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Shared housing marketplace with 14x growth in 2016 and 850k registered profiles

Shared housing marketplace with 14x growth in 2016 and 850k registered profiles


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New York, New York

Roommates are pretty much a must-have these days. From high rents to student loans, living solo in a city is a dream of the past. Finding roomies, however, is often anything but easy.

But now you can set aside your roommate fear -- Roomi is here! Roomi is an app that helps you find -- you guessed it -- your next roomie. It connects people looking for a room with people renting out or subletting a room. It includes multiple safety features like background checks, ID verifications, and social media integration; it has a secure in-app message system to safely and instantly connect users; and it allows you to book online and set up automatic rent payments. Searches can be customized around income, location, budget, as well as all the details you might want to know about your future potential cotenant. Oh, and it’s also free to use. Mic -- dropped.

Needless to say, Roomi is exploding with success. As of September 2017, they have one million app installations, over 230,000 apartments listed, and can currently be used in 21 cities. It’s grown 14 times since 2016 and already raised over $16 million. After all, the demand is massive. There’s 32 million people living with roommates right now, which leads to about 90 million moves per year. Millennials, on average, move every 4.3 months. That’s a lot of roommate searching!

Add in the fact that Roomi’s founder, Ajay Yadav, was listed on Forbes “30 Under 30,” and you understand why Roomi is poised to dominate this space. Current predictions put Roomi’s revenues at $750,000 in 2017 and $5 million in 2018. It’s also the only company out there to offer the services, safety, privacy, and security that it does. Craigslist and Airbnb certainly don’t. In fact, Roomi has more than 3 times more listings for 1+ month sublets in N.Y.C. than Airbnb.

The bottom line is that Roomi is revolutionizing the roomie market. With Roomi, the housing possibilities are not only endless -- they’re safe, secure, and affordable. Invest in Roomi now to see where their journey can take you.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:”
If you’ve ever gone through the pains of searching for a roommate, or plan on eventually living in a city, Roomi could be the investment for you. With the demand for roommates on the rise, Roomi will only continue to grow and become more successful. They want to be crowdfunded because they want to empower investors in owning their future; after all, those investors are the ones who will benefit from the app’s success. Investing in Roomi might not just help you profit -- it might just lead you to your next roomie, too. Invest in Roomi and invest in the future of shared housing.
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