Space Division

Space Division

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Upcycled Carbon-Fiber Consumer Goods.

Upcycled Carbon-Fiber Consumer Goods.


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Gardena, California

Who Should Be Interested:
Do you love cool products? Do you also love helping the environment? Or have you heard of 121c Boards and loved their skateboards? If you said yes to any of these, then be sure to check out Space Division Inc., a company comprised of the 121c Boards team! They upcycle aerospace-grade carbon fiber into almost any product, from desks and suitcases to dominoes and keychains. Space Division Inc. is not only a unique business, but they also help the environment by using that carbon fiber -- instead of leaving it dumped in landfills.

The Company:
Space Division Inc. (SDI) sells a wide variety of consumer products manufactured from upcycled, 100% space-ready carbon fiber. This type of carbon fiber is the very same stuff that’s used to produce aircrafts, rockets, and even spacecrafts -- literally. SDI uses the scraps that’s collected off production lines of modern rockets and spacecrafts to help create their pieces. See, as cool as carbon fiber is, it’s not environmentally friendly. It wasn’t created to degrade, yet there’s over 10 million pounds of carbon fiber waste generated each year. SDI addresses that problem by taking the carbon fiber out of landfills and turning it into products you’d want. They can make everything from games and furniture to personal accessories and household items. After all, carbon fiber is some of the toughest, lightest, and strongest materials out there -- and it looks pretty sleek. Plus, this isn’t SDI team’s first venture into carbon fiber upcycling. They’re made up of the same team as 121c Boards, who started using this type of carbon fiber to create skateboards. Between them, they have three USC professors, 3 MBAs, an MSSE, and a NASA astronaut. They love space, they love innovation….and with SDI, they’re combining those passions with helping the environment.

The Bottom Line:
Even if we can’t all go to space, space can now come to us with Space Division Inc.’s products. Their mission to create positive change in the world by upcycling carbon fiber, which is some of the coolest material out there, no longer seems like a dream that belongs in a galaxy far, far away. Instead, their bringing that galaxy to skateboard, domino, desk, and wine holder at a time.
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