Monthly New Deals September, 2020

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New Deals for September, 2020

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Winc Own Part of the World’s Only Data-Driven Winer. Issuance $1,331,158
2 Guac This Tiny Fintech Could Transform The Way 83 Million Americans Bank Equifund CFP $898,174
3 FuelGems A revolutionary fuel additive which makes fuel much cleaner and more efficient Wefunder $757,782
4 DIVERTsessions Pop-Up COVID safe outdoor Sports and Education facility helps bridge social inequities Wefunder $516,561
5 AltoIRA The Alternative IRA for investing in crowdfunding, PE, VC, crypto & more Republic $493,657
6 Juked The one-stop destination for esports entertainment Republic $493,617
7 Fisher Wallace Laboratories Medical Devices for Mood and Sleep StartEngine $406,510
8 ReGrained Food Upcycling Technology, Ingredient Platform and Packaged Foods Innovator Wefunder $369,108
9 Rockin’ Pets, Rollin’ Pets Mobile veterinary concept NextSeed $303,150
10 Solgaard Innovative and sustainably designed gear StartEngine $291,583
11 VirZOOM The future of fitness, in partnership with Facebook! Wefunder $284,025
12 New Way Homes A new, scalable solution for creating affordable and below-market-rate housing Wefunder $275,323
13 Smart Tire Recycling Our company is turning a waste product into a lucrative commodity Wefunder $263,798
14 Swift Rails 5x faster and 40x cheaper than regular transit Wefunder $258,690
15 Love Sun Body Innovator of the First 100% Cosmos Natural Sunscreens & Application Technology Wefunder $200,099
16 MF Fire Transforming Wood Heat into Clean Energy StartEngine $152,543
17 Roostar Factory The new commissary kitchen NextSeed $150,000
18 Audios Wireless loudspeaker that doesn't require a WiFi router or Bluetooth Republic $148,111
19 Edly ISA Marketplace Income share agreement marketplace that generated over $380,000 in revenue in the first five months of 2020 Microventures $137,330
20 Parallel Flight Technologies Saving lives, property, and the environment StartEngine $131,000
21 Unitonomy Software and AI augmenting knowledge workers Wefunder $126,935
22 Inspire Studios Entertainment for Empowerment. Inspiring True Stories. Impacting Social Issues. Wefunder $126,484
23 Gides Gides is a social network that gives everyone the features of a custom website Wefunder $120,538
24 Statum Systems Secure Medical Communications StartEngine $111,355
25 Ad Fontes Media We rate news for reliability and bias to help people navigate the news landscape Wefunder $107,590
26 Quim Plant-based intimate wellness products, designed with your needs in mind Republic $90,441
27 18.21 Drinks Elevate your drink Republic $86,949
28 Moonshot Junior Democratizing futuristic tech-entrepreneurship education for kids in 9 countries Wefunder $80,250
29 Brownrigg Hard Cider Award-winning producer of fast-selling and distinct hard apple cider Wefunder $72,400
30 O2 Treehouse The treehouse revolution StartEngine $68,345
31 Cyber Dive Making social media safer for kids StartEngine $67,665
32 Tiro A better testing tool for teachers. Deeper learning for students. Wefunder $67,174
33 Wayzn Leading the way in smart door and window technology Republic $65,500
34 Dare Social media app centered around dares anticipating the launch of a new version of its mobile app in Q3 2020 Microventures $64,316
35 Renewal Mill Upcycled food company that fights climate change & food loss Republic $58,780
36 Ionica Sciences A better way to test for Lyme disease SeedInvest $57,000
37 Ratio A new paragon in coffee Republic $55,015
38 Zenus Video analysis on a massive scale StartEngine $52,863
39 PharmD Live We provide Medicare Seniors 24/7 pharmacist access for medication management Wefunder $52,128
40 Groomit Groomit is an on-demand platform that connects pet owners with pet stylists. Wefunder $50,845
41 Charlala World Language EdTech Platform Wefunder $50,159
42 Rhino Hide Rhino Hide Bulletproof Wall Filler Protects People Wherever they Gather Wefunder $49,595
43 Moku Foods Looks like bacon, tastes like jerky, made from mushrooms Republic $46,150
44 Vital Leaf Line of organic, CBD-infused chocolates, tinctures, body balm, and capsules sold in over 300 retail locations across the U.S Microventures $43,826
45 This Land Join Sundance and SXSW winner Jim Cummings and director Matthew Palmer Wefunder $40,450
46 PDX FC Own part of a rapidly growing American soccer team Wefunder $38,296
