Monthly New Deals November, 2022

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New Deals for November, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Taste of Nature Premium Confectionary Equifund CFP $3,000,000
2 Kitsbow Apparel Purpose-Designed Apparel, Made in the U.S. Wefunder $626,972
3 Joule Case Events come back greener with patented, portable energy from Joule Case Wefunder $578,006
4 MAGFAST MAGFAST is a revolutionary new family of wireless magnetic chargers that change charging for good. Netcapital $510,941
5 Rentberry Rent safely. The first global home rental platform with full automation! StartEngine $377,349
6 Rentberry Rent safely. The first global home rental platform with full automation! StartEngine $377,349
7 Temple I Invest in a smart-tech student housing development next to Temple University Wefunder $301,523
8 Mainvest Empowering communities to start, scale, and invest in small businesses Republic $267,800
9 DIYSE Challenging today's investors and educating tomorrow's Wefunder $216,200
10 REUZEit Circular Economic Surplus Asset Management StartEngine $172,639
11 VitalFlo VitalFlo helps doctors measure, monitor, and predict their patients' lung health Wefunder $167,254
12 The Flip Side A new way to keep up with and talk politics Wefunder $154,875
13 ZenVR Meditation built for our future: immersive, educational, accessible to all Wefunder $154,300
14 Cann-Ade USDA Certified Organic Cannabis-Infused Beverages for Elevated Mind-Body Wellness StartEngine $145,582
15 3DOS Building the World's Largest Decentralized Manufacturing Network StartEngine $139,169
16 WeShape WeShape's software delivers a personal trainer like experience without the cost! Wefunder $132,400
17 Toybox Labs Creator of proprietary 3D printer and platform SeedInvest $130,800
18 Hydro Wind Energy Game-changing innovations in offshore wind power and seawater desalination Republic $127,460
19 Volcano Kimchi Vegetable Pickling And Jarring SMBX $124,080
20 NITRO Beverage DRINK DIFFERENT. DRINK NITRO. StartEngine $123,910
21 EO2 Concepts Oxygen-Enhanced Technology for Advanced Wound Healing and Skin Support StartEngine $123,398
22 Phizzle Data Integrity for the Pharmaceutical Industry StartEngine $123,003
23 Rooted In Cannabis Business MainVest $110,000
24 Uncle Ed’s Vodka Uncle Ed's is a cause-based spirits company that gives more than it takes! Wefunder $100,100
25 Sparket A Wagering Platform Built For The Modern User StartEngine $99,210
26 Harvie Farm Honeycomb $96,156
27 Cyborg Searchable, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage Republic $96,067
28 Zendo A Wearable Neuromodulation Device That’s Disrupting the Wellness Industry StartEngine $82,025
29 Boaz Bikes Electric shared scooter company that is focused on SAFETY! StartEngine $80,965
30 Azure Printed Homes 3D printed homes made from recycled materials—fast, affordable, and sustainable Wefunder $80,810
31 Brightlamp The Five-Second Neurological Vital StartEngine $79,251
32 Philosopher Foods Best nut butters on and for the planet - we're scaling regenerative agriculture! Wefunder $77,850
33 Encore Artistic Solutions Make More Art, Not More Waste StartEngine $75,580
34 Tokki Tech-Enabled Sustainable Gifting StartEngine $75,463
35 Athlete+ Banking for athletes + financial fitness tools Wefunder $73,450
36 Nexus Build Building next generation construction technology Wefunder $72,055
37 Stapgen We aim to prevent T2DM prior to the rise of blood sugar. Wefunder $69,275
38 The King of Con Docuseries based on the memoir, THE KING Of CON Wefunder $67,010
39 Dex Integrated, frictionless personal CRM — the modern way to manage your network Republic $66,205
40 Psalm 116: Dilexi, quoniam by Damien Hirst Step into art collecting with the expertise + blockchain tech of Artory/Winston Republic $65,940
41 Legacy Pie Co. Bakery MainVest $61,200
42 3 Sisters Garlic Vegetable Farming SMBX $59,690
43 Thryv Advanced loan servicing platform Wefunder $54,569
44 FIREDISC Fire it up and Gather 'Round StartEngine $53,646
45 Eastern Market Brewing Brewery MainVest $52,875
46 Securisyn Medical Patented interlocking medical devices prevent costly & deadly tube dislodgement Republic $51,070
47 Metric Medical Devices Bringing Bones Together StartEngine $46,941
48 Tactogen Developing new MDMA-like medicines for effective prescription mental wellness Wefunder $46,522
49 Princeton Satellite Systems Fusion Engines for Satellites and Beyond Spaced Ventures $46,332
50 BALVANERA Restaurants Honeycomb $45,300
51 CIRQ+ Smart + Clean Automation Wefunder $44,000
52 Bundlr The best discovery, curation & consumption platform for newsletters & podcasts Wefunder $43,900
53 TagMango The only platform creators need to monetize content, courses, and community Republic $43,725
54 This App Saves Lives Mobile app-based platform that rewards and gamifies safe driving behavior SeedInvest $40,600
55 Swiss Precision Active Patented Copper Antimicrobial Fabric, Protecting Our Customer While Helping Our Planet StartEngine $38,088
