaris We set new standard in oxygen therapy; 7 patents, FDA, superior therapy, & more Wefunder $155,708
29 ZiphyCare Changing the economics on delivering high quality healthcare at home Wefunder $151,450
30 Vitamin Energy Energy with Benefits StartEngine $146,877
31 CryptoShare Peer to Peer ATM Crypto Lending Platform for Underserved Communities Worldwide! Wefunder $144,198
32 IZO Spirits Premium Mezcal, Tequila, Sotol, Bacanora StartEngine $140,812
33 Lonerider Spirits Innovative spirits for outlaws, by outlaws Wefunder $139,041
34 Alchemy Springs An urban bathhouse paying homage to history and community. Small Change $123,750
35 Praise Currency with a Conscience StartEngine $119,587
36 Dallas Cityfund Own a piece of land through a targeted portfolio of residential real estate Republic $119,070
37 LifeBridge 10000 Because They Have More Life To Live - Breakthrough Cancer Therapy Wefunder $116,578
38 Knowledge as a Service Software Solution Changing Human Behavior and Workplace Training Wefunder $116,515
39 Pho King Noodle Bar A new fast casual pho bar NextSeed $107,000
40 American Flag Football League Entertainment company presenting live events and content around the rapidly growing sport of Flag Football SeedInvest $106,886
41 Voi We save lives by reducing suicides Wefunder $100,951
42 Agora Agora is a search engine for local products Wefunder $100,021
43 OurBanc Corporation Mobile Banking that Improves Customer’s Financial Health Wefunder $99,300
44 ZEVA Aero Zero-Emissions Vertical Aircraft StartEngine $95,605
45 Lips Instagram alternative built for women, the LGBTQ+ community, & their fans Wefunder $95,101
46 Helix Power Corporation Sustainable energy storage enabling a zero-carbon future SeedInvest $93,000
47 PrivacyWall We are the #UnSearchEngine, the search engine that protects your privacy. Wefunder $92,315
48 Cycle Phones World's first phone that gets cheaper and more powerful the longer you own it Wefunder $87,848
49 Pyro's Pastrami FOOD AND CATERING SERVICES SMBX $85,600
50 Miami Cityfund Own a piece of land through a targeted portfolio of residential real estate Republic $79,235
51 Hexanika Succeed With Data StartEngine $75,725
52 Tall Pines Distillery Distillery Honeycomb $75,000
53 prostainable A low-waste lifestyle store Honeycomb $74,700
54 Escaping Ohio Join the new female led film, starring Netflix actor and Emily Bergl Wefunder $70,951
55 Zaiser Motors The First Twin-Hub Electric Motorcycle! Wefunder $70,710
56 Sativa Building Systems Patented hemp based non-toxic wall panels that are mold, rot, pest, and fire resistant. Wefunder $70,296
57 Koning A better way of breast imaging Republic $66,976
58 Travelmate Robotics The first robot assistant and self moving suitcase. StartEngine $65,944
59 Waku Deliciously replenishing herbal tea maximized for gut-health. Republic $59,151
60 Tapville A technology integrated taproom franchise StartEngine $58,587
61 Transportation 4 Life All-Inclusive Tesla EV Subscriptions for Enjoyable and Easy Transportation Access StartEngine $57,946
62 Argex Beverages A Beverage Company that Dares to be Different. StartEngine $54,339
63 Xenolith Vault Privately store life's data away from prying eyes and vulnerable big tech Wefunder $52,950
64 nVIAsoft Patented, Multimodal Contactless Hand Biometric technology. StartEngine $52,359
65 The Fox Den in Woburn New American Restaurant MainVest $51,900
66 Acrospire Brewing Brewery Honeycomb $51,750
67 Forever Home Movie A comedy/horror feature about a haunted house that demands you stay forever Wefunder $45,700
68 Rojo's Famous Frozen breakfast food company Microventures $43,653
69 Mod Tech Labs Digitizing the real world with 3D digital media in a click. Wefunder $42,032
70 NUOVO Revolutionizing the way we live and travel in the new normal as digital nomads Republic $34,075
71 Yubi Health A Leader in Employee Wellbeing StartEngine $29,853
72 0-G Launch Float like an astronaut. Conduct Space research. Launch Rockets. Netcapital $29,260
73 Harmony Turbines Harmony Turbines ...we now have the power to change the world! Wefunder $26,400
74 Blockchain Institute of Technology Changing the World, One Blockchain at a Time StartEngine $26,017
