Monthly New Deals September, 2022

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New Deals for September, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Atakama Protecting data and privacy against cyberattacks Wefunder $3,136,986
2 Offline A monthly subscription reimagining restaurant discovery Wefunder $2,000,000
3 QuantConnect Leveling the quant playing field for independent investors Wefunder $549,246
4 Blender Bombs The world’s 1st superfood smoothie booster Wefunder $430,008
5 Mileberry The first global last mile delivery solution with full automation StartEngine $427,919
6 Fanbase Subscription Social Media StartEngine $383,824
7 StorEn Technologies Renewable Energy Storage StartEngine $358,964
8 Boundless Robotics Empowering busy adults to effortlessly grow cannabis “automagically” at home Wefunder $343,750
9 HOLOFIT by Holodia VR Fitness App for Oculus/Pico Devices Wefunder $337,978
10 Gameflip Digital Marketplace for Gamers StartEngine $321,159
11 The Pool at Hollingsworth A fully designed and engineered private pool and swim club Vicinity $294,405
12 UKey Spend less, unlock more Wefunder $287,550
13 America's Small Business Payroll Service Wefunder $271,858
14 Heavys Groundbreaking Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal. Wefunder $269,705
15 Global Composite Piping Solutions Help us save six billion gallons of water every day with new patented pipe Wefunder $250,684
16 CrossNet The Fastest Growing Backyard Game in History Wefunder $238,222
17 Wind Harvest Double the Energy from Wind Farms Wefunder $223,295
18 Ad Fontes Media We rate news for reliability and bias to help people navigate the news landscape Wefunder $179,915
19 BlissDivorce Reach a divorce agreement without the time, cost and conflict of attorneys Wefunder $176,950
20 Stellaris Smart Photovoltaic Windows StartEngine $175,881
21 bluShift Aerospace World's 1st Uber-like, Biofuel Powered, Dedicated Small Space Launch Service Wefunder $167,336
22 SliceSpace A marketplace for commercial real estate ownership Wefunder $158,965
23 Love Lifesciences Revolutionizing the injection experience. Wefunder $144,800
24 Seedsheet We make gardening ridiculously easy Wefunder $143,368
25 CERN Corporation Microbicidal Light Treatment for Fungal & Bacterial Vaginosis StartEngine $141,541
26 braidbabes Hair braiding startup making 70K/month Wefunder $141,104
27 Panhwar Jet World’s 1st All-Electric Long Range Jet disrupting Aviation Industry Wefunder $135,600
28 Massage Robotics Just for the feel of it StartEngine $130,255
29 Immergo Labs Redefining Telehealth for Physical Therapy StartEngine $127,018
30 LitonRx Digital Solutions for Your Prescription StartEngine $122,460
31 Nuttin Ordinary by Clean Simple Foods Crafting Premium Plant-Based Food With Integrity StartEngine $118,760
32 Vulcan Augmetics Democratizing prosthetics for developing nations Wefunder $114,908
33 AlphaFlow Unlocking the world's opaque markets Republic $111,936
34 EX Venture Grow the Next Generation of Companies that will change the World! Wefunder $107,475
35 Happy Hippie Brewing Company Brewery Wefunder $99,150
36 Sports Gambling Guides Sports & Sports Gambling Social Media Marketing StartEngine $81,958
37 Zeek Bar The Kids Bar Re-Imagined Wefunder $80,171
38 BYGMusic Connecting advertisers with passionate music fans Wefunder $79,100
39 Fisher Wallace Medical Devices for Mood and Sleep StartEngine $75,973
40 Megafono Corporation Social platform revolutionizing the way 160M voters impact legislation Wefunder $71,712
41 Smart IOPS Making Data Alive StartEngine $70,640
42 TomBot Robotic emotional support animals Republic $69,225
