Monthly New Deals September, 2021

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New Deals for September, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Gamestar+ The future of game night is here with SGOD Wefunder $3,207,865
2 Terraformation Hyperscaling forest restoration to reverse climate change Republic $1,864,608
3 Token Metrics Token Metrics helps users build profitable crypto portfolios driven by the power of AI Wefunder $1,717,783
4 Urvin.Finance The only finance-focused social platform w/ professional quality data and tools Wefunder $1,248,826
5 Copperworks Distilling Company 2018 "Distillery of The Year" intends to double whiskey production and sales StartEngine $973,647
6 Beno Pioneering the next generation of electric bicycles Wefunder $879,934
7 Minnesota Soccer Holdings Be an owner of a soccer team. The first community owned MN women's soccer team. Wefunder $775,999
8 Vegan Mob Serving up the best vegan BBQ & soul food in the Bay Area Wefunder $648,673
9 Drink LMNT A sugar-free electrolyte drink mix with everything you need + nothing you don't Republic $554,648
10 Kemble Berkshires Sharing luxury in the shared economy. Carbon Neutral. Small Change $541,000
11 Hercules Mulligan Lead the Ready-to-Drink Cocktail Revolution StartEngine $491,782
12 AMASS Botanics Portfolio of premium, high-growth botanic beverages and self care products SeedInvest $438,407
13 4biddenknowledge Join the movement, become an investor in a fast-growing, profitable business! TruCrowd $392,979
14 Card Blanch One Card That Will Replace all Your Bank and Reward Cards Wefunder $340,740
15 MobCraft Beer We turn ideas into beer, and are expanding our brewery to include more taprooms Wefunder $331,382
16 Daxbot Robots that we like StartEngine $291,272
17 Eli Electric Vehicles The next evolution of personal mobility StartEngine $266,427
18 Team Topia Exceptional Team & League Management Platform—Expanding to Serve Every Sport Wefunder $263,650
19 Aussie Soles Global Successful orthotic footwear made with sustainable materials Wefunder $261,050
20 Fabalish Unleashing the untold magic of chickpeas to harness explosive plant-based trend Wefunder $260,250
21 Fabulingua In explosive market, story-based mobile game disrupts the way children learn languages Wefunder $224,850
22 RedSwan CRE Blockchain Commercial Real Estate Marketplace SeedInvest $220,550
23 Alpine-X Join our mission to bring snowsports (and snow fun) to everyone! Republic $210,468
24 Viroment Equity Filtering Manure in Real-Time. The Barn of the Future! Wefunder $158,268
25 Lolaark Vision Making the invisible visible StartEngine $149,938
26 Traq365 Corporation Conversation Intelligence for unrivaled sales, revenue forecasts, & training clarity Wefunder $148,980
27 Delee Blood testing device for early diagnosis of cancer and treatment monitoring StartEngine $146,952
28 Prewrite Software that helps you tell better stories Wefunder $141,050
29 Huddle Where top creators invest in startups with their time. Republic $135,453
30 Vocana Vocana is a Platform for Musicians to Engage, Activate and Monetize their Fanbase Wefunder $133,200
31 DropKey World's #1 Best-Selling Hollywood Pop-up Studio w/DropKey--the Be Anywhere App! Wefunder $130,230
32 Pranos We convert car windows into high-definition display systems Wefunder $127,726
33 Sirocco Energy Sirocco Wind Turbine is a linear wind generator for urban energy production Wefunder $120,450
34 Bowr A furnishing platform revolutionizing how furniture is made and sold globally Republic $119,550
35 Pills2Me The "Uber" for pharmacy - prescriptions delivered from ANY pharmacy in minutes Wefunder $117,978
36 Foodvine Creating the largest marketplace for people to discover and order food! Wefunder $111,610
37 WiTopia Experience the internet as it should be. StartEngine $110,870