75 Steel City Jet Ski Rentals Jet ski rentals Honeycomb $25,500
76 Biscuit and Counter Restaurant and Bakery MainVest $18,400
77 Goodwolf Feeding Line of organic, probiotic water kefir beverages Microventures $17,678
78 Sol Bistro St Pete Health food restaurant MainVest $17,000
79 The Tutelare Corporation See Threats Before They Happen! Netcapital $16,844
80 GiftCrowd The most convenient way to group gift StartEngine $16,639
81 Calliope Restaurant Restaurant MainVest $15,900
82 Novart Digital Novart Digital is a cutting-edge mobile & artificial intelligence development company that believes in the power of creative ideas and great design. Netcapital $14,640
83 Twin Pikes Roastery Food MainVest $14,600
84 The Yogi Trademark Movie The 1st feature comedy exploring the exploding yoga movement Wefunder $13,900
85 DJ’s Cast Iron Burgers Food Stand MainVest $13,800
86 MyDentalWig Custom dental wigs PicMii $13,800
87 Responsum Health Building online knowledge communities for people with chronic conditions Republic $13,350
88 K-9 Power Products We Know Your Dog Is Family StartEngine $12,874
89 Marek Landscaping Ecological landscapes Honeycomb $12,550
90 NatureTrak Compliance infrastructure for cannabis banking Republic $11,202
91 Parknav Just Drive. Let us find parking for you. StartEngine $11,192
92 Burger Boys Restaurant MainVest $10,700
93 Love of Honey Food MainVest $10,100
94 Capital Pipeline Sophisticated market research StartEngine $9,626
95 Rockval A commercial real estate company Fundopolis $9,500
96 OTACA Tequila Once Tried, Always Craved Agave StartEngine $8,407
97 Tilton Brothers Brewing Brewery MainVest $5,700
99 Valkyrie Axe Throwing Arts & Entertainment MainVest $5,500
100 Garrett Music Academy MUSIC AND EDUCATIONAL SERVICES SMBX $5,370
101 What BBQ & Bar BBQ Joint MainVest $4,700
102 Thriviva Your Whole World Just Got Healthier. StartEngine $4,502
103 College Coaching Network College Coaching Network provides mobile guidance counseling to students in need of scholarships, grants or endowments through a virtual scholarship app StartEngine $4,336
104 FutureGen Technologies Welcome to the next generation of robotics StartEngine $4,140
105 SportBLX Thoroughbreds For the first time, the public can join the Kentucky Derby dream Wefunder $4,100
106 Gypsee Travel Travel lifestyle brand PicMii $3,990
107 Lakrisha Davis and Company PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SERVICES SMBX $3,500
108 Pure Grind Fitness and Performance Gym / Fitness Center MainVest $3,400
109 Wicked BOLD Vegan Foods Brand MainVest $3,000
110 Beyond Wellness Beyond Wellness provides DNA testing, analysis, and reporting that can be used by medical professionals and clinicians in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of various medical disorders. Netcapital $2,950
111 Simple Bread Company High-quality fresh baked breads MainVest $2,250
112 NanoMed Tracking Marking medical instruments with invisible nano quantum dots to track large numbers of instruments within hospitals Netcapital $2,011
113 Ounce Water Making healthy habits easier StartEngine $2,000
114 Frequency Rocket Sports supplements company Mr. Crowd $663
115 Marinas Cafe Chicago Puerto Rican Cafe MainVest $600
116 Mamo’s Garlic Sauce food manufacturing MainVest $600
117 Clara B’s Kitchen Table Food Truck MainVest $600
118 Les Gourmands Bakery Bakery MainVest $400
119 Unum Health Unum Health is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company offering innovative solutions to simplify operations, communications, and experience in the home care industry. Netcapital $350
120 Black Turtle Coffee Coffee company MainVest $300
121 Macvon Welcome to Your New Home Gym StartEngine $202
122 GapNurse Getting Healthcare to Work PicMii $150
123 South Shore Biotherapy Mental Health Office MainVest $0
124 MedWave Software Solutions World Health Care Needs Changes; We are on the Forefront Wefunder $0
125 Merati Homes Live On Your Own Terms Fundme $0
126 Unicore Real Estate Mr. Crowd $0
127 Arqlite Arqlite is expanding its revolutionary technology to tackle plastic pollution Wefunder $0
128 Colorado Manure Hauling Recycling service of large animal manures Honeycomb $0
129 Alex’s Awesome Sourdough Grocery store MainVest $0