Here are the newest startup raises that have been added to the KingsCrowd database. We’ve sorted them according to industry. For more information on a specific deal, just click the link provided.

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Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs

Sunbaked Goods

Sunbaked Goods is a brand of plant-based, cannabis-infused gummies. In 2023, it will launch trail mix, granola, and agua fresca lines.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.5x
  • Platform: MainVest
  • Founder: Brianna Bowes
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Charis Winery & Distillery

Located in Cumberland, Maryland, Charis Winery & Distillery is a brand of wines, spirits, and meads that uses local ingredients in its products. The company plans to upgrade its production systems and expand operations.

  • Valuation: $2.5 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $249.60

Cuchillo Greens

Cuchillo Greens, doing business as Cuchillo Valley Farms, is a cannabis farm in Cuchillo, New Mexico. The company will use this raise to speed up its in-progress infrastructure upgrades and expansions.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.8x
  • Platform: MainVest
  • Founders: Jennifer Prieto and Simon Holguin
  • Minimum Investment: $100

2 Row Brewing

2 Row Brewing is a craft brewery in Midvale, Utah that sells directly to customers and to restaurants and bars. The company plans to get a larger production facility and open a taproom.

  • Valuation: $4.2 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Brian Coleman and DeDe Coleman
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Apparel & Fashion


Brobe makes functional, attractive clothes designed for patients recovering from major surgeries. The company has drawn more than 50,000 customers, earning $2.7 million in lifetime sales.

  • Valuation: $7.6 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Allison Schickel
  • Minimum Investment: $149.50


Business Services, Software, & Applications

NpCloud Solutions

NpCloud Solutions is developing an end-to-end, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system for primary and mental health care providers. It aims to offer health care practices an affordable EHR solution.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Denis Rono
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Beyond Imagination

Beyond Imagination has developed an artificially intelligent, humanoid robot that can perform various manual labor and technical tasks. The company’s mission is to reinvent the world’s workforce.

  • Valuation: $125 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Harry Kloor and Ray Kurzweil
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Boodskap is an end-to-end Internet of Things platform that lets users connect with any kind of device, build an application, and publish it. Between 2018 and 2022, the company has earned more than $1.8 million in total revenue.

  • Valuation: $14 million
  • Platform: Title3Funds
  • Founders: Jegan Vincent, Amal Jesayen, and Rajesh Soundarapandian
  • Minimum Investment: $280


Momentor is an artificially intelligent software plug-in that helps users looking for a mentor find and contact verified experts. Momentor aims to help people quickly and affordably match with mentors.

  • Valuation: $1.1 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Jamie Goulding
  • Minimum Investment: $200


HipChefs’ software-as-a-service solution helps chefs manage their small business’ workflow, featuring productivity tools, marketing support, and more. The company aims to support small food businesses, especially those owned by women and people of color.

  • Valuation: $3.5 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Jessica Cooke and Monika Reti
  • Minimum Investment: $249.90


Consumer Products, Goods & Services

Self Inspection

Self Inspection has developed an artificially intelligent app that lets users quickly and affordably perform car inspections on their own. Its business model includes four products with prices ranging from $7 to $199.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Kostya Yaremtso and Evgeny Shevelev
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Phantom Phood

Phantom Phood is a platform where event planners can find venues and food and beverage providers based on factors like location, date, and budget. Since launch, the company has served more than 2,500 guests.

  • Valuation: $12 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founders: Nabeel Ahmed and Ali Elyassi
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Thomsen’s is a cleaning technology company that created the Maestro Escalator Handrail Cleaning System, a device that can clean two escalator handrails at the same time. The company serves Madison Square Garden and Hard Rock Cafe among other major clients.

  • Valuation: $15 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founders: Chris Thomsen and Jackie Thomsen
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Snowball Industries

Snowball Industries is focused on building a family of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing companies. It currently consists of four companies located across North America.

  • Valuation: $46 million
  • Platform: Equifund CFP
  • Founders: Amir Haboosheh and Deven Soni
  • Minimum Investment: $501


Abillion is a social commerce platform where users can find eco-friendly businesses, shop for sustainable products, review items, and share social posts. Abillion wants to help eco-conscious consumers participate in the sustainability movement.

  • Valuation: $72.5 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Vikas Garg
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Read It & Eat Box

Read It & Eat Box offers a subscription box service for curated book and food pairings. For each box, $5 is donated to fighting hunger in Buffalo, New York.

  • Interest rate: 11.25%
  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founder: Kimberly Behzadi
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Daniel House Club

Daniel House Club created an online marketplace where interior designers can affordably source furniture from vendors. By the end of 2022, its platform had almost 2,000 members and 116 vendors.

  • Valuation: $8 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Alexander Spalding, Peter Spalding, and Caleb Iorg
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Energy, Power, & Natural Resources

Quantum Photonics

Quantum Photonics is developing a device that converts light into sustainable energy. Its technology has three patents approved and another five pending.

  • Valuation: $250.1 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Yttrium Saiyan
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Flash Scientific Technology

Flash Scientific Technology is developing artificially intelligent technology that can predict lightning strikes in advance. The company recently signed a deal with Baron Industries and partnered with

  • Valuation: $90.7 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Jason Deese
  • Minimum Investment: $100.50


EthicStream is a carbon credit company that buys carbon credits at a discount and sells them at market price. The company also pays Indigenous communities to protect and manage forests.


Farming & Agriculture


Agria is an agricultural technology company that created a sustainable, organic indoor produce-growing system. The company wants to make indoor farming more affordable and less risky.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: Netcapital
  • Founder: William Layton
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Financial & Insurance Products & Services


Sazmining sources, hosts, and maintains Bitcoin mining rigs for retail customers. The company’s rigs run on carbon-neutral energy sources to help make Bitcoin mining more sustainable.

  • Valuation: $20 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: William Szamosszegi
  • Minimum Investment: $353.70


Food, Beverage, & Restaurants

Blue Sky Kitchen

Blue Sky Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a casual bistro menu. The restaurant boasts a large outdoor seating area, which it intends to enhance through this raise.

  • Interest rate: 10.5%
  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founder: Matt Turbiner
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Ovenly is a bakery chain in New York City that offers all-natural products and is best known for its sweet and salty desserts. It organically obtained more than 36,000 email subscribers and 65,000 social media followers.

  • Valuation: $5.8 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Bywater & The Bakeshop

Bywater & The Bakeshop is a restaurant and bakery in Warren, Road Island. It also sells a range of coffee beverages, teas, coffee beans, and more.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.4x
  • Platform: MainVest
  • Founder: Katherine Dickson
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Uncle Waithley’s Beverage Company

Uncle Waithley’s Beverage Company is an all-natural Caribbean ginger beer company. The company has sold more than 21,000 bottles since its launch last year.

  • Valuation: $8 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Karl Williams
  • Minimum Investment: $250.58

Greens Gone Wild

Greens Gone Wild is a brand of soy-free, vegan protein bars that each have half a cup of spinach in them. As of 2022, the company’s products are being sold in grocery stores and markets in 25 U.S. states.

  • Valuation: 1.3x
  • Platform: MainVest
  • Founders: Laura Harris and Zach Meier
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Pipe N Hot Grill

Pipe’N Hot Grill is a seafood restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio that also sells its own line of bottled iced tea in the restaurant, online, and in stores. The company recently signed on to sell its tea in Meijer grocery stores.

  • Interest rate: 11.25%
  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founder: Angela Sharpley
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Hardball Cider

Hardball Cider is a brand of craft hard ciders that are handmade from fresh-pressed apples. Its products are sold in multiple stores and restaurants across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Giant and Applebee’s.

  • Valuation: $8 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Geoffrey Deen
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Otherwise Brewing

Otherwise Brewing is a brand of gluten-free beer that uses eco-friendly ingredients. Its products are sold in more than 250 locations, most of which are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Valuation: $2.5 million
  • Platform: Microventures
  • Founders: Aaron Gervais and Stellar Cassidy
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Neureka for Epilepsy

Neureka for Epilepsy uses a mobile app and wearable devices to monitor epilepsy patients around the clock, track seizures, provide medication reminders, and more. The company’s partners include the Ontario Brain Institute and the University of California, San Francisco.

  • Valuation: $25 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founders: Ray Iskander and Parisa Sabetian
  • Minimum Investment: $150


Logistics, Delivery, & Supply Chain


CanEx’s platform lets consumers shop for and receive deliveries of cannabis in the Southern California area. It has served more than 175,000 customers and earned $10 million in revenue in 2022.

  • Valuation: $25 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founders: Jim Damask and Shannon Bitzer
  • Minimum Investment: $150


Media, Entertainment & Publishing


TipSnaps has created a platform called TipPools that lets fans crowdfund money and challenge creators to make exclusive content. TipPools has acquired more than 478,000 users since launch.

  • Valuation: $25 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Lyonel Douge and Vic Boddie II
  • Minimum Investment: $254.37


Virtuix develops omnidirectional treadmills gamers can use with virtual reality games. The company already sells two products, and its newest product, Omni One, is in the beta testing phase.

  • Valuation: $180 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Jan Goetgeluk
  • Minimum Investment: $500


Uncanny offers an artificially intelligent streaming production service that boosts the quality of streamers’ broadcasts. The company has a community of more than 24,500 users.

  • Valuation: $13 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: David Sturgeon, Constantine Tsang, and Eric Marcoullier
  • Minimum Investment: $99.88


Real Estate & Construction

Brick Work

Brick Work has developed an artificial intelligence-powered geographic information system map that shows what property owners are allowed to build on their property. The company can help make zoning laws easy to understand and follow.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: John Jung
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace

The SMART Tire Company

The SMART Tire Company develops airless tires for space exploration, cycling, trucking, and more. It is partnered with NASA, among others, and has an exclusive NASA license.

  • Valuation: $54.5 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Earl Cole and Brian Yennie
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Prime Lightworks

Prime Lightworks is developing reusable hydrogen engines for satellite launch vehicles. It aims to make the satellite industry more sustainable.

  • Valuation: $19.6 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Kyle Flanagan
  • Minimum Investment: $249.28