43 GoPillar A new way to design your home Republic $67,160
44 Homepro Toolbox Tech-enabled small business education Wefunder $65,000
45 The Meet Cute Murderers An ensemble whodunit feature film anchored by strong female leads Wefunder $62,950
46 Ujama Farmers’ Market App Wefunder $60,000
47 Instafloss An automatic, effective, and pain-free floss in 10 seconds Republic $60,000
48 Bold Move Beverages Coffee + Whiskey = Cold Brooze, the next great brunch drink Wefunder $59,527
49 LocalBuzz Bringing local communities back together through video Wefunder $57,300
50 Verispellis ONE SKI AT YOUR CONTROL FOR ALL CONDITIONS. StartEngine $53,113
51 Outdoor Office Customizable Office Units StartEngine $51,959
52 Day One The school for entrepreneurs Republic $51,450
53 The Agenda Period Understand your entire cycle and hormonal picture, so you can feel your best! Wefunder $51,250
54 Apsy The first true human-out-of-the loop AI platform to build affordable elegant custom apps Wefunder $48,550
55 Add Your Labs (previously TrueGen Health) Behavioral Health Platform StartEngine $47,340
56 Apis Cor SPEED. INNOVATION. EXCELLENCE. StartEngine $46,620
57 Nippon Curry Japanese Restaurant MainVest $45,600
58 SkyMirr RF Technology To Better Our Lives StartEngine $40,824
59 Bizfluence A Global Networking Platfrom To Help SMBs Do More Business StartEngine $40,695
60 Bob’s Famous BBQ Restaurants Honeycomb $38,150
61 Camp365 The camper that goes everywhere! StartEngine $37,997
62 HANGOBI by Hang Obi Hangobi: your go-to, delicious, plant-based daily multivitamin in a can. StartEngine $33,694
63 Glow Worm Play Cafe Play Cafe MainVest $31,300
64 Sash Group Sash is more than a product. It's a lifestyle, a community, and the future of handbags. Wefunder $28,850
65 Three Brothers Bagels Restaurants Honeycomb $28,350
66 Addiction Cure Therapeutic Sciences Advancing First-in-Class Therapeutics Netcapital $27,350
67 MyLifeWell Holistic health and wellness platform recognized as a “Top Emerging Employee Wellness Company Microventures $27,000
68 KapitalWise AI powered insights for financial institutions Republic $25,701
69 Community Musician Revolutionizing the Music Industry Netcapital $25,200
70 Quigley Fine Wines Sharing Family-Made Wines with Global Consumers StartEngine $22,761
71 NeXtGen Biologics Patented, FDA Cleared, Novel Wound-Care Technology. New Skin In The Game! Republic $22,400
72 Upbounders Toy & Game Manufacturing SMBX $21,130
73 Stock Card Making investment research digestible for all Republic $18,250
74 Kilowatts For A Cause Radically new approach to installing solar Raise Green $18,000
75 HEVO Wireless EV charging: certified hardware + software commercially available today Wefunder $17,800
76 CGB Green Liberty Notes Confronting climate change and providing all of society with a healthier and more prosperous future Raise Green $15,700
77 Zeen by Exokinetics Innovative mobility devices for those facing restrictions due to age or disability SeedInvest $15,511
78 Hendersonville Toy Company Toy Store MainVest $12,700
79 Bear Hug Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $11,100
80 Conscious Good Entertainment for Conscious Living StartEngine $9,827
81 HeatGen Your Favorite Drinks and Soups, Hot When You Want StartEngine $9,315
82 G&B Filling Station Beverage co-packer Honeycomb $9,200
83 AllCertified NFT Patent-Pending Digital Autograph Toolkit StartEngine $8,590
84 Soul Bites Restaurants Honeycomb $8,300
85 Lincoln Private Jets Membership-based subscription service for private jet travel Netcapital $7,484
86 FloSpine We’ve Got Your Back StartEngine $7,287
87 Delivered Cannabis Business MainVest $7,100
