Monthly New Deals September, 2023

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New Deals for September, 2023

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 CypherTax Elevating Transaction Tax Accuracy Equifund CFP $5,000,000
2 After Death “Prints and Advertising” for the documentary After Life Angel Funding $1,235,000
3 Weaver Outdoors Where Family and Service Meet Honeycomb $1,002,411
4 Live Not By Lies Multi-part documentary series Angel Funding $724,310
5 AtomBeam Hyperefficient Machine Communication StartEngine $301,402
6 Lovebox x Happy Loop The love note messenger Wefunder $268,400
7 Blue Wire Building a podcaster network Wefunder $251,340
8 The Sill High-quality houseplants Wefunder $199,192
9 Best Food Trucks Connecting you to the street’s best eats StartEngine $197,828
10 Coco Pago Revolut for Latin America Wefunder $181,439
11 Pharma Pharma the Movie Wefunder $179,625
12 Arrive Smart, Secure, Seamless Delivery and Pickup for People, Robots, and Drones PicMii $174,764
13 iFlip Where Protection Meets Performance StartEngine $172,552
14 Olympian Motors New, disruptive electric vehicle company in NY Wefunder $167,519
15 Bean Box The Future of Specialty Coffee – At Home StartEngine $163,461
16 Avenida Entertainment Group Inc. English-language streamer for US Latinos Wefunder $136,858
17 Plei Play Soccer Anywhere, Anytime Republic $130,081
18 CGB Green Liberty Notes Accelerating investment into Connecticut's green economy Raise Green $128,819
19 IronCircles Generate an encrypted social network to share with your friends and family Wefunder $127,409
20 Mishka Premium Vodka Sip the sensation of clean, gluten-free, premium-flavored vodka. StartEngine $126,319
21 Advancing Eco Agriculture Empowering Farmers through Scalable Regenerative Agriculture Solutions Wefunder $122,683
22 Gravity Jack Own Tomorrow StartEngine $108,567
23 Enviro Water Minerals Company Water technology company Netcapital $104,465
24 Oath Oats We're going all in on oats StartEngine $98,246
25 Pinwheel Smartphone Operating System Optimized For Kids & Teens Wefunder $91,600
26 Piggyback Network Llc Uniting families with other families for safe, reliable youth carpool Wefunder $83,370
27 Ledgerock, Llc Buy our tasty, Market-Beating ROI Bagel Bond, and help us build our brick-and-mortar! Wefunder $81,930
28 DigiShares Market-leading provider of solutions for real-world asset tokenization Republic $81,865
29 MySwimPro The #1 App for Swimmers in the World Wefunder $81,600
30 Aerial Resupply Coffee Caffeine & Support for a New Generation of Veterans Wefunder $81,250
31 OneAir AI Travel App For A New Generation of Travelers Powered By AI Wefunder $78,380
32 e360tv Entertain.Evolve.Expand Wefunder $77,000
33 The Kentucky Hug Bourbon Experience Marketplace and Booking Platform Wefunder $73,850
34 Park Street Homes Building a better Texas! StartEngine $73,582
35 Lick Honest Ice Creams Texas-based artisanal ice cream brand that generated $3.8+ million in revenue in 2022 Microventures $69,800
36 NY Union Be an owner of men's and women's soccer clubs rooted in Rochester and Syracuse NY! Wefunder $66,055
37 3 Rivers Outdoor Co A Hub For The Pittsburgh Outdoor Community Honeycomb $65,301
38 HelloSubs The future of substitute teaching Republic $63,328
39 Orange Bike Brewing Company On a quest to produce world class, gluten-free beer MainVest $61,400
40 Concessions Film Llc ne Last Night at the Movies… An old-school comedy about a closing theater Wefunder $58,500
41 Away Days Brewing Co. Brewery SMBX $57,570
42 Achieve Clinics More effective cell therapies for more cancer patients Wefunder $53,018
43 Fan Owned Club Giving everyday fans a chance to own a piece of a European soccer club Wefunder $52,504
44 Real Work A flexible hiring platform for the trades Wefunder $52,500
45 American Quatervois When It Comes To Your Eyes, We've Got You Covered! Wefunder $51,000
46 TasteDNA The Cottage by TasteDNA: Local Food for Everybody! Wefunder $50,250
47 Inrive Performance Nutrition Products Honeycomb $50,000
48 Ghost Boards Unique, customizable clear longboards StartEngine $48,417
49 Orokii Making money transfers ridiculously cheaper and faster Wefunder $47,500
50 Coral Spirits Premium Sparkling Cocktail made with natural flavors StartEngine $44,274
51 Cartel Brewing & Blending Brewery MainVest $41,400
52 Rialto Markets Bringing Private Markets to the Public Netcapital $39,982
53 Bakeshack Bakery MainVest $37,600
54 Georgie’s Corner Cafe Bakery Honeycomb $33,700
55 EyecBetter Because Life is Worth Seeing StartEngine $32,723
56 Legacy Pie Co. Bakery MainVest $31,300
57 femPAQ We take the oops out of unexpected periods by providing accessible period care Wefunder $30,500
58 OTACA Tequila Once Tried, Always Craved Agave StartEngine $30,269
59 Harold's Haunt LGBTQIA+ community bar Honeycomb $26,997