47 TrippBio TrippBio is developing a new, therapeutic application of an FDA-approved drug with a high probability to be proven safe and efficacious in the treatment and prevention of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Netcapital $36,360
48 AlwaysNear TeleHealth Business model flat-line operating costs- exponential revenue Wefunder $36,328
49 Farthest Star Sake Sake Brewery & Taproom MainVest $36,300
50 Vymedic Scientifically proven broad-spectrum antiviral beats industry-leading treatments in the suppression of flu, colds and common viruses. Netcapital $35,900
51 AquaBoy AquaBoy® produces purified drinking water by extracting moisture from the air. Netcapital $35,655
52 Ron Artesano Handmade rum made in the mountains of Puerto Rico Wefunder $27,710
53 Popshop Book flexible retail space (Bricks) or launch your e-comm store (Clicks) Republic $27,000
54 nSightify nSightify is an online community improving the performance and well being of First Responders Wefunder $26,600
55 Skywide Real Estate A Pennsylvania-based real estate investment and development company Mr. Crowd $26,500
56 Rayton Evolving the Semiconductor Industry StartEngine $26,239
57 Z0Cal Ultra-Low Calorie Frozen Desserts StartEngine $25,224
58 Swingman Thoroughbred Join the thrill of thoroughbred ownership Wefunder $23,100
59 LifeDNA Health and wellness platform serving 11,500+ customers that leverages genomics to deliver personalized recommendations Microventures $20,063
60 Frame Reinventing the news with mobile-first, interactive documentaries SeedInvest $17,000
61 Caribbean Smooth Ou-Oui! PARADISE FOUND. Real fruits and rum liqueur breaks tradition. Wefunder $15,500
62 Mayfield Athletics Making sports safer for players of all ages Wefunder $15,061
63 Coda Music The world's first crowdsourced streaming music service! Wefunder $11,600
64 UrgentEMS 24/7 Urgent Medical Triage and Care Wefunder $10,550
65 Blended Sense A new kind of production: the content solution for your entire business Republic $8,227
66 NJ Teamsters Football Club NJ Teamsters Football Club: NYC Area Pro Soccer Club Wefunder $7,863
67 SportBLX/ PJ Washington Invest with NBA Rising Star, PJ Washington Jr. of the Charlotte Hornets Wefunder $7,800
68 Tapa Smart building management redefined Republic $7,450
69 Mosquito Steve Mosquito Steve’s highly effective natural products offer an all-natural, kid safe, chemical-free solution to your backyard pest problem. Netcapital $6,200
70 Transparent Path Transparent Path is transforming the supply chain for food and perishable goods, by providing real-time transparency, visibility and predictive intelligence. We're seeking a first round of financial support to expand our platform past pilot stage to get to Version 1 Netcapital $5,800
71 Top Shelf Cookies Bakery MainVest $5,300
72 Wellness for Humanity Health Services MainVest $5,100
73 Hudson Space Systems Microgravity research services company born out of Stevens Institute of Technology with one provisional patent application filed Microventures $4,484
74 bspoketv Digital television for today’s viewer Republic $4,100
75 Tepeyolot Cerveceria Brewery MainVest $2,500
76 Social Coffee BR A small, mobile coffee cart Honeycomb $1,700
77 SampleServe A user-friendly app and platform that simplifies environmental sample collection, project management, communication between technicians, managers, and labs, and then quickly generates the wide variety of regulatorily required reports. Netcapital $1,320
78 Pit Boss A pit style bbq restaurant Honeycomb $1,100
79 Frisco’s Chicken Peruvian Restaurant MainVest $700
80 @Oak & Main Coffee Shop MainVest $700
81 1487 Brewery Brewery MainVest $600
82 Reel Big Flix Mobile Drive-in Theater MainVest $600
83 Camino Brewing Co. Brewery MainVest $600
84 White Elk Tea Company Coffee Shop MainVest $100
85 Willow Creek Brewing Brewery MainVest $100
86 Just Pour Single serve cup of coffee Netcapital $0
87 GroundLion Brewing Company Craft Brewery MainVest $0
88 Roux Cajun / Southern Restaurant MainVest $0
89 Big Chief Brewing Brewery MainVest $0
90 Coquette Bakery MainVest $0
91 EncrypGen You Own You: own and profit from your de-identified data! Fundopolis $0
92 Sister Sunflower Plant care Honeycomb $0
93 Lombardi’s Foods Sopranos Actor shares Italian Food that brings families back to the dinner table Wefunder $0
94 Phat Scooters Hyper-growth electric vehicle company bringing manufacturing back to the USA Wefunder $0