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Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs

Full Circle Brewing

Full Circle Brewing is a craft brewery that sells three lines of fruity beer — one that’s light, a balanced series, and a high alcohol concentration selection. Between 2016 and 2022, Full Circle Brewing’s gross revenue increased by 4,486%.

  • Valuation: $34.8 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $249.84

Prime Harvest

Prime Harvest is a medical and recreational cannabis company. Prime Harvest operates through its dispensary and delivery service, Jaxx Cannabis. In 2023, the company aims to add a genetics, cultivation, and processing facility to its headquarters in Ramona, California.

  • Platform: Dalmore Group
  • Founder: Eulenthius Alexander
  • Minimum Investment: $420


Dokkaebier creates Asian-inspired craft beers featuring playful flavors like Yuza Blonde and Kimchi Sour. Dokkaebier is distributed to more than 400 retail locations, including Whole Foods and Total Wine, and it plans to open a flagship taproom.

  • Valuation: $8 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Youngwon Lee
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Black Heath Meadery

Black Heath Meadery is a brewery in Midlothian, Virginia focused around mead. It plans to expand to a new location called The Nucleus, which will produce mead, wine, and cider and feature breakfast options, food trucks, and live music.

  • Platform: Round Here
  • Founder: William Cavender
  • Investment multiple: 1.5x
  • Minimum Investment: $500


Beauty & Personal Care


Kidskin is a brand of gentle, medical-grade skincare products for teens. The company has sold more than 150,000 units to date and earned $1 million in annual sales.

  • Valuation: $9.8 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Michael Canepa, Collette Canepa, and Jordan Canepa
  • Minimum Investment: $248.92


Business Services, Software, & Applications

Hacking Solutions

Using technology, training, and staff retention protocols, Hacking Solutions strengthens the cybersecurity of government organizations and businesses. Hacking Solutions has many diversity certifications, including being minority-owned and veteran-owned.

  • Platform: SMBX
  • Interest rate: 11.5%
  • Minimum Investment: $10


TransSiP is a semiconductor manufacturer, and its technology, TransSiP PI, boosts system efficiency and performance. TransSiP has already sold 2 million chips.

  • Valuation: $32.8 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Desmond Wong
  • Minimum Investment: $328


Sansar, a metaverse technology company, created a platform where users can enjoy world-building tools, avatar editing, virtual merchandise, social experiences, and more. Sansar partnered with LG Electronics and Source Digital to offer metaverse events on LG Electronics’ smart TVs.

  • Valuation: $34.1 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Consumer Products, Goods & Services

Discount Print USA

Discount Print USA is a printing service company that offers business cards, trade show booths, exhibition displays, and more. It is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and intends to open 500 office suites across America in the next five years.

Coils to Locs

Coils to Locs creates textured and coily-haired wigs for women experiencing hair loss. Coils to Locs started off selling its wigs to cancer centers and medical hair salons, and it plans to launch a direct-to-consumer platform in 2023.

  • Valuation: $2 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Dianne Shaddock Austin and Pamela Shaddock
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Med-X has created several brands that offer natural, plant-based solutions for a variety of problems, including natural pesticides and heating and cooling packs. The company is planning an initial public offering later in 2023.

  • Valuation: $43.2 million
  • Platform: PicMii
  • Founder: Matthew Mills
  • Minimum Investment: $500


Education, Training, & Coaching


Vaqat developed a platform where companies can give tasks, such as market research, to verified college students. The platform has organically attracted more than 1,370 students from 37 countries.

  • Valuation: $4.5 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Daniel Robaczewski
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000

Mighty Heights

Mighty Heights developed a life coaching platform for teens that also functions as a coworking space. Mighty Heights aims to improve teens’ mental health, reduce behavioral issues, and promote personal development.

  • Valuation: $1.9 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Inoel Miranda
  • Minimum Investment: $295.23


Energy, Power, & Natural Resources


Aquagga has developed technology that removes chemicals called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAs, from water. Aquagga has 24 months of projects ready and is working with seven U.S. federal agencies to demonstrate its technology.

  • Valuation: $13 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Nigel Sharp, Chris Woodruff, and Brian Pinkard
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Greener Process Systems

Greener Process Systems has developed emission-capturing technology for docked ships called SETH. Greener Process Systems aims to reduce pollution in near-port communities by selling and leasing SETH to ports around the world.

  • Valuation: $15 million
  • Platform: Raise Green
  • Founder: Enrico Festa
  • Minimum Investment: $500


Financial & Insurance Products & Services


GetHedge is a platform that lets users automatically convert part of their income into Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. GetHedge is developing the second version of its app, which will include full neo-banking features, a token rewards program, and more.

