Market News - June 10, 2020

Republic Enables Automatic Investing with Autopilot

Tools like Robo-investing, Robo-advising, and recurring investment management are all the rage. Companies like Robinhood have made it easy for investors to make their money work for them by automating recurring investments in traditional security options like stocks.

Why should equity crowdfunding be any different?

Republic, one of the top equity crowdfunding platforms covered by KingsCrowd, has created an “Autopilot” feature that does just that.

Not only does the autopilot feature allow you to sit back and relax when it comes to making startup investments, it automatically diversifies your portfolio. 

Below is one sample portfolio and sector breakdown that can be found on the Republic site.

The free service allows you to set specifications like desired investment size and monthly limits before it takes over and does all of the grunt work for you. Other benefits include never missing a deal that could sell out fast as well as exclusive access to lower minimums.

So how does Republic pick startups automatically? The feature “only invest(s) in startups that have raised at least $150K, have over 100 investors, and have reached at least 2x their minimum fundraising goal. All startups on Republic are highly vetted by (the) diligence team.”

In other words, the feature picks startups that have traction and are poised to succeed. When a company meets these requirements, the algorithm automatically invests your money according to your specifications. 

Republic also notifies you via email whenever an investment is made. If you don’t like a deal the system picks for you, you can even cancel an investment for up to 48 hours afterwards. Additionally, the service can be stopped at any time.

We at KingsCrowd commend our friends at Republic for being leaders in crowdfunding technology and highly encourage active startup investors to read more about this valuable (and free) service.

If this is of interest, you can sign up for the service here.

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