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Predictive, hyperlocal illness data platform and real-time map of human health.

Predictive, hyperlocal illness data platform and real-time map of human health.


Raised this Round: Raised: $1,096,658

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Equity - Preferred

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RegCF / RegD 506(c)    Open SEC Filing

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

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Windsor Mill, Maryland

What if you could forecast illness like the weather, or map it’s path like using Waze? Well, now you can -- with Sickweather!

As Sickweather states: “Sickweather is a predictive, hyperlocal illness forecasting platform serving nearly 5 billion API requests per month -- and has replaced the CDC as the flu map data provider to the Weather Channel. Sickweather knows where sick people are, and where they will be, with real time and predictive insights at the point of incidence. Our illness forecasts and infectious disease models provide insights at zip code and street level with predictions up to 15 weeks in advance -- not only for caregivers to know when and where illness outbreaks occur, but also consumer healthcare brands, pharma and retailers to better manage their supply chain.”

“Sickweather has developed a patent-pending process for tracking and forecasting the spread of illness by analyzing the earliest signals available through social media and crowdsourcing. Those data are validated against clinical sources for accuracy and then modeled using advanced machine learning techniques to predict outbreaks up to 15 weeks in advance.”

Their team has extensive experience working for large health organizations, including the CDC, WHO, NIH and Johns Hopkins. They plan to expand Sickweather into countries that speak Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Hindi, as well as include illnesses based on mosquitos, ticks, lice, etc.

The bottom line? Sickweather can bring you peace of mind, and ABC News said it best: "This app is sick. Or wait, it helps you avoid being sick. That's even cooler."

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offering:”
If you want to avoid being sick, or want to help your family and friends avoid being sick, then Sickweather is the investment for you. You can use the app to proactively help protect your household, work, and vacation plans from “becoming ill.” Plus, businesses can use Sickweather to help effectively and efficiently market their products and services for when and where people are actually getting sick, as well as to predict risk on supply chain and sales. It’s a “sick” win for all!
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