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PopDocs Media

A captivating documentary on how the Commodore 64 impacted an industry and became the best selling computer of all time.

A captivating documentary on how the Commodore 64 impacted an industry and became the best selling computer of all time.


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Los Angeles, California

“I adore my 64, my Commodore 64!”
“My friends are knocking down my door, to get into my Commodore 64!”

If you’re a child of the 80s, you’ll read those and be singing along in your head as you remember the Commodore 64 -- the famous home computer from the decade that brought you big hair and Duran Duran. And that feeling of nostalgia is exactly what PopDocs Media LLC wants you to experience as you watch their latest documentary - “Commodore 64: Computer for the Masses.”

The film will cover a brief history of the legendary computer, as well as highlight its legacy today. From Holocaust survivor and legendary founder Jack Tramiel, to the fact that Commodore nearly purchased Apple in its infancy, to learning that it licensed BASIC computer language from Microsoft, the story is pretty tech-tastic. After all, the Commodore 64 sold 30 million units before it was discontinued in 1993, making it the highest selling single computer model of all time. Using historical photographs, archived video footage, original commercials, animation, and music, this film will show just how bombdiggity the Commodore 64 truly was.

Co-founder and President Jason Connell owned a Commodore 64 himself, and he remembers its magic. Those fond memories, along with his film experience, make him the perfect creator for this potential cult classic. Jason is the President and founder of Connell Creations and has been the executive producer for ten documentaries, as well as the founder for the United Film Festivals. His co-founder of this film, Erick Opeka, is an Executive VP at Cinedigm Entertainment, and they’ve also brought on Brian Bagnall, a Commodore expert who’s authored two books on the computer. Together, they’re pretty much the Commodore 64 dream team.

They plan to have an extensive film festival run, as festivals account for 74% of documentary distribution. Investment perks include everything from movie credits to being a producer. If you’ve been waiting for the re-emergence of your fist computer love, than wait no more - your film is here, and it’s ready to help you re-adore the Commodore 64.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offering”
Did you own a Commodore 64? Did you and your friends bond over playing Pirates! And Maniac Mansion? Or, do you just love retro computers and history? If yes, then this is the film investment for you! Be part of the project that’s helping bring back the Commodore 64 in all its glory -- and make a few bucks while you’re reliving all those memories.
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