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At KingsCrowd, we are committed to enabling publishing professors to conduct in-depth research on the newly emerging segment of digital private equity markets. Founded over five years ago, we are committed to providing premier data to individuals and institutions alike trying to navigate these new digital private equity markets.

Universities including Notre Dame, Fairfield University, University of Michigan, Auburn University, Duke University, Indiana University and more have published or are working to publish their findings on this new market using KingsCrowd datasets.

Some example research can be found at the links below:

Indiana UniversityInformation Intermediation in Opaque Markets: Evidence from Equity Crowdfunding Analyst Reports (Social Science Research Network)

Fairfield UniversityEquity Crowdfunding and Offering Page Disclosure (Journal of Financial Reporting)

Fairfield UniversityExploring the Knowledge Gaps of Crowdfunding Firms: A Survey of Crowdfunding Firms and Auditors (Journal of Accounting & Finance)


For context, the JOBS Act was enacted in 2016 to enable private companies to raise capital from retail investors. However, the catch is that founders need to file a Form C or Form 1-A with the SEC that provides significantly more disclosures than private companies typically make public.

These include CPA audited financial statements, terms of the deal and accurate read outs of how much capital they raise from the general public.

KingsCrowd has leaned into this space as the only data source with over  7,000+ private companies in our database that have raised well north of $1 billion from the general public to build their businesses. Each company we track has over 300 data points including all key financial statements data.

Our database is helping researchers to dive into private equity markets in a way that has never been done before. Whether you want to learn about the financial condition of companies raising capital in the private markets over the last 5 years or if you want to learn about investor behavior in this new world, we can help!

If you want to be at the cutting edge of research in this space, feel free to submit your name and contact info above and KingsCrowd’s Mike Vandenbos will reach out to schedule time to chat or and answer any questions you may have.