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Mobile app for couples to build intimacy & desire.

Mobile app for couples to build intimacy & desire.


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Fitness & Wellness

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Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Smartphones help us navigate our digital world with ease and convenience...but what about our personal world? Sometimes it feels like we get so lost in the social media on our screen, we forget about the importance of face-to-face intimacy and contact.

And that’s where Pillow is here to help! Pillow is a mobile app designed for couples to build intimacy and desire. It offers dozens of expertly designed and therapist-approved exercises, all of which are short, fun, and beneficial. From relationship check-ins, rituals, and thankfulness practices, to exercises like “Memory Moments” and “15 Kisses,” Pillow has something for every relationship. It’s been featured in magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire, Wired, and Thrillist, and it’s been recommended by therapists like New York Times bestselling author and TED speaker, Esther Perel.

With 30,000 iOS downloads and hundreds of paid subscribers, there’s clearly a demand for some Pillow talk. In the past three months, Pillow experienced an 8% week over week and 46% month over month average subscriber growth. They offer monthly subscriptions or lifetime access, and their goal in the next five years is to be an integral tool for at least one million couples to use for increasing intimacy. With this crowdsourcing venture, PIllow wants to expand their platform to include over 100 new exercises, attract at least 6,000 new subscribers, and launch on Android.

After all, the sexual wellness market is expected to hit $32 billion in 2019 -- which is up 45% from 2014 -- and there’s not another app out there exactly like Pillow. Pillow takes your smartphone and uses it to help increase intimacy, rather than detract from it. With Pillow’s unique approach that offers proven therapy techniques in a convenient format, let’s be honest -- it sounds like we might all be able to use a little less screen time and a little more Pillow talk in our relationships!

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
Do you crave more intimacy in your relationship? Do you love new apps and technology -- but wish your Smartphone could help you become closer to your partner, rather than feel further away from them? Well then, Pillow might be what you’ve been looking for! Their therapist-approved and expertly-designed exercises help increase intimacy, strengthen partner connections, and turns your smartphone into a bridge, rather than a barrier, between the two of you. In fact, investing in Pillow might just mean investing in your relationship becoming stronger, closer...and more intimate.
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