Monthly New Deals October, 2022

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New Deals for October, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Isosceles Pharmaceuticals Helping Solve America's Opioid Crisis Equifund CFP $1,980,000
2 Bud Love Leading the CANNABIS MIXER revolution! Wefunder $1,736,550
3 Homeshake The first agent-free marketplace to buy or sell a home Wefunder $1,025,951
4 Reflect We've created a note-taking app designed to mirror the way you think Wefunder $838,888
5 Fathom Video Never take notes on a Zoom call again Wefunder $585,942
6 Morari Climax Delay Patch for MOR Intimate Experience Wefunder $456,865
7 Tucson Tamale Company Award-Winning Premium Tamales and Premium Mexican Foods Wefunder $378,175
8 Aura The world's ecosystem for mental wellness content, community, and services Republic $367,918
9 Psyonic Redefining Human StartEngine $331,857
10 DRONEDEK The Safe, Secure, Smart Mailbox for the New Age of Delivery! StartEngine $329,731
11 Amai Patent-pending, single-use alternative: edible, compostable cups Wefunder $301,561
12 Trace Femcare First farm-to-body tampon with hemp fiber - leading innovation for period care Wefunder $284,210
13 Harmony Turbines Harmony Turbines ...we now have the power to change the world! StartEngine $256,958
14 Eli Electric Vehicles The next evolution of personal mobility StartEngine $254,323
15 StartupWind Learn, Incubate, Mentor, Scale StartEngine $239,494
16 Bad Idea A new wine bar coming to East Nashville Wefunder $232,100
17 World Tree Fast growing eco-timber that's reversing climate change StartEngine $229,315
18 Nutr Plant Based Milk Maker: Make At-Home Nut Milk In Minutes! Wefunder $220,593
19 Earn money from your personal data. StartEngine $218,852
20 Data Gran Collect data, run ML models, and automate workflows. Without engineering. Wefunder $186,161
21 JackBe Grocery shopping - radishly different! Wefunder $177,075
22 Drop Delivery Empowering Cannabis Companies To Deliver More Republic $176,178
23 The Coffee Class Elevating the Coffee House Experience StartEngine $153,219
24 CytexOrtho One Biodegradable Implant. Full Joint Restoration. StartEngine $150,354
25 Blinking Owl Distillery Beloved brand with international acclaim has big growth opportunities Wefunder $141,248
26 EquityMultiple Real estate investing simplified Wefunder $128,750
27 Whooshh Innovations Fish passage solutions StartEngine $124,716
28 HUBB Kitchens (previously J. Johnson & Company) Democratizing food business incubation and growth. Vicinity $119,600
29 Choix Breaking down barriers to abortion and reproductive care Republic $117,050
30 NEXT Boatworks We're building the future of rowing. Wefunder $115,050
31 Kram Nutrition The protein-packed, premium PB&J made better for you & the planet Wefunder $106,300
32 BrainScanology An objective diagnosis & risk score for common brain diseases delivered in 24hr Wefunder $105,450
33 Amped Innovation Distributed solar power Republic $103,424
34 Highway Pharmaceuticals Safer, better pharmaceuticals for animal autoimmune diseases Wefunder $102,755
35 MoJoose Signal-Boosting Smartphone Cases StartEngine $102,252
36 Nucleus a venture studio for psychedelics Wefunder $101,400
37 System 3E Company Building has never been easier. The only dry-stack wall construction system in the world. Wefunder $97,983
38 Loxsmith Bagels Bakeries SMBX $94,130
39 Turant Instant transactions using highly accurate voice identification & verification Wefunder $90,197
40 Both& Apparel One-stop shop for the nonbinary generation Wefunder $89,775
41 RimRiser Revolutionizing manholes, storm drains and utility vaults Wefunder $80,250
42 Intelomed Real-time Remote Health Metrics StartEngine $78,753
43 Four Doors Join the new feature film by the creator of Final Destination with Name Actors Wefunder $77,226
44 Royal Caridea Transform the shrimp production industry while addressing unmet market needs Wefunder $77,040
45 Carnot Compression Sustainable oil-free air compressors StartEngine $75,211
46 Small Change Power to the people. One real estate deal at a time. Wefunder $75,200
47 SuperBetter Empowering youth mental health using the psychology of game play Republic $75,197
48 pocstock Global stock photo & video platform focused exclusively on people of color Wefunder $73,300
49 sona labs music as medicine: science-backed music for anxiety relief StartEngine $72,431
50 Extended Longevity Phytotherapeutic Formulation Protocol Wefunder $72,317
51 Broken Anchor Winery Wineries SMBX $69,260
52 Savorhood - Gettysburg First artisan food hall experience in historic Gettysburg Wefunder $68,500
53 ServeScape Online Design & Farm-to-Landscape Delivery For Your Next Garden Project Wefunder $68,299
54 Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Own a stake for health equality; affordable and accessible for all StartEngine $68,144
55 Switch Enterprises Transcending the swipe culture of modern love by putting the conversation first Wefunder $68,100
56 ACFN Franchised Creating opportunities for entrepreneurs Republic $66,626
57 REJOY REJOY is a unique plant-based sports drink infused with CBD to ease body & mind Wefunder $66,060
58 Shire We're building the first digital office for political campaigns & nonprofits Wefunder $65,250
