Monthly New Deals November, 2021

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New Deals for November, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 BitGreen Blockchain for Sustainability and Climate Finance Republic $5,000,000
2 MAGFAST MAGFAST is a revolutionary new family of wireless magnetic chargers that change charging for good. Netcapital $2,985,568
3 Hawaiian Bros Bringing island-inspired cuisine to the mainland Republic $2,499,994
4 LIFT Aircraft We develop drones capable of human flight. StartEngine $1,987,127
5 Tap Systems Wearable Keyboard, Mouse & Controller Wefunder $1,487,450
6 Solstar Space Pioneering the technology to create a 'space wide web' Wefunder $1,352,748
7 bluShift Aerospace World's 1st Uber-like, Biofuel Powered, Dedicated Small Space Launch Service Wefunder $792,107
8 Lil’ Libros The #1 family-trusted bilingual children's media publisher built by community Wefunder $763,556
9 Cortex AI-powered visual analytics that helps marketers make better creative choices Republic $647,621
10 Orbital Assembly Corporation A large scale space construction company that is launching the next phase of human exploration of space, artificial gravity, and rapid on-orbit assembly of large structures. Netcapital $617,074
11 Mona Lisa by Lil Pump Invest in Lil Pump's new single and share in the royalties Republic $500,000
12 WeatherFlow-Tempest Controlling the Cost of Weather StartEngine $474,708
13 MySwimPro Personal Swim Coaching Program — named best Apple Watch app of the year. Wefunder $360,197
14 MarkSetBot There's A Botter Way StartEngine $359,129
15 PVpallet Reusable Solar Shipping Solutions StartEngine $305,302
17 Doroni Aerospace The Future of Personal Mobility StartEngine $281,165
18 SolarGaps World's First Smart Solar Blinds Wefunder $264,649
19 Esker Cycles by Krueger Outdoor Mountain Bikes Built for the Wild StartEngine $242,698
20 Khal A platform for novice cooks & professional chefs to show their cooking skills Wefunder $235,350
21 Petal Refillable, Natural, Zero-Waste Hand Soap Subscription Wefunder $227,055
22 LUUM Stunning Lashes, Surprisingly Fast StartEngine $226,517
23 Badger by Satellite Displays Display Your Words in Real-Time StartEngine $225,169
24 Doorvest Democratizing financial security through rental homeownership Wefunder $215,676
25 Verve Minority-owned micro-mobility company Wefunder $204,110
26 Zirconia Green-tech nano-ceramic coatings for sustainable infrastructure StartEngine $203,861
27 Warehouse Republic Warehousing and Logistics for E-Commerce Sellers Wefunder $194,347
28 Brik + Clik End-to-end commerce solution for brands and retailers Republic $186,753
29 RIZOME Climate-Positive Bamboo Building Materials StartEngine $186,006
30 Thimble Live STEM classes + robotics kits to bring hands-on coding to every school Republic $165,003
31 XRHealth On-demand virtual care reinvented StartEngine $155,469
32 Vxtra Health Health plans without the hassles StartEngine $138,020
33 Endeavour Financial services firm serving US National Defense and space contractors SeedInvest $134,200
34 Redivivus Accelerating sustainable technology through cost-effective recycling StartEngine $129,816
35 Humblemaker Coffee Crafted Wellness in Every Cup StartEngine $128,207
36 Xoca A delicious, first-of-its kind gut healthy soda made from upcycled cacao fruit Wefunder $120,250
37 Congreso Park Luxury condo development that connects nature, vacation and art in Tulum, Mexico Republic $106,380
38 Centers for Age Control cloud testing app is central for worldwide aging-reversal industry. Wefunder $103,927
39 ProCanna Easy, smart operations management and regulatory compliance for cannabis companies Wefunder $96,592
40 A.D.A.M. An on-demand personalized implant manufacturing infrastructure StartEngine $95,278
41 Transcrypts Redesigning Digital Documents Through the Blockchain StartEngine $92,754
42 EX Venture Grow the Next Generation of Companies that will change the World! Wefunder $88,330
43 Bunny Money The app to Save money while Donating to your favorite Nonprofits Wefunder $78,442
44 I & I Rose Garden Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $76,900
45 Icarus RT Hybrid PV/Thermal Solar Plus Storage Cogeneration System Wefunder $75,938
46 Qinta Self-driving wallet for the global citizen Wefunder $75,394
47 Passion Tree The People’s Seltzer StartEngine $73,906
48 GameApart Party games and teambuilding for any virtual hangout platform Wefunder $72,734
49 Noble Story A studio that makes movies worth re-watching Share Wefunder $71,976
50 OpenAxis A platform to simplify and democratize data storytelling Wefunder $68,000
