Monthly New Deals December, 2021

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New Deals for December, 2021

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 ThisWay Global The AI Matching Platform that increases talent, diversity, and removes bias Wefunder $995,366
2 Oonee Smart, modular bike parking designed to scale in cities Republic $887,164
3 Inside Network of email newsletters in dozens of verticals. Republic $660,223
4 Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical Own a stake for health equality; affordable and accessible for all Wefunder $533,921
5 GoBeep Blockchain privacy from the software guy who built for restaurants and retailers. Wefunder $525,650
6 Fanbase Subscription Social Media StartEngine $408,020
7 CyberLandr Where will you take life? StartEngine $387,841
8 FLX Bike Ride faster, climb higher & explore further than ever before StartEngine $371,505
9 Navisyo Dedicated to connecting boat owners with new world travelers around the globe Wefunder $351,675
10 Hyperlight Energy Breaking through the cost barrier in solar steam StartEngine $325,801
11 MxG Fiber Manufacturing packaging that replaces single-use plastics and sequesters carbon Wefunder $294,027
12 Enginuity Simply Efficient StartEngine $287,915
13 Geoship Regenerative Architecture StartEngine $276,268
14 Luxury Travel Hackers Making travel bookable via social media StartEngine $246,349
15 WOWCube Entertainment System by CubiOS The New Dimension of Gaming StartEngine $228,630
16 The WMarketplace The only ecommerce platform selling women-owned products and services Wefunder $218,550
17 Cadi Combining autonomous retail and ecommerce to revolutionize golf StartEngine $204,355
18 Untapped Global Profitable impact investing in emerging markets, made easy for everyone Wefunder $178,795
19 JelikaLite Precision Autism Through Light StartEngine $173,931
20 Redrock Biometrics Authentication software company providing palm biometrics for consumer retail SeedInvest $168,221
21 Battle Approved Motors An Elite, Zero Emission Off-Road Electric Vehicle StartEngine $165,415
22 YouSolar Power your life. Independently StartEngine $163,322
23 Baked True North Pittsburgh’s Dedicated Gluten-Free Bakery Honeycomb $160,750
24 Firebrand Artisan Breads We don't hire people to bake bread, we bake bread to hire people Wefunder $158,361
25 The Wine RayZyn Company Award Winning, Heart Healthy Snack. Wefunder $156,800
26 DriveMind DriveMind is developing robotic delivery vehicles for last-mile package delivery Wefunder $156,745
27 We Are The New Farmers Mission-driven urban farm creating sustainable food products from microalgae Republic $154,920
28 Pace Diagnostics Revolutionary point-of-care, affordable early detection Lung cancer and Tuberculosis diagnostics Wefunder $148,570
29 Golden Moon Distillery Award-winning "Distillery of the Year 2019" plans to quadruple sales by 2024. Wefunder $136,769
30 Yocal Yocal helps local businesses compete with the marketing of their corporate & franchised competition Wefunder $131,651
31 Kato Sake Works Sake Brewery MainVest $131,200
32 SportsEdTV Learn Any Sport, Anytime, Anywhere StartEngine $130,741
33 TTC Oncology TTC Oncology developed TTC-352, a small molecule to fight breast cancer Wefunder $116,900
34 SportBLX Securities The marketplace for sports investing and fan engagement Wefunder $108,400
35 The Honeybee Collective Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $107,000
36 Hound Building a better experience for the people of vet med Wefunder $105,000
37 Main Street Phoenix Workers Co-op We turn local restaurants into worker-owned coops. Wefunder $103,410
38 NarcX Solving the Opioid Crisis Through Drug Disposal. StartEngine $100,657
39 The Worthy Company Reinventing plant based foods by harnessing the power of whole food ingredients. Wefunder $100,380
40 Cerveza Tulum Tulum beer made from sea water, environmentally responsible + w/ a great taste! Republic $91,390
41 Flip Group The dating app that verifies profile pictures. Real users, real connections. Wefunder $79,000
42 CGB Green Liberty Notes Confronting climate change and providing all of society with a healthier and more prosperous future Raise Green $73,300
43 Signature Athletics For the Players. By the Players. StartEngine $71,923
44 NXT Water Innovators in Science-Backed Ultra Functional Beverages: CBD & Plant Powered Hydration Wefunder $71,100
45 The eBay for digital goods - Buy and sell any digital product imaginable! Wefunder $70,967
46 Scinovia Point-and-Image to Know-the-Flow. StartEngine $67,336
47 Online Stores A platform for online retailers selling niche products. StartEngine $67,200
48 Humbleroots Apothecary Military Veterans Launch Wellness Products to Disrupt CBD Market. Wefunder $65,575
49 kweliTV We celebrate Black indie stories and amplify Black creators from the US & abroad Republic $61,668
50 GrassTB Revolutionize the way we produce paper products to help planet Earth for generations to come. Wefunder $59,260
51 Island Savoy Island Savoy Market is a community grocery in Alameda with fresh & local foods. Wefunder $58,000
52 CertifiedTrue Only believe what is CertifiedTrue - Accurate. Authentic. Original. StartEngine $57,718
53 ReelwUrld Making the future of filmmaking social Wefunder $57,575
54 Lean Med Medical device company on a mission to bring essential treatment to 1.2B people. Wefunder $56,900
55 RP Designs Where passion merges technology and science to create beauty StartEngine $54,139
56 Rule Breaker Snacks Better-for-you snacks that break all the rules! Republic $54,075
57 Culineer A community platform for home cooks who buy from local farms. Wefunder $53,830
58 Telebionix Saving lives by designing smart medical devices and sensing technologies. Wefunder $49,041
59 Street Food Connecting You To Your Local Street Vendors - Latino Founders! Wefunder $46,400
60 Manaia Collective Bar and Restaurant MainVest $40,100
61 Bond Containers Self Sustainable Container Home StartEngine $37,253
62 Hailios Empowering our world with revolutionary environmental data. StartEngine $35,653
63 RYSE Creative Village Atlanta A content production studio & development incubator designed for aspiring creatives. Wefunder $35,550
64 A Blue Egg Corporation All-in-one lifestyle brand for interior design, licensing, and real estate Republic $34,765
65 The Distillery at South Shore A historic landmark is being reborn in Pittsburgh's South Shore! Honeycomb $33,950
66 Excursion Van Rentals Adventure-Ready Camper Vans StartEngine $33,817
67 VeganHood Vegan Restaurant MainVest $33,000
68 Third Eye Design Ingenuity Meeting Form and Function StartEngine $31,588
69 FitBUX Financial planning powered by human capital analytics + artificial intelligence Republic $31,575
70 SoMee A Blockchain-Enabled Social Media Platform. Republic $31,305
71 XSurgical We move the technology, not the patients. StartEngine $28,830
72 Great Blue Brewing A producer of high quality hand crafted ales and lagers. MainVest $28,700
73 Unlocked Reality Unlocked Reality Makes Virtual Reality Movement Natural & Fluid. Netcapital $27,053
74 O2 Pure Hydration Inc. 5000 beverage company providing clean, healthy hydration to challenge the sports drink status quo. SeedInvest $26,021
75 Memik Music & Dance Meet Augmented Reality! StartEngine $24,697
76 Manor Park Construction Manor Park Construction remodels at reasonable prices SMBX $23,860
77 Sin City Superette Market MainVest $23,500
78 Chewy’s Bagels Bakery MainVest $22,500
79 Advanced AI Solutions Fire-Prevention AI Drone Technology. StartEngine $21,128
80 Heritage Club Legal Cannabis Business MainVest $20,900
81 Speakeasy Donuts Donut Shop MainVest $20,200
82 1463 Dot Ave Transit-oriented & affordable in Dorchester's diverse Fields Corner Small Change $19,750
83 Boomerang Bike Your Bike is Freedom Don't Lose it. StartEngine $19,610
84 B-Boy's Family BBQ B-Boy's Family BBQ is a mobile BBQ catering company. SMBX $19,160
85 The Axle Workout Improve life expectancy with better body composition Republic $18,325
86 MetaMorph Jewelry Studio MetaMorph Jewelry Studio is a jewelry manufacturing business. Honeycomb $17,850
87 Lucky Buns Taste of the world all in one burger SMBX $16,290
88 TalkSocket by TalkGo Hands-free Innovation Everywhere StartEngine $16,192
89 Marek Landscaping Ecological landscapes Honeycomb $15,400
90 SapientX A.I. software that gives a voice and intelligence to products. StartEngine $12,385
91 Peer Support Solutions The innovator in online peer support StartEngine $12,160
92 AirBox Technologies Secure deliveries anytime, anywhere! StartEngine $10,410
93 XENiA Modern Mediterranean Grill MainVest $10,100
94 Wicked BOLD Vegan Foods Brand MainVest $10,025
95 Amor Umbrella Amor Umbrella will steal your heart, come rain or shine. SMBX $9,920
96 The Complete Experience The complete salon experience. Honeycomb $9,650
97 AvaWatz A Decision Intelligence Robotics Network StartEngine $8,433
98 nuMee Total Wellness Platform Mr. Crowd $8,300
99 Phyt Health AI-Assisted Physiotherapy Treatment StartEngine $7,899
100 Pip & Lola's Handmade soap company Honeycomb $7,850
101 Atlas Autonomous Solar Fields StartEngine $7,079
102 Dope Pieces Puzzle Company Dope Pieces produce puzzles that were visually stimulating, unique, beautiful, edgy, and exciting. Honeycomb $6,800
103 Inebriated Baker The Inebriated Baker is a specialty vegan, boozy bakery located in Lexington, Kentucky Honeycomb $6,300
104 Canvino We craft award-winning, bottle-quality wine, and put it can-venient cans Republic $6,000
105 Revolution MD Reinventing Medication Delivery StartEngine $5,998
106 Flavors of the Isle American Soul Food and Jamaican Cuisine. Honeycomb $5,850
107 Smart Eye Technology Technology for your eyes only StartEngine $5,107
108 Hello Vacay Up to 60% off the public travel rates—seriously. StartEngine $4,504
109 KinectAir The future of flying. The on-demand flight network. Wefunder $4,450
110 Hydrogen Feel Expensive gym look and feel, for 1/3 of the cost Republic $4,450
111 Sauce City Prepared Foods Honeycomb $3,950
112 ErmaRose Winery ErmaRose is an award-winning family-owned & operated winery. SMBX $3,820
113 Lepley and Co Live life in bloom. Honeycomb $3,800
114 Dharma Southern Kitchen Plant-based fine vittles StartEngine $3,316
115 Maya Global Solutions Intelligent network optimization of video conferencing & voice traffic StartEngine $3,118
116 Kaye Bakes A fresh and modern patisserie specializing in organic, vegan and gluten free sweet treats. Honeycomb $2,000
117 The Tale of Nicky Newark Join a diligent team with a proven track record in the indie-film world Wefunder $2,000
118 M.O. Food & Distribution To become the major reliable manufacture of the best quality processed African foods throughout the country. Honeycomb $1,950
119 Edyza A high density wireless sensor platform StartEngine $1,589
120 Hidden Water Robotics Sustainable Canned Still Water StartEngine $1,345
121 Deskless Workers The RemoteForce platform from Deskless Workers provides companies with remote and deskless employees all the tools they need to effectively communicate and stay on top of their workforce. Netcapital $1,200
122 Arowana Media Holdings Invest in the future of Onscreen Entertainment Netcapital $1,104
123 Serenity Cafe Local Coffee and Pastry Shop Serving Rayton and Kansas City Honeycomb $1,100
124 Straight Teeth Solutions We provide affordable, high quality, doctor directed, orthodontic clear aligner treatment direct to the consumer. Netcapital $805
125 PennyFly Entertainment Record label and entertainment company Netcapital $801
126 Tahiti's Breeze A Revolutionary, Clean-Water Adventure Pool Resort Netcapital $200
127 Engineurix Intelliha provides patented wearable technology for the aging brain. Netcapital $199
128 Carmen TV Pilot Carmen is a bilingual Drama Thriller Romance TV Series made for streaming Netcapital $101
129 PADL Self-serve paddle sport rentals Wefunder $0
130 Parknav Just Drive. Let us find parking for you. Wefunder $0
131 Genie Lens Turn your wish into a reality! Netcapital $0
132 CoPeace Multiple positive impacts with one sustainable investment Wefunder $0
133 Carbonic Sequestering pork manure carbon Silicon Prairie Online $0
134 Aro Lucha Animation & Entertainment The World's First Fan Owned Lucha Libre Sports & Entertainment Company. Wefunder $0
135 flashpub. io A smarter, faster research article PicMii $0
136 PowerBuy Helping e-Commerce merchants earn more through a new, innovative & interactive checkout flow Netcapital $0