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Simplify the New Car Buying Experience


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Lancaster, California


Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace

Tech Sector

Unless you’re in the market for your fifth Lamborghini, the process of buying and selling cars is not a fun time. It’s the opposite of a fun time. It’s a messy, annoying, headache-inducing, time-consuming, reach-for-the-aspirin type of not fun time.

Enter Perfect Price Auto -- the company that will end the car sales runaround and simplify the car buying and selling experience. Here’s how it works: the potential car buyer submits their ideal car to a group of car dealers. The dealers then submit their offers directly to the buyer. The dealers can also see what other dealers are offering, and, in return, they can renegotiate and change their offer as many times as they want. The customer is then able to pick their car at the price they want. Once that decision is made, contact information between the buyer and seller is exchanged, and boom! Easy peasy, lemon squeegee, car is sold.

Although there are many other companies out there already working to do this (TrueCar,, Kelly Blue Book, etc.), here’s how Perfect Price Auto is different. First, the consumer is protected -- they don’t give any personal contact information until the deal is confirmed. Second, the dealers can adjust their offers on a case-by-case basis. Third, they can see the competitors’ offers at the same time. And fourth - the dealer goes directly to the customer, not the other way around.

The three co-founders have a combined 34 years of auto industry sales experience and 18 years of design and implementation. They know the car customer and dealer, and they know what both want. However, be warned - their product is still in beta mode and hasn’t proven to be successful or profitable yet. All of their predictions are just that - predictions. If you think the world needs another car sales platform, then by all means, Perfect Price Auto is the Perfect Price investment. And let’s be honest - the world just might. However, if you think that just thinking about another care sales platform gives you another car headache...then maybe it’s time to keep driving.
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