38 Palm Energy Systems Game-changer in Green Technology: Developing transformative solar energy devices Wefunder $101,250
39 ViscoSoft Group Sleep Technology Company StartEngine $98,228
40 DudeRobe Next Generation Robe + Loungewear StartEngine $97,657
41 Squarex Preventing oral herpes with a topical application to the arm Wefunder $95,762
42 Evolution Devices Digital physical therapy powered by smart therapeutic devices Republic $93,585
43 HUGS Building the future of International Student Housing Wefunder $90,259
44 GRID Creating purposeful video games with no-code and at lightning speed! Republic $87,110
45 StaySafe Concrete Products Products & Technology to support the est. $4T backlog in US Infrastructure repairs Wefunder $84,250
46 AdWallet Enables advertisers to reward consumers directly for their attention & data. StartEngine $75,958
47 Nicolette Empowering patients with data, rapid education, and participation tools. Wefunder $72,900
48 Pocket Properties "The NYSE for Real Estate!" Wefunder $70,920
49 Ridegrade Ensuring savings and convenience for private car sellers and buyers Wefunder $70,300
50 305 Fitness Cardio fitness program with studios across the U.S. and certified instructors worldwide SeedInvest $70,300
51 AGI Laboratory Uplifting Humanity Through Next-Generation E-governance & Voting Wefunder $68,671
52 Cosmic Shielding Corporation State-of-the-art composite materials Spaced Ventures $67,350
53 Capsll Save Your Story Fundify $61,900
54 Galexa Commercial & Residential Advanced Building Systems StartEngine $59,467
55 Pink Panda Finance Blockchain-powered mobile app making crypto trading easy, accessible, and socially impactful Netcapital $58,081
56 Launchspace Technologies Protecting Space and the Future $1 Trillion Space Economy Netcapital $57,248
57 The Sniper Enterprise Support an Albanian professional boxer on the road to becoming World Champion Wefunder $56,510
58 NETZRO State-of-the-art food tech producing nutritious, upcycled ingredients at scale Wefunder $51,990
59 MotivateU AI to benefit humans, not to replace them Wefunder $51,350
60 Wahi Nutrition Plant-based, functional beverage retailing nationally SeedInvest $49,665
61 Poppilu Reinventing kids beverages to be bold on FLAVOR, not on sugar Republic $49,300
62 Glove City Brewing Brewery MainVest $45,100
63 Cannabox Redefining the online shopping experience for cannabis accessories StartEngine $44,724
65 Mighty Monkey Delicious, gluten-free cookies. Go ahead, your taste buds will thank you. Republic $39,400
66 Mariposa Technology A one-of-a-kind, digital farming tool that will help revolutionize the world of agricultural testing beginning with industrial hemp Netcapital $35,687
67 Janover Ventures Leveraging tech & digital to build the future of commercial real estate finance Dalmore Group $35,600
68 ORBAI Artificial General Intelligence StartEngine $33,653
69 California Tacos No preservatives, no substitutes, no corners cut – just healthy StartEngine $32,030
70 PromoDrone Rise to the occasion! StartEngine $30,964
71 BIPOC Homeownership Permanently affordable. Advancing BIPOC cooperatives In San Francisco. Small Change $30,500
72 Canine Biologics Our 2021 expansion brings breakthrough nutrition to more dogs with cancer Netcapital $29,324
73 Security Oracle The Security Oracle is a visionary team founded to be a catalyst for change StartEngine $28,578
74 Supporteo Industrial AR & AI Platform StartEngine $26,160
75 VizAeras IoT Monitoring Platform for Healthy Indoor Environments. StartEngine $25,824
76 Provision Coffee Shop MainVest $24,900
77 5th Element Brewing Brewery MainVest $24,200
78 LiquidVineyards Digital rights to your very own vines, anywhere in the world. Netcapital $23,955
79 Blendid Automated robotic, contactless, and AI-enabled food preparation for fresh healthy smoothies made on-demand StartEngine $23,119