56 Solar development firm Raise Green $37,900
57 Markid Circular marketplace designed for parents SeedInvest $37,650
58 Butter + Scotch Restaurants Honeycomb $37,600
59 8 Myles A manufacturer of gourmet foods Honeycomb $36,200
60 Vinovest Bottle & Barrel 1 Fine wine & whiskey: a potentially profitable pairing for your portfolio Republic $35,900
61 The Veggie Restaurants Honeycomb $35,215
62 Velum Fermentation Brewery Honeycomb $35,000
63 Kudo Society Coffee Shop Honeycomb $33,800
64 Mulholland Distilling Award-winning craft spirits StartEngine $33,359
65 Trading Players Fantasy sports stock market game where users can trade virtual shares of athletes 24/7 Microventures $32,587
66 Tersho No-code BI tool that lives in spreadsheets Wefunder $29,183
67 AlgenAir Living Technology—removing C02 more efficiently with the power of algae Republic $25,200
68 Sports Matching An app that brings people together to play pick up sports Wefunder $24,400
69 HelloWoofy Smart Marketing for Underdogs (aka SMBs). Grew 21,900%, Rev $200,000+ ! Wefunder $24,198
70 Taylor’s Tacos Restaurants Honeycomb $17,625
71 The Building Center Building materials store Microventures $16,150
72 voltWALL Making renewable energy reliable Raise Green $15,000
73 Orbital Assembly A large scale space construction company that is launching the next phase of human exploration of space, artificial gravity, and rapid on-orbit assembly of large structures. Netcapital $13,459
74 The Noble Fox Restaurants And Bars SMBX $12,470
75 India Home Enriched Housing for Seniors Common Owner $12,000
76 MVP Kids Media Children's Entertainment Multi-Media Platform StartEngine $11,100
77 EarthGrid Tunnel-boring technology Netcapital $10,569
78 Aladdin Africa's 1st ecosystem bank Microventures $9,745
79 Fit App by Macrofit Modern, Innovative Fitness Tech and Hardware StartEngine $9,711
80 Hiatus Cheesecake Bakery Honeycomb $9,700
81 Jenni Earle Be Brave every chance you get Netcapital $8,817
82 Brightwood Design+Build Residential Remodelers SMBX $8,560
83 Backspin Pickleball The future of pickleball clubs...ten years early Wefunder $7,500
84 Blue Jacket Movie A Faith-Based Movie Production StartEngine $7,482
85 Tepeyolot Cerveceria Brewery Honeycomb $6,800
86 Hope Yoga Fitness Honeycomb $6,000
87 Pylons Mobile blockchain with fiat payments and the free-to-play mechanic that won Web2 Republic $5,920
88 Voca App Podcasting made simple. StartEngine $5,227
89 Green Canopy NODE Innovating Construction Products to Build Homes Faster StartEngine $5,094
90 Fierce & Kind Premium Spirits Netcapital $5,075
91 KurumaNFT The future of car culture through NFTs and digital collectibles StartEngine $4,946
92 Lola Snacks We take the B.S. out of IBS. StartEngine $4,869
93 FLOLiO Wisdom Within Web3 StartEngine $4,399
94 Petrolhead Cafe Sports Bar MainVest $4,300
95 American Stories Entertainment Unique stories of real people PicMii $4,000
96 Rhode Island Pickleball Pickleball Center MainVest $3,400
97 Wildflower Management Real estate investment and management company Mr. Crowd $2,500
98 BizzTech Virtual reality and metaverse platform that offers 100% digital meeting environments Microventures $2,250
99 Domono Fun and Functional for Perfect POV Videos StartEngine $1,682
100 SDVOSB Materials Technology & Supply We Bring Laboratories to Life TruCrowd $1,500
101 Taylor Consulting Mineral interest aggregator TruCrowd $1,250
102 Vitaclean Triple-filtered showerhead with aromatherapy to improve hair and skin health SeedInvest $1,000
103 Mickey’s Gaming Lounge Arcade MainVest $700
104 Wunderkeks The snack + cookie brand on a mission to create a more joyful, inclusive world Wefunder $600
105 Brite Helping STEM educators to manage their programs and engage students Republic $600
106 Rejuvenation Beverage co-packer Honeycomb $450
107 CTZN Modern European Restaurant MainVest $100
108 Winchester Fresh Market & Event Venue Multiplex MainVest $100
109 Teak New York Furniture / Home Store MainVest $100
110 Lean Kitchen-Research Triangle Park Food Service MainVest $100
111 Marwin Sports Motorsports inspired apparel line Microventures $100
112 Motive Data-decay solutions | AI to help businesses in their sales prospecting journey Wefunder $0
113 SwingZen Don't just play the game. Excel at it. Wefunder $0
114 Prepdeck We make cooking fast, fun and enjoyable Wefunder $0
115 IX Water Revolutionary Water Recycling Technology Wefunder $0
116 HerbloCo. Cannabis Business MainVest $0
117 Elixir Kombucha Award-winning craft kombucha company led by former healthcare professionals Wefunder $0
118 Poppy’s Stuffed Bagels Prepared Foods Honeycomb $0
119 Velocity Esports Next Generation Gaming Company Dalmore Group $0
120 The Franklin Historic Redevelopment Vicinity $0
121 Stenergy Committed Towards Health and Energy Andes Capital $0
122 Eqvista Stock management platform Securitize Markets $0
123 Indie Power Systems Cutting edge solutions for the EV Market Dealmaker Securities $0