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Investment Portfolio
Follow companies you're interested in, track all your startup investments in one place, view your portfolio analytics, and get updates on new funding rounds, exits and failures.
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Pitch Reviews weekly newsletter
Dive into our weekly newsletter featuring our data-driven chart of the week, in-depth pitch reviews of live opportunities, and staff picks to inform your investment decisions.
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Company profile and fundraising analytics
View detailed company and raise-specific data including company description, deal terms, financials, and fundraising performance metrics such as: amount raised to date, number of investors, and more.
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Deal Explorer and Compare Tool
Screen and evaluate active startup opportunities with our intuitive filters. Analyze and compare up to five investments side-by-side, examining key deal terms, financials, ratings, and unique characteristics.
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Advanced company search table
Search and filter KingsCrowd's entire database of Reg CF, Reg A, Reg D, Test the Waters (TTW), S-1 (IPO), and other company raises.
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Unlimited access to KingsCrowd's data-driven 5-star ratings on each deal, reviewing key investment aspects such as Team, Price, Market, Performance, Differentiators, and Risk.
Analyst Reports
Get in-depth, AI-enhanced analysis of active startup investment opportunities including deep dives on financial performance, market potential, team and more.
Deal Considerations checklist
Identify potential investment risk areas with our checklist of key challenges and other risks, such as low runway, part-time founders, valuation concerns, harmful deal terms, and more.
Market Trends
Get access to our comprehensive market insights including valuations trends, total amounts invested per month, average amounts raised, top platforms, top security types and more, all updated on a weekly basis.
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Bullish-Bearish Crowd Score
Cast your vote on each deal and then view the “wisdom of the crowd” to see whether the KingsCrowd community is bullish or bearish.
Company Exit Tracker
Stay up to date on the latest acquisitions, IPOs, failures, and other relevant updates for companies that have raised capital online.
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Download company search table results to CSV
Export all columns and results from the company search table to CSV.