59 Strofe Make your own music with AI in just a few clicks Wefunder $64,200
60 Osena Spiked Coconut Water Spiked coconut water brand advancing the better-for-you alcohol movement SeedInvest $62,600
61 Moonpreneur (previously Moonshot Junior) Democratizing futuristic tech-entrepreneurship education for kids in 9 countries Wefunder $59,550
62 MARCo Health Accessible mental healthcare via compassionate robots StartEngine $56,889
63 Hopscotch Air You Choose the Destination. We'll Bring the Plane. StartEngine $56,449
64 Simple Switch Called "Amazon with a heart" by customers Wefunder $54,299
65 Eva’s Wild Regenerative food, award-winning media and authentic experiences - in one place Wefunder $48,600
66 Finn & Emma Organic Baby Toys, Gear, and Apparel StartEngine $48,203
67 Snackrilege Where we grind metal not meat SMBX $47,160
68 Dick & Jane’s BarRoom (previously Dick & Jane’s Bar) Cocktail Bar MainVest $45,400
69 MaxTracker Anti-theft GPS Protection for cars, kids & all personal property StartEngine $40,676
70 Juna Redefining your mind, body and mood through the power of plants Republic $40,500
71 Phuc Labs Digitally recovering resources from waste, making ecological vitality profitable Republic $33,930
72 Rayton Evolving the Semiconductor Industry StartEngine $32,799
73 BoricuaJax Cafe Restaurants Honeycomb $30,700
74 Game Nite Retail Shop Honeycomb $28,900
75 Kribi Coffee Company Sustainably Conscious Farm-to-Cup Coffee StartEngine $28,622
76 Loftie Designed for Better Sleep StartEngine $27,518
77 CineLogic Breakthrough film production technologies StartEngine $24,204
78 Resolution Bed A HOSPITAL BED THAT PIVOTS 90° TO A STAND-ASSIST CHAIR Wefunder $24,200
79 New Sapience Synthetic Intelligence: An Alternative Approach to AI StartEngine $23,485
80 rThreat Cyber Security Testing StartEngine $22,775
81 Navigate Accelerator The future of startup acceleration Republic $21,050
82 HealHaus Inclusive wellness platform for individuals & corporations SeedInvest $18,400
83 SangCash We get venues back on their feet and pay songwriters faster and more money Wefunder $17,350
84 Liteboxer The leader in VR trainer-led fitness StartEngine $16,986
85 J & J House of Skills Fitness Honeycomb $15,850
86 EV Solar Kits Rooftop and extendable solar panel kits for electric automobiles Microventures $13,950
87 EYV Restaurant Restaurants Honeycomb $13,900
88 Gophr App Local Business Logistics Made Simple StartEngine $13,364
89 KMX Technologies Through our proprietary technology, KMX has changed how critical minerals and lithium are secured, and provides next generation water treatment opportunities. Netcapital $13,200
90 Bratton Construction Building Construction SMBX $11,680
91 Dead Lizard Brewing Brewery Honeycomb $8,350
92 Nwar Studios Salon Honeycomb $8,000
93 Elemental Computing Web2 to Web3, Fast StartEngine $6,841
94 TENNTS Get More with TENNTS StartEngine $5,464
95 ChipBrain Emotionally intelligent AI for sales professionals Netcapital $5,001
96 National Energy Improvement Fund WE FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE Raise Green $5,000
97 Clockout The future of work and play Republic $4,750
98 Mythic Massage Massage Clinic Honeycomb $4,500
99 REGEN Industrial Hemp USA A Socially Responsible Investment Silicon Prairie Online $4,500
100 Aloha Puddin Bakery Honeycomb $4,250
101 The Hot Dog Box American Restaurant Common Owner $2,750
102 OnSky Health International Continuous & Contactless Health Sensor: vitals, apnea & sleep for baby & elderly Wefunder $2,100
103 Invincible Entertainment Partners Diverse media & entertainment company that owns & licenses Movies, TV & streaming channels Wefunder $1,900
104 Bainbridge Distillers Traditionally-Crafted Organic Spirits StartEngine $1,507
105 VeraScore Cultivating financial health for the future. StartEngine $1,351
106 Blanc & Noir Unique dual-concept hospitality space in one of Houston's hottest neighborhoods Republic $750
107 Dash-X Helping hand on your journey to more sales and repeat customers Silicon Prairie Online $500
108 Mayes NYC Clothing Honeycomb $400
109 FuelGems A revolutionary fuel additive which makes fuel much cleaner and more efficient StartEngine $259
110 O2Boost Oxygen-packed supplements Netcapital $200
111 Country the Musical Company The Musical TruCrowd $200
112 GC Plus Uber for Home Service Market Wefunder $0
113 Manna Manna is the ultimate recipe app, digital kitchen tool and cooking community. SeedInvest $0
114 BIGVU A TV Studio in your pocket - powered by AI Wefunder $0
115 Patient Innovations Optimizing Patient Care / Efficiency Castle Placement $0
116 Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruit Nuts and dried fruits Mr. Crowd $0
117 Global Wellness Apps Revolutionizing The Lives Of The Diabetic Community Castle Placement $0
118 Balto Rx Breaking barriers to medications access Silicon Prairie Online $0
119 Spiked Alcohol-infused frozen desserts for an untapped market — innovation made perfect Wefunder $0
120 Ruth Health Equitable tech-enabled healthcare for Moms nationwide Wefunder $0
121 CarlMichaels Transportation Logistics Mr. Crowd $0
122 The Striker Be an Owner of an Independent Soccer Media Platform Wefunder $0
123 Chow Bella Pet Services Honeycomb $0