  • Valuation: $15 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: David Schwartz and Paul Bradley
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Lustro (previously CrowdLustro)

Lustro is a platform that offers advanced searching and due diligence for a wide range of Regulation Crowdfunding offerings. In 2021, Lustro acquired, So.Capital, which covers donation and rewards-based campaigns and gets more than 25,000 monthly website visits.

  • Valuation: $5 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Michael Knox
  • Minimum Investment: $300


Foresyte created an app that merges financial planning, travel planning, and a social calendar. It aims to help users — especially young professionals — budget for the future.

  • Valuation: $7.5 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Stephen Eddy, Dylan Thomas, and Dani Hristeva
  • Minimum Investment: $198.44


Food, Beverage, & Restaurants

Wine Shop

Wine Shop — located in New Albany, Indiana — sells wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, and it features private chef pop-ups for small groups. It also has an online store offering wine delivery and a subscription box. Wine Shop plans to build an outdoor dining space.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.5x
  • Platform: MainVest
  • Founders: Lauren VanCleave and Jason Searby
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Hommage Bakehouse

Hommage Bakehouse is a bakery in San Diego, California that’s known for its croissants and naturally leavened sourdough. It often sells products inspired by the team’s cultural heritage. Hommage Bakehouse sells at its retail storefront, two farmers markets, and wholesale.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.5x
  • Platform: MainVest
  • Founders: Justin Gaspar
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Tablewine is a luxury wine club targeting apartment complexes. It includes monthly deliveries and online offerings. For each apartment unit that signs up for Tablewine, it plants a tree through the Our Forest organization.

  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founder: Tara Olesky
  • Interest rate: 13.25%
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Sugarfina is a luxury candy brand targeting adults, with products including artisan-made gummies, cocktail-infused candies, and chocolate bars. Sugarfina has 25 retail boutiques and earned $30.6 million in revenue in 2021.

  • Valuation: $125 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Minimum Investment: $500


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


Dymicron develops musculoskeletal devices made with a strong material called polycrystalline diamond. Its first product, Triadyme-C, is a cervical disc replacement device.


Industrial Services


Ourobio turns industrial waste, such as dairy waste, into biodegradable plastic additives. Ourobio has memorandums of understanding with cheeseries and biodegradable plastic compounders.

  • Valuation: $8 million
  • Platform: Round Here
  • Founders: Alec Brewer and Kobe Rogers
  • Minimum Investment: $750


Logistics, Delivery, & Supply Chain


Serve has developed autonomous, electric robots that can take care of last-mile deliveries. Serve’s robots are already actively delivering for Uber Eats and 7-Eleven in Los Angeles, California, and the company aims to expand further.

  • Platform: Dealmaker Securities
  • Founders: Ali Kashani, Dmitry Demeshcuk, and MJ Chun
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000


Marketing & Advertising

Thumzup Media

Thumzup Media has created an app, Thumzup, that lets businesses pay everyday customers for posting about them on social media. Thumzup Media is already publicly listed on the over-the-counter markets and will apply to list on Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange in 2023.

  • Platform: Dalmore Group
  • Founder: Robert Steele
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000


Media, Entertainment & Publishing

Sully’s Golf and Gather

Sully’s Golf & Gather will be an indoor golf training center complete with a private teaching suite, launch monitors, a bar, and more. It aims to be a place where golfers can work on their game and where the community can gather and socialize.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.5x
  • Platform: MainVest
  • Founders: Mike Sullivan and Lauren Rosella
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Circle Optics

Circle Optics has developed a camera that provides a seamless, undistorted 360-degree view. It has contracts with NASA and the National Science Foundation to use its technology for drones and is helping Space Force improve aircraft.

  • Valuation: $20 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Zak Niazi
  • Minimum Investment: $360


Real Estate & Construction

Booking Ninjas

Booking Ninjas developed a cloud-based property management platform that helps hotels control every aspect of the building and increases digital engagement. It partnered with Salesforce in 2016.

  • Platform: SMBX
  • Founder: David Harroch
  • Interest rate: 11.5%
  • Minimum Investment: $10


Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace

Riders Share

Riders Share is a platform that lets vetted riders rent motorcycles from bike owners, using artificial intelligence to minimize risk. The platform has more than 3,600 active motorcycle listings and has had more than 35,000 bookings.

  • Valuation: $25 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founder: Guillermo Cornejo and Brendon Lamb
  • Minimum Investment: $150


Travel and Hospitality


Wallabing has created a platform where businesses and individual owners of recreational vehicles, trailers, campers, and vans can affordably rent their vehicles out to travelers. Wallabing has listings in 26 states and donates 10% of its net revenue to charity.

  • Valuation: $6.1 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Jason Carlson and Mary Carlson
  • Minimum Investment: $174.90