88 You:Flourish LGBTQ+ wellness is one tap or swipe away on You:Flourish Wefunder $7,000
89 Tipsy Lady Canned cocktails MainVest $6,500
90 Backbeat Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $6,400
91 Neurotez Neurotez Inc. is developing a drug to treat Leptin deficiency in Alzheimer’s patients. Netcapital $6,048
92 Pneumeric A Novel Visual Detection Device Product for Thoracostomy Microventures $5,760
93 NeuEsse A human skin substitute from Soy Protein Netcapital $5,252
94 The Aux Evanston A commercial hub dedicated to racial equity and wellness Small Change $5,000
95 VORSHEER Ready for Fun - Prepared for Emergencies StartEngine $4,890
96 QUAS Brewpub A Creole Brewpub Development MainVest $4,600
97 DrySee Visibly Better Protection StartEngine $4,344
98 MicroMGx Discovery platform to identify hundreds of new compounds Netcapital $4,119
99 et Oliva Specialty Foods SMBX $3,980
100 GreenDropShip Introducing online merchants to new natural product brands everyone will love Republic $3,500
101 Transizion EdTech mentorship platform SeedInvest $3,000
102 Terminal 76 Brewing Co. Brewery MainVest $2,900
103 Automatic The Fintech platform that connects independent auto dealers and lenders Republic $2,700
104 Ostara Center Arts & Entertainment MainVest $2,100
105 Vasitum AI-Powered Recruitment Automation Platform StartEngine $1,969
106 Baby Duck Cannabis Business MainVest $1,800
107 Besse Custom Creations Custom apparel and goods MainVest $1,800
108 Gamelevate The Premier Esports and Gaming Hub StartEngine $1,791
109 Flora’s Bottle Shop Wine bar serving sandwiches in "Houston's most culturally eclectic neighborhood" Republic $1,500
110 Built To Scale Hobby Shop MainVest $1,450
111 Certaintio Package, protect and display multi-asset NFTs StartEngine $1,345
112 Hazelnut Kitchen New American Restaurant MainVest $1,300
113 Vantage Sports Play it Forward StartEngine $1,242
114 De L’or Cakery Bakery MainVest $1,200
115 LaLa Gardens Cooperative Community Center MainVest $700
116 SuperPhone Powerful mobile messaging platform built for text and voice at scale Republic $600
117 Cloudfarming Farm MainVest $500
118 Full Battle Rattle Deli Deli MainVest $400
119 Flying Leap Vineyards & Distillery Winery MainVest $400
120 Drawdown Brewing Co. Brewery MainVest $400
121 Little Red Hen: Scratch Bakery + Kitchen Bakery MainVest $300
122 canihaveabite Restaurants Honeycomb $250
123 The Busy Bee Play Cafe Play Cafe MainVest $200
124 Mesilla Valley Cannabis Cannabis Business MainVest $200
125 PodTV Creates genre based streaming TV channels and networks Netcapital $100
126 ITerum Energy Low-cost, clean electric power Castle Placement $0
127 Phone2 Telecom software to manage calls & texts as a team with shared numbers Wefunder $0
128 Radiolife We are building the fire alarm for pandemics with our RF + AI technology Wefunder $0
129 Content Launch Content marketing platform to reach, engage and convert audiences Wefunder $0
130 CoCo Noir Wine Shop & Bar Bringing culture and community to the wine industry! Wefunder $0
131 SelfDecode AI platform that provides personalized health recommendations based on DNA, labs and environment. Wefunder $0
132 Digital Direct IR Infrared Sensor for Vehicle Safety Netcapital $0
133 Pigee Send travel shopping home PicMii $0
134 Seven Point Cannabis Business MainVest $0
135 MTailor A master tailor in your phone Wefunder $0
136 The Italian Cafe Real Estate CrowdSource Funded $0
137 Retreat @ Lake Noire Twenty tiny cabins all tricked out. On a lake. Unplugged. Small Change $0
138 Trade Street Jam Co. Minority & woman-owned gourmet food company Wefunder $0