51 CAMDOG We help customers minimize their losses, prevent intrusions. We offer AI-based video surveillance. Wefunder $67,550
52 Quants Compete Highly scalable robo advisor Netcapital $63,176
53 TRAQ Your next-generation fitness, health & wellness tracker. Own Your Health StartEngine $62,403
54 Primo Energy Plug into Nature StartEngine $58,369
55 Maison Provence Southern French Restaurant MainVest $55,000
56 Dental Dash by Woobie Simplifying dental practice management with a dash a day! Wefunder $51,750
57 WedFun App WedFun is a Netflix type Wedding Lifestyle Streaming Channel combined with a Wedding Planning App. Wefunder $50,785
58 iMorph Smart Health Technologies Using AI to automate self-help psychology with wearable smart technology to solve your health issues Wefunder $50,300
59 Armslock USA Portable, life-saving tech for handgun owners + Law Enforcement Wefunder $50,250
60 Adaptyv Biosystems We use synthetic biology and nanofluidics for next-gen protein engineering Wefunder $49,912
61 Convivio Cafe Cafe MainVest $49,800
62 WonderSpray Revolutionizing The Bathroom Experience StartEngine $47,212
63 SmartTab Future of Drug Delivery StartEngine $47,059
64 Loaded Dice Brewery Brewery MainVest $45,200
65 Sene Sene custom-makes clothing essentials to fit with technical materials. SeedInvest $44,051
66 Lowkey Dispensary Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $41,200
67 JeGO Technologies Autonomous driverless technology StartEngine $35,547
68 Happy Tummy Asia Asian takeout-style meal delivery that makes your tummy happy Republic $33,454
69 Honeymoon contribution StartEngine $31,613
70 Aavrani Digitally-native premium skincare inspired by India’s ancient beauty rituals Republic $31,502
72 ESal Powering the Energy Transition of Tomorrow with Green Technology StartEngine $29,820
73 XR Casino Welcome to the future of Extended Reality gaming! StartEngine $29,033
74 Mark Anthony Concrete SITE PREPARATION CONTRACTORS SMBX $27,060
75 Neurotez Neurotez Inc. is developing a drug to treat Leptin deficiency in Alzheimer’s patients. StartEngine $26,161
76 The Postage Digital solution for creating, storing, and updating an end-of-life and estate plan Microventures $23,165
77 AgTechLogic Accelerating Precision Ag Technology StartEngine $22,108
78 Advanced Robotics Exploring New Frontiers of AI StartEngine $19,170
79 Radical Girl Gang Curated marketplace to discover, shop + support emerging women-owned brands Republic $16,500
80 Hudson Space Systems Microgravity research services company born out of Stevens Institute of Technology with one provisional patent application filed StartEngine $12,451
81 Quantum Music An online marketplace for the $30B+ Asian influencer economy Republic $12,400
82 Throwdown The Best Choose Throwdown StartEngine $12,128
83 Life Imaging Fla "We scan for Life" StartEngine $11,679
84 ReThink Ice Cream All-natural, “tummy friendly” dairy ice cream currently available in over 490 retailers including Whole Foods Republic $11,208
85 Island Brands Take it Easy StartEngine $10,152
86 NODABL Networks Private LTE and 5G broadband networks “as a service” Fundify $10,000
87 The Hot Dog Box American Restaurant MainVest $9,700
88 Enervolt Energy solutions for the vital problems StartEngine $7,993
90 Mira Zaki Photography PHOTOGRAPHY SMBX $5,060
91 Varsity Hype The comprehensive video and analytics platform for youth athletics and arts Republic $5,050
92 The Palacio Corporation Product development company Netcapital $3,717
93 acQyr eXchange acQyr eXchange is bringing the profit-generating success of personalized offers and rewards from the retail market to the very large and rapidly expanding mobile/video gaming industry. Netcapital $2,101
94 Accesr Smart Data enables everyone to control the uses of their data after it's been shared, by binding and enforcing digital contracts to data as it moves. Netcapital $982
95 Vivatia Skincare Skin brightening system made with Freshtek StartEngine $902
96 Rialto Markets We are aiming to transform the multi-trillion dollar Private Securities market (source: Forbes) with our regulated crowdfunding infrastructure & secondary trading ATS platform Netcapital $288
97 Voatz Investing in Democracy: The Market Leader in Mobile Voting Wefunder $0
98 HeartFoods Group Transforming our food system by recycling food wastes to grow vegetables, greens, herbs and berries Wefunder $0
99 Stigma Cannabis Future of Cannabis Silicon Prairie Online $0
100 4Sight HEVA Opportunity Zone Fund Real Estate Mr. Crowd $0
101 Boxxwave A platform for music artists to give them all the tools and resources they need to build their careers. WunderFund $0