60 Matcherino Powering Community Tournaments StartEngine $26,402
61 KC Mac N Co Making Mac N Cheese a center-of-the-plate entree Honeycomb $26,200
62 Veer More Speed. More Power. More Range. StartEngine $25,801
63 Stark Drones Propelling into the Future Netcapital $25,351
64 Debellation Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $25,000
65 Joyhound Beer Company Craft beer is a science and science is an art MainVest $21,000
66 Carolina Steele Family Distillery Distillery Seed At The Table $19,800
67 Beloved’s Bakery and Cafe Bakery MainVest $19,800
68 Row House Publishing Publishing books at the intersection of literature and social justice Seed At The Table $15,590
69 Lord von Designs You Are What You Dare to Wear StartEngine $15,017
70 Sunshine Station Modern Play Cafe and Coffeehouse for Kids and Adults MainVest $14,300
71 Creole Orleans Authentic Creole-Soul Food Honeycomb $14,100
72 Perimtec Fencing Reimagined PicMii $13,524
73 Geogreens Indoor Food Production SMBX $13,090
74 Marshall Grain Company Garden supplies store Honeycomb $12,850
75 The King Henry Converting surface parking to new housing in Old Town Alexandria. Small Change $12,500
76 VoltCell Innovative and electrifying black-owned battery business Seed At The Table $12,200
77 Libi Materials Increasing the energy density of lithium-ion batteries 35-40% to extend the range of EV’s Raise Green $11,500
78 ShiftPosts Real-Time Staffing For Healthcare StartEngine $10,913
79 Needworking, Inc. Efficient networking platform Netcapital $7,501
80 Fresh Meal Gourmet Meals Delivered Fresh StartEngine $7,483
81 CarCarePro B2B SaaS solution for automobile dealership service Netcapital $7,050
82 The Modern Rose Restaurant MainVest $5,500
83 The Noble Fox Restaurants And Bars SMBX $5,270
84 Apex Noire Cannabis Cannabis Business MainVest $4,000
85 Ramper Innovations We keep ramp agents safe + save airlines money Wefunder $3,750
86 SKOG Haus Coffee & Tea Coffee Shop MainVest $3,100
87 Tres Jardines Food Truck Honeycomb $2,750
88 Demolition Brewing Company Brewery MainVest $2,500
89 Palomino The Movie A Hollywood Movie That Pays Homage to Hispanic and Latino Communities Rise Up $2,400
90 Seek.The.Beat Wellness and aesthetics business based in San Diego Honeycomb $2,200
91 Healthyish Republic Good food, Healthy mood Honeycomb $2,100
92 Roost Uncommon Kitchen Restaurant Honeycomb $2,000
93 ESTV 24-7, worldwide video channel dedicated to esports Republic $2,000
94 Pepper Bru Sports drink and functional beverage Honeycomb $1,600
95 et Oliva Consumer Packaged Goods Honeycomb $1,500
96 Peaceful Arts Ales and Lagers Brewery MainVest $1,500
97 Hard Training Club Fitness Centers SMBX $1,480
98 URB Bridal Wedding gown boutique Honeycomb $1,100
99 Phantom Warrior Brewing Company Brewery Honeycomb $950
100 Splish Naturals Everyone Deserves Wellness Silicon Prairie Online $600
101 Superchef's Kitchen Visionary food product and kitchen supplies set to transform breakfast Honeycomb $500
102 EmotionTrac Measures audience emotion and engagement with video content Netcapital $350
103 Q Med Innovations Bridging the Gap in Surgical Inventory Analytics Netcapital $250
104 The Bertrand Education Group Marc is scaling up effectively to grow his business through innovation + leadership! Honeycomb $250
105 Goods that Matter Everyday design goods, with extraordinary impact Honeycomb $200
106 True Love Body Piercing Body Piercing shop MainVest $200
107 EXPECT LACE | Lingerie Inclusive Intimate Apparel Company MainVest $100
108 Cara Wines, Inc. Bringing the taste of Italy to wine lovers Title3Funds $0
109 Shockwave Motors Daily commuter electric vehicles Title3Funds $0
110 Kelly Family Distributors Beverage Distributor with Wholesale Operations in Georgia Honeycomb $0
111 Ancient Awakenings Kefir, Kombucha, and Cultured Vegetables Honeycomb $0
112 Tokee Supercharging YouTuber's revenue with eye-catching generative AI Wefunder $0
113 Woods Acre Wines Fruit Wines Honeycomb $0
114 Implant Club We make dental implants easy for dentists Wefunder $0
115 Noad The $0/night travel membership for remote professionals Wefunder $0
116 Clockwork AI-powered robots redefining self-care Wefunder $0
117 Kliken GPT AI-powered Digital Marketing Platform for Small Businesses Wefunder $0
118 Psycheceutical Bioscience Safer psychedelic medicines for better mental health treatments Wefunder $0
119 Healables Personalized Tech designed to turn down pain & turn up performance Dalmore Group $0
120 Heart and Soulfood Eatery Food Truck Honeycomb $0
121 Boxabl A new way to build houses that's compatible with factory mass production Dealmaker Securities $0
122 SubTo Fund The Creative Way to Invest in Real Estate Mundial Financial Group $0
123 Venhub The Future of Retail Issuance Express $0
Most raised this week - Dec 09, 2023