80 HelloWoofy Smart Marketing for Underdogs (aka SMBs). Grew 21,900%, Rev $200,000+ ! Wefunder $22,551
82 @loudgirlgoodies Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $21,800
83 Monkey Wrench Brewing Production microbrewery Honeycomb $20,050
84 For Bitter For Worse For Bitter For Worse Microventures $18,450
85 RacerX Enabling consumer product companies to build lasting relationships with their customers TycoonoInvest $16,022
86 Inspire Yoga Yoga Studio Silicon Prairie Online $16,000
87 Milkmen Cannabis Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $16,000
88 Aphelion Aerospace Low-cost Eco-friendly Rapid Access To Space StartEngine $15,987
89 Stream Dx Helping doctors collect urine flow data at home to improve healthcare outcomes Republic $15,600
90 Exovolar Industries Fly Like Superheroes StartEngine $15,444
91 GrownbyGreen Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $15,100
92 Leveller Media We're Changing How Hollywood Finances Entertainment Wefunder $13,947
93 Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats COOKIE MANUFACTURING SMBX $13,730
94 A Fresh Wind Catering Catering Services Honeycomb $11,800
95 DC Brau Brewing BREWERY SMBX $11,750
96 Duel Social A dedicated social video challenge app for users, content creators, and brands Wefunder $11,633
97 Three Sages Restorative wellness for where you live, work and stay Republic $11,055
98 Power Trucks USA Powered by your passion to fill your truck & jeep aftermarket accessory needs Republic $10,800
99 Yahyn Yahyn endeavors to build the easiest place on the internet to purchase wine. Netcapital $10,649
100 Rap Plug Connecting Culture To Community Through Technology StartEngine $9,513
101 Martin Henry Cinemas Movie Theater MainVest $7,400
102 HereYouGo Sharing economy for self-driving cars Wefunder $7,259
103 iNitrile Automatic Disposable Glove Dispenser StartEngine $6,676
104 Peerless Public Safety Solutions Developing superior modern enterprise software solutions. StartEngine $5,754
105 Hux Spirits Wine Shop MainVest $5,700
106 Bar at 66 Greenpoint Bar MainVest $3,600
107 Proctor360 Take Any Exam Anywhere Netcapital $3,513
108 FinTron Digital brokerage / banking provider Netcapital $3,275
109 Moxi on the Rocks Tasting Room/Meadery/Blending House MainVest $2,000
110 Dragon Den & Dungeon Hall Table-top Gaming Restaurant MainVest $1,500
111 Duis Primo Enabling the modernization and unification of finance across Africa TycoonoInvest $1,500
112 Anderby Brewing Brewery MainVest $1,200
113 Drewrys Company Brewery MainVest $1,100
114 Secretos de mis Abuelos Puerto Rican Cuisine Honeycomb $1,100
115 Cowtown Brewing Craft Brewery Honeycomb $1,000
116 Care2Care International Enabling delivery of affordable medications for healthcare plans and individuals TycoonoInvest $1,000
117 Detroit Pizza Joint Restaurant MainVest $800
118 Eco Allies Renewable and Sustainable Proprietary Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation Netcapital $700
119 Prince's Subs Food Place Honeycomb $700
120 Thai Bird NYC Thai Restaurant MainVest $400
121 Assetcoin Venture Capitalist Focused on Equity and Generational Wealth PicMii $200
122 Stage Social media network and content creation platform Netcapital $200
123 Transparent Path Transparent Path is transforming the supply chain for food and perishable goods, by providing real-time transparency, visibility and predictive intelligence. We're seeking a first round of financial support to expand our platform past pilot stage to get to Version 1 Netcapital $99
124 VirZOOM The future of fitness, in partnership with Facebook! Wefunder $0
125 Yepp Makes it easy to bring product ideas to life and ship them where they need to go Wefunder $0
126 Elite Amateur Fight League America's 1st. Fan Owned Sports League Wefunder $0
127 Diem Cannabis Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $300