New Century Cyber Technologies

New Century Cyber Technologies

Early Stage

Making amazing hardware for the eSports, Gaming, and Computer Industries.

Making amazing hardware for the eSports, Gaming, and Computer Industries.


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Security, Cybersecurity, & Defense

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Los Angeles, California

From standing desks and multiple printers, to wrist rests and ergonomic keyboards, to managing all your cables and wires, creating an efficient, effective, and comfortable workspace can take a lot of effort -- and a lot of parts. Shouldn’t there be a more streamlined solution?

Well, now there is -- thanks to New Century Cyber Technologies, Inc. (NCCT). NCCT creates fucntional, sleek, and innovative products to make your life on the computer easier and your workspace more effective. Their main product is the iCTABLE, which is the world’s first computer-integrated desk and eSports machine with full modification and upgrade capabilities that utilizes 100% of its surface space. It’s also the world’s first desk to support more than 16 monitors and have touch-screen integration, as well as a multi-level cooling system. As an integrated unit, the iCTABLE also boasts adjustable arms mounts, stash boxes, phone and laptop holders, computer built-ins, charging and USB ports, and printing integrations -- including for 3D printers. Plus, it looks elegant, has custom decorative elements, and LED lights that can change color at any time.

With all that, it’s no wonder that NCCT is gaining attention. They have more than 20,000 Facebook followers and six million views from a LinusTechTips YouTube review. Their sales units have increased four times in 2017, and their customers love their products. One stated that the ICTABLE is “truly a work of art” and would be the last desk you ever need to buy since it’s 100% modular. The iCTABLE comes in multiple sizes and variations, and NCCT also develops and manufactures products like Enigmatica, an ergonomic wireless/wired keyboard. Future goals include creating a holographic workstation and creating Enigmatica Crypto, a secure messaging system that would use modules to encrypt and send data.

NCCT is creating a future where adaptability exists in everything. From being able to use the desk for crafts, to easily switching over into computer workmode, to eSports and gaming, the iCTABLE offers it all. With NCCT, you can help transform the mundane into the exciting - and truly revolutionize what workspaces look like.

“Who Should Be Interested in this Offer:”
Are you sick of stagnant workspaces? Do you crave an elegant solution that will improve ergonomics and productivity? If yes, then NCCT is the company for you. Their innovative products and the iCTABLE’s integrated workspace provides everything you need. Plus, the fact that it’s modular means you can easily upgrade at anytime. It’s a one-time-buy and a one-stop-workspace-shop. Investing in NCCT means investing in a workspace revolution, where both your efficiency - and bank account - will benefit.
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