Nude is a next-generation photo vault that uses AI to hide your sensitive photos

Nude is a next-generation photo vault that uses AI to hide your sensitive photos


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Fremont, California

Taking private photos of yourself or your significant other can help boost intimacy and increase romance. However, the risk of those photos falling into the wrong hands can frightening!

Now, there’s no need to have any nude photo fear -- the app you need is here! Nude not only protects intimate images from intrusive eyes, but it can also alert app users of any break-in attempts and track photos of intruders. The key to this total privacy is that Nude app is a completely serverless and cloudless photo vault. It uses proprietary AI technology to scan a user’s smartphone camera, detect any nude or intimate photos, and then store them locally in the app. The app can only be accessed with the user’s secure PIN, and the photos are never sent to Nude itself. They’re also deleted from the camera roll and the iCloud.

Since its release in October 2017, Nude has over 30,000 downloads and roughly 18,000 registered users. The service is subscription-based and charges a monthly or yearly fee. The app itself is free to download, as are the user’s first 30 days. And there’s definitely a demand for this service. Over 97% of millennials ages 18-34 have smartphones, and in 2014, nearly 89% of millenial women had taken naked photos -- and 73% said they didn’t regret it, while 81% saying they would take them again.

Nude was incubated at a Techstars accelerator program, SAP.iO Foundry, and at the UC Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator before being incorporated in September 2017. The co-founders, YC Chen and Jessica Chiu, have deep tech experience, with Chen interning at NASA when he was 16, working with IBM when he was 18, and starting his first company, an enterprise SaaS company, when he was 19. Chiu previously worked as an engineer intern at Mercedes Benz’s R&D department and at Northrop Grumman, and her product designs have been featured in Popular Science, Yahoo Tech, and Fast Co.

The bottom line? Nude makes it so that you can have your cake...and (safely and privately) take your nude photos, too.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offering:”
If you enjoy taking private and intimate photos, but are nervous about them falling into the wrong hands, then the Nude app might be just the investment you’re looking for. Their serverless and cloudless app acts as a secure photo vault, so that your photos are safe and off the cloud and off your camera roll...but you can still access and